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So Devvie and I went off to that London on Saturday. On the train. And we didn't get lost on the underground... but did get lost in Victoria station. Which was embarrassing - but there was a whole group of us strangers united in our lost-ness. So it was OK.

The shuttle bus from the station to the show was very easy to find, we just followed the snake-like queue of women with bags and trolleys winding their way across the busy London road, heedless of traffic. Very impressed with the shuttle bus actually, dropped us right to the door. All in all - very much less stressful going by train - even factoring in the underground. Indeedy. And it means a yummy pasty on the way home.

Loved saying hello to Helen, Linda and Ali (plus her hubby) but missed everyone else I'm afraid.

Didn't really buy much at all, both Devvie and I were a bit dissapointed with the actual show. I'm not sure if it's due to my doing other things recently or what... Ali said more or less the same though and she is a huge paper scrapper. Maybe we are just penny pinchers, just thought a lot of things were over priced for what they were.

I ended up buying mainly boring essentials like tape, ink, Glossy Accents...

However, I did get some gorgeous ribbon and ooh, ooh, look at my raven/crow stamp. Isn't he handsome? Apparently it's a new kind of silicone stamp that only needs minimal pressure for a perfect image. Ha! They haven't seen my awful stamping - we shall see.

I also received a free calligraphy text stamp on the Artistic Stamper stand because I spent over £40 there - they had my biggest spend! It's actually one I had been eyeing up on their site so am well chuffed with that, it will get used a lot! When I checked their site today - it's worth £5.75!

And... I did have one totally extravagant buy. It was one of those things, I kept drifting past the Scrap Revolution stand throughout the day, eyeing it up, making sure it was still there... trying to justify the price...

It's Huge! It's gorgeous! It's lime green! I love it. Finally, on our way out as I stopped once again to stroke it, Devvie said that some people spend more on a handbag they'll only use once and I would get tons of use out of this. And I will. Smart kid! So I handed over my £18.99 (Eek!) And I still love it! And I came home with around a third of the money I took. So that's gone back in the pot towards the October Knitting & Stitching show - which is supposed to be bigger, more varied - fabrics, clays, dolls etc... anyone been before?

We had a fabulous time. We've decided we definitely have to have more days out just her and I.

Thanks for stopping by :) No you can't have my shiny green tote thing!

Oh - I did get a couple of other bits but they are a surprise for my giveaway winner Virginia :) Maybe she'll let you see when she gets them!


  1. Fabulous tote! I was there today and managed to spend quite a bit somehow.Stocked up on stamps and papers that we can't get here (saved having to order online and pay p&p!) Pat and I enjoyed it as it wasn't too crowded and we kept popping out to enjoy the views and the sunshine.
    Hugs xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, lovely to see you and Devvie again. Looks like you were very sensible, and I love your tote!

  3. LOVE the tote !!!!and your raven is gorgeous cant wait to see that baby stamped on something :)xxx

  4. Gorgeous bag, dahling! Although AP was a little bit disappointing it sounds like you and Devvie had a lovely day together (I love it when daughters persuade you to buy something, whispering those little words they know we need to hear!).

    Good to hear the pasty lived up to its yummy reputation.


  5. Well I htink the tote was the bargain of the day..I fully expected you to say it was over £25! A day not wasted if spent with your gal, so win win all round!

  6. It sounds like a great price to me too - and it sounds like you have a very smart thinking daughter there!

    I am rubbish at stamping, but I recently bought a couple of Jenni Bowlin inks, and they seem to work really really well with acrylic stamps

  7. Love that tote.. great deal and that crow stamp is fab.. nice to stock up on everyday things too.. so nice to spend a great day with your daughter..and freebies are always fun!!

  8. It's funny that it was a little disappointing yet you still manage to spend quite a bit - I'm usually just the same. This time I resisted going as I knew I'd spend loads and loads and really don't need anything more (although I do want more - lol) I love your crow and text stamp and the tote, definitely worth the money.

    Last year I went to the the stitching show at AllyPally and absolutely loved it - I bought loads of sari and fabric scraps and doll kits and really want to go again. It's a shame I have to wait until October though - still, time to save up!

    Enjoy your purchases x

  9. Thanks Sherry that's just what I wanted to read - will definitely go to that one next.

  10. That is one of the reasons we didn't go this year as last year it was so disappointing. I don't think they have enough scrap stuff anymore. I love your bag!!

  11. Love the lime green thingy, £18.75? what a bargain!!!I haven't been to Ally Pally for years, but recently went to Hobbycraft and thought the same thing, slightly disappointing and expensive... but still managed to buy loads. Gotta love retail therapy.
    Btw, I'm going to see Alice in Dublin in June, fancy coming??? :))

  12. Fab tote hun. I've bought very little at all of the craft shows I've been to recently - so you're not alone ;)

    Let me know how you get on with your La Blanche Stamp - I bought one in February and lets just put it this way I've not blogged anything for a very good reason!! ;)

    Claire xx

  13. Mr Crow is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you do with him. Devvie's a smart girl with that tote too; I am envious of all those pocketses. Sorry it was a little bit disappointing overall, but glad that you and D got to have some time together.


  14. What a gorgeous bag, sounds like a fun day out! :0) Thank you for your comments on my first spread. I can't wait to see everyone's pages too, I'm really excited to learn new techniques and get new ideas from everyone's different styles and approaches! I can't wait to see your work up close too :0) I was reading your post about the book you read and was wondering if you have read 'Fallen' and 'Torment' by Lauren Kate? They are very Twilight-like. I read the first one and enjoyed it, a very easy read. Haven't read the second one yet. Been too busy with my art :0) Another author that you might like that I LOVE is Kim Wilkins. She's aussie and has written soooo many great books that I think you would love!!! Let me know if you have heard of her and if you haven't I"ll try and find some links for you! :0)

  15. Okay, you have to take a picture of your shiny, green tote now every time you use it...I want proof...haha!

    Looks like fun! I love that raven stamp you got! I have a favorite one that has a wrought iron gate in the me those crows ;)

    Is it okay that I'm jealous of Virginia? :D

  16. Oh well I don't know whether to do the hip hip hooray for the bag or the great day out with Devvie or the boo hiss because there wasn't enough for you to sink your teeth into or the hooray because it meant you didn't break the bank or the boo hiss you needed more stuff - mixed emotions LOL! Can't wait to see the raven stamp used it's gorgeous and the tote is amazing, I've got one and because it's not full to bursting it keeps sagging and throwing all the pens out whereas that little baby has some rigidity to it which is exactly what mine needs!


  17. Love the tote bag, great words of wisdom from your daughter! I have never been to AP but I did go along to a stich show when I was in Sunderland a couple of years ago (Dont know if its the same thing?)it was huge and there was so much to see. I didn't buy much cause it wasnt a planned trip we were just out visiting family and I saw the signs for it and begged my hubby to let me go in for a while!!So glad you had a lovely day out with your daughter x

  18. HA,

    never part with hard earned cash if you can't call it a bargain (check out my song of the week tomorrow and you will see what I mean)

    So glad you took Devvie I was concerned what might happen if you went alone, our offsprings have so much more sense that us dontcha thinK??

    ps I also have black spandex shorts for summer yoga...

    pppsss we will do graffiti (obscene) on the stustustudio (land) lords house if he 'throws you out'

    hee hee

  19. Looks like a pretty good haul to me! And I lurve that bag!!! I wish we have more stuff like that around here...and that I had a real life crafty friend to go with! LOL

  20. Cool bag!! love the lime green.....did they have it in red? I agree with your friend about the bag, you will get lots of use out of it! I have a slight bag addiction so I know what i'm talking about ;-)

  21. a great buy, you'll get loads of use from it - bargain! ;o)

    Sarah x

  22. Sounds as though you had a great time the fact that you were restrained ..and actually went home with stash and cash.xx

  23. sound like a girl of my own heart! *Ü* I would have done exactly the same. Out of the mouths of babes! LOL. I checked out the hall for you but never got to see you, so maybe next time eh? Love that crow/raven stamp - a great use for Halloween me thinks. *Ü* TFS your goodies. ~Glen~

  24. ooooo love the tote!!! glad to hear you had a good day with Devvie a little one on one time is good the soul!

  25. Nice purchases missus. I love your tote :) I've got one and I use it constantly. It's got all my most used stuff in it and whenever I'm doing something out it comes and sits on the end of my table. You'll love yours. Jaqui x


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