Silver Crow Project

Yaaaar! Shiver Me Timbers & Cobble Me Wobbles..

... ahem...

T'is my day to post over at Gauche Alchemy!

Stop by and leave some lurve godammit! (Pretty please) Oh, and check out the rest of this months posts too. Remember one random commentor a month is chosen to receive some Gauchey goodness - so even if you can't be harsed just because you love me, do it for some free stuff. I so would if it was you. I'm all about the free stuff... oh yeah... and of course I loves ya! I do. Yep. I'd do it for the love.

Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Bless! I'll do it for the love of YOU! This looks fab. bye, off now...

  2. I'm on my way over there right now - not for you, you understand, but for FREE STUFF!

    Your comment on my Giveaway post made me laugh out loud. You are, of course, going to be disqualified for being gobby.

    Ha ha ha ha! Only joking.


  3. love the pirate themed gaucheness

    must go leave a comment....

    see ya tomorrow,


  4. What a great effect .... love it much as I love you xx

  5. looks great.. love the map and antique look to it.. off to check out the giveaway...

  6. This is a mighty fine treasure box, arrr!

    Me hopes the beard you were strokin' was on your chin...harhar ;P

    That joke was without the courtesy of rum....perhaps I'll be needin' to find some to wash me mouth out!

    Gutless Cam

  7. APPLAUSE!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! I'm still AAARing all over the place though! Can you fit Johnny Depp in it and post it to me first class pleeeeeeeeease??? ;) Jaqui x


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