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Yeah, yeah - I know it's Thursday. I took the pictures yesterday, promise.

Hi everyone.  I haven't done What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday for a few weeks - not because I haven't been doing anything but I knew I wouldn't be able to get round many desks... have been missing it though so am going to join in, just wont link up.

So here is my desk, sketch book open, blank page taunting me. Am trying to get into journalling... My calendar journalling sort of fell by the wayside last month. I got fed up of writing 'still coughing.' Plus I've decided if I ever want to get ahead of myself and stop being on the catch up then I need to prioritise and maybe drop out of a few things. So I have. And I'm not feeling guilty about any of it. Much. OK, maybe a bit. Quite a lot actually.

But in doing so I have indeed caught up a bit. I'm almost finished a birthday present that is only nearly a year late, done one Christmas present and am getting back in to my classes again. I've only got three unfinished ones on the go after all. So many more I want to start but NO MORE till I've completed these three! Brutal. No guilt. But I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! Slap down that inner child!

This is what's on my floor...
Two graffiti-ish canvases. One is my unofficial OWOH gift. The other... I don't know. I keep looking at them and loving them one minute and despairing at them the next. I was at the despairing point when this picture was taken, looking at it now I quite like them again which is a shame as I got in a strop and did another layer of paint over them yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Good to see you virtually WOYWWing! I wish I had the courage to buy some paints and canvases; yours look great, and if you've painted over, I reckon they'll still be looking good. I love the element of "wild" in what you do.

    As for the calendar journaling, I got really stuck on March, but I've done a so-so one and then got into April & May, both of which I did in an afternoon. So you may just have a blitz and get ahead of yourself!

    Hope you're properly on the mend soon. It sounds like a foul pestilence has been visited upon you, which is taking ages to shake off. Henry has offered to come and beat all those nasty germs with his attachments (which fit into a sweet red Henry bag!).


  2. I'm jealous of how neat your workspace is! Seems like mine is forever buried with various paints toppled over in a huge mess so they'll be in arms reach when I need them.

    Those canvases look great, but I'm sure the extra layer you added will just make them even more interesting.

  3. I also think that your canvasses will turn out great. Sometimes it's hard to know when you're finished. I do that a lot with my sketching. I think I'm done and then a day later I add or subtract things.

  4. I'm gonna share a teeny weeny secret with you - when you despair STEP AWAY!! Put it away and look at it with fresh eyes later. This is a practice what I preach not what I do moment - I tend to despair, through a strop, attack it, through another strop, shred it and put it in the bin and then SULK! :)
    Jaqui x

  5. Those canvasses look pretty darned good to me - you should have quit while you were ahead! No, I'm sure that whatever you have now done to it has only made them better.

    OOOh, blank sketchbook - ever so slightly scary. Where to make the first mark?!


  6. Sweet baby Cheeses - say it loud say it clear ,

    you NEED focus - the canvi (more than one canvas) just need a focal point stop backgrounding already...


    no you did not miss the birthday of this aging women, and I am heading North in June now so will be flying south for the easter (birthday is April - in wales for that; then hopefully will head cross country to Kent from Wales (FFS it's the most desperately awful drive, makes the M1 look almost enticing...),the number of times I've gone over the bridge oops no under the tunnel, in boredom only to realise once again Donna had Gone Too Far...

    so will announce a pickleberry shopping date/midnight crop invasion as soon as Lizzie says I can stay over....

    prep that Stu stu studio Donna's headed your way....

  7. WOYWW and link - we don't wanna miss you stamping your feet!! I think the canvasses look(ed) great - am still on a bit of a grafitti trip after Jenny got back from Berlin with snaps of the well decorated left over parts of the Wall. So they look great to me. You know what - I think you have a problem with knowing when to stop. I do. Except with paint - then I don't start much, because it's all too scarey!!

  8. Oh you do make me giggle - loving the canvases - I always find that you need to do a bit - leave them (ignor them/hide them) and then when you come back see how you feel - I usually find that I leave them in dislike mode and come back going - ooh aren't they lovely - as if they'd been done by someone else - what am I like!

    In answer to your question - yes that was one picture cut in half - never done it before no idea why!

    Sending you hugs

  9. I've done that, too...thinking I just messed up what I should have left well enough alone...but it all works out...we are creative, we tweak and distort til we are positive...mostly positive anyways, that it is done :)

    Journaling has never been a thing I have done or wanted to do...I applaud you for doing what you have so far!!!

  10. Wow you sound like a crazy busy lady!! You should sit down and have a cup of tea...isn't that what we British do and it fixes everything? Although I actually don't like tea....HORROR!! haha I liek your workspace...wish I had some sort of work space!!


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