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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

Sixteen-year-old bored rich kid Jacob has his life forever changed after a horrific incident one summer afternoon. A series of events finds him transplanted from the overwhelming heat of Florida to a foggy bog ridden tiny island in Wales, so cut off from the mainland and technologically deprived that there is just one working phone booth, no mobile phone signal and the generators that power the electricity on the island go off at 10pm each night.

While his Father concentrates on cataloguing the avian life on the island, Jacob goes in search of the adventure he has always craved, the answers he so desperately needs and the peace of mind he wonders if he will ever know again.

With just a stash of creepy old photo's and a mystery surrounded decrepit old orphanage that the locals warn him away from, Jacob literally crash lands into circumstances way beyond anything he could ever have imagined.

When I got my grubby mitts on this book I was literally bouncing with excitement. The pictures alone peppered throughout the book are amazing in their own right. They really set a tone of what I expected to get from this book. And that was creepiness. In spades.

However, once I got done with drooling and settled down to actually read, I found that the story wasn't what I was expecting at all. I didn't like Jacob to begin with, he came across as a spoilt rich kid. Trying to rebel and not really succeeding... however towards the end of the book he came into his own and I started warming to his character and cheering him on, not envying the choice he had to make.

The story isn't creepy - there were parts where I felt tension start to build and that we were on the verge of some serious creep out moments - especially when Jacob initially started exploring the run down orphanage, I could almost feel myself going "here we go, here it comes..." but it didn't, the tone took a completely different route than I was expecting.

I really enjoyed the story, part of me still wants to read the tale I had virtually spun in my head but the other part of me loved the one I got. This is a tale of time travel, monsters, murder and mythology... and yes I would say a kind of coming of age type thing for Jacob too.

Such an easy and captivating read, I zipped through it in two days - which for me these days is fast. I really hope there is a second book because it ended in such a way that it could have been the end but you just know there is so much more to come - like this was the build up to something much bigger.

What I loved most about this book was the way that the real vintage black & white photo's - were interwoven throughout this fictional tale.

The pictures have been so inspiring , I keep flicking through them. I'm definitely going to use them as a basis for some arty crafty projects, those creepy clown(?) children are just begging to be made into art dolls! I can't tell you enough how much I adore the photos running throughout the book.

I can see me coming back to this one time and again.

Many thanks to Quirk Books for sending me the book to review.

Thanks as always for stopping by :)

Edited to add: It is indeed available on Kindle :)


  1. I like the sound of this one - I do enjoy a bit of quirk!

    I loved your comment today, very funny :)

  2. Sounds like something I might enjoy. I wonder have they made it kindle friendly?

  3. The cover is stunning. Very weird and wonderful! Not sure if it would be for me though, even though I love weird! Fab review though!

  4. This sounds 'well weird' as my son would say! Great photos, with an edge of creepiness.

    Thanks for the review, Carmen.


  5. Sounds like a 'well wicked' book, Carmen, a good synopsis. I lived in a place similar to that on the Kent coast in the fifties, all overseen by nuns!

  6. I love those photos....they certainly add something to it!!

  7. Ooooh! This sounds like a great book, especially for us great young adult lit. Lovers!
    Thanks for the link love , Sistah! Happy Sunday!

  8. Oh yes, that cover would definitely have caught my attention! lol

  9. i have misspent my Sunday afternoon doing an Alice impression - it is up for the whole world to see,

    it's a good job I have no pride.


  10. Looks like a very good read, I will keep my eyes open for this one! Love your rocking post below, especially the twirling in the flower blossoms bit-so sweet! x

  11. 2 days! Wow! It takes me 2 months to get thru a magazine! I can see why those photos have captivated you so...creepy, indeed :)

  12. Thanks for the review-- might have to look this one up-- so glad to hear that there are photos throughout the book. Makes the book that much more desirable for photo hounds like me. :)


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