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Rocking My World Friday & Friday Fab 5

Look into my eyes - it is Friday. It is Friday. I am not late. It is Fridaaaaay!

Hello again everybody, it's that time of the week when I join Virginia in sifting out the caca to find the gold nuggets in my week... Um, yeah - that mental image leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry 'bout that!

So this week I am thankful for feeling better in myself. Less coughing and no being sick this weekend. In fact I'm only really coughing now when the temperature drops of an evening and am left feeling like I have a bad cold so all in all 100% better than last week. Whatever it was - good riddance!

Next up is my girls both getting a trip to London's theatre land last week - I should have mentioned it in last weeks post but wasn't really with it. Phoebe was given a trip to see Lion King with her school. A bunch of kids got it as a reward for excellence in various subjects - all they have to do to 'repay' the trip is start up a school newspaper and become the writers, editors etc which she is loving. She is still raving about the trip now. Then on the same day it so happened my sister managed to get a hold of a bunch of tickets to see Wicked. I was invited but typically was ill, absolutely gutted as would love to see that one - but Devvie went and was blown away. She too is still raving about it. Phoebe was all for telling the school coach to drop her off at the theatre that Wicked was showing in once they had finished watching Lion King but decided she would be to tired. I can just see her trying to convince the teachers to just drop her off in London on her own as she had another show to see.

Getting to finally play in my stu-stu-studio. Yes after two weeks of it gathering dust I got back down there this week and finished tidying and started playing. I'm on a catch up wagon now but by March I reckon I will be back on top of things and able to be doing what I want, start my PIF pressies and generally make a mess.

One World , One Heart. I haven't been doing much the past few weeks except slob around watching CBeebies with Ruby, sleep, moan about being ill (I'm such a rubbish sick person) and spend half hour here and there reading the OWOH posts. Oh wow, so much inspiration. My 'to try' list is overflowing and have met some lovely, friendly people already.

Finally - Rocking My World this week is Love. Yes, love online. The blossoming relationship of two souls destined to be together, having met through this wonderful Blogland - a tale to melt the most hardened of hearts...
My Hetty is being wooed! By Henry no less. Henry lives with Bernie and he sent Hetty her first valentine, setting her hose all a quiver!

I shall be most miffed if she gets more valentines than me!

So what Rocked Your World this week? Be sure to drop by Virginia's and play along.

Next up I'm joining in with Maggi's Friday Night Fab Five where she lists 5 things, usually along a theme that she is finding fab that particular week. Here we go, mine is televisual viewing that I'm loving at the mo. I'm not one for hogging the TV, everyone else pretty much watches whatever tripe (oh, and it is tripe) that they want so when I find a show I want to see - woe betide anyone that dares utter a protest.

1. Being Human! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah! It's back!
Mitchell the vampire, Nina and George the werewolf lovers and Annie the ghost all share a house together. Loving this series - Sunday nights definitely just got better, especially with the frequent shots of George's yummy bare bum!

2. The Big C.
I was unsure of this one... the adverts made it look funny but I was unsure what could possibly be funny about the subject matter. Bit close to home. However I've watched the first two episodes and am hooked. It's in turns funny and heart wrenching.

Cathy has found out she has cancer which she (as yet) hasn't told her family about. It's incurable and she has decided now that she knows she's going to die... she's going to live. Her son is so funny, he screams like a girl! Really one to watch - Thursday night!

3. Marchlands
A five part drama about three different families living in the same haunted house over different time frames. If I recall correctly it's the 60's, the 80's and near enough present day. It's getting progressively creepier each episode. One of the best dramas I've seen in a long time! Also Thursday nights - good telly on Thursday.

4. Holby City
My Dad got me hooked on Holby when I moved back in with him years ago after splitting with my ex. Now he doesn't watch it so I can't even discuss it with him - flaming cheek! Weird thing is I have no time for Casualty which Holby is the spin off from. Love all the drama, intrigue and blood and gore... would poop myself if I ever had to go into hospital for anything major after watching this though! This is my Tuesday telly fix.

5. I haven't actually got a number five - how bad is that for my first time joining in? Thinking about it... number five is that there is usually at least one documentary or true to life drama a week that I love to watch. The last being Hattie which was about Hattie Jaques. It was really quite sad. I love trivia and Craig's always rolling is eyes when out of the blue I offer up a useless bit of information but pretty much the rest of the time wander around knowing nothing about what's actually going on in the world . It's my documentary and real life drama addiction.

That's me this week - how have you been? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How unlucky were you to miss Wicked ...I was saying today that I would love to see it but would have to wait till it gets up here.Take Care xx

  2. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and back in the studio!

    Reading about your fave tv shows makes me miss having tv! We get no outside service....can just watch videos and DVD's...that Marchlands sounds great!!

    Well, take care of yourself, okay....take 2 episodes of naked bum baring....and plenty of, I mean rest...and call me in the morning :)

  3. Glad you're feeling better and can play in the stu-stu-studio! Do let us see some pics of your creations soon.... perhaps you'll be up to showing us on Wednesday, for example?!
    I love Being Human too - but I missed all of series 2 and such a lot seems to have happened in between 1 and now....

  4. You have been poorly, haven't you? I do hope you bounce back soon and can spend some quality time in your stu-stu-studio.

    Shame you missed your trip to the theatre, but lucky Phoebe getting to see Lion King, brilliant!

    Have a great week, Carmen.


  5. I have a scheme for the graffiti wall - thinking Warhol/Lichtenstein with tad of Keith Haring comic strip screen stars - might have to be june time as I am heading north at Easter...

    glad you are feeling betterer


  6. I wish I had started watching Marchlands. I have missed the first episodes. Sounds right up my street. YOu already know how much i loved Hattie Jaques..
    Wicked - so envious. I hope to see that soon.

  7. Blimey - I hope by the end of this week you are feeling a lot more up to speed. Being sick sucks x

  8. Glad you made it back on Friday tee hee - glad you are feeling better it's not fun being poorly sick!

    Hope you are having a lovely Valentine's day and the Hetty and Henry are enjoying it too!



  9. Wowowowowow, both awesome list for your "Friday"! lol So glad to hear you're feeling better! Can't wait to see what comes out of your stu-stu-studio!

  10. Awwww - Henry is all a-blushing, or as far as you can tell considering he is red-faced anyway. Glad it made you smile, as you definitely need a bit of cheering up. Hope you are really on the mend now.

    Also glad your girls got to have a lovely trip to the theatres - love the thought of Phoebe trying to get dropped off for a second showing! Sorry you missed out though.



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