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What's Rocking My World Friday :)

! Thanks to Donna for reminding me what day it is - I'm actually going to post RYWF on a Friday! Whoop!

First of all is my middle bubba reaching a decade this very day. Yep - doesn't seem possible but I only have one ratbag in single figures now.So proud of the way she is turning out and she's showing such a quick wit lately, am so glad to see she has inherited my love of sarcasm and stating the obvious.

Happy Birthday Phoebe-jeebee.

Next up to rock my week is my mental family... They've driven me NUTS since Wednesday. After my disagreement with the cropadile, my Dad, my sis and Craig have all been fussing around me like I'm some invalid. They've been trying to drag me up the hospital and all sorts. (I still had a headache and some nausea yesterday... but the bump had gone down, so my argument was I'd be wasting hospital time when they could be seeing someone who needed seeing.) At one point they've all been here and I did wonder if they were going to go for a leg and arm each and carry me out. BUT for all my whinging at them to leave me alone, it's given me a warm fuzzy feeling to know they care so much... don't worry, it only hurts now when I brush my hair or if I prod it to see if it still hurts.

And to be fair if it had happened to one of them they would have been in the car before the cropadile had finished bouncing. But that's my prerogative to be contrary. So to you fusspots, thank you - and Craig I could hear you whispering on the phone to Dad. You are rubbish conspirators.

Next up is a win. I blogged a giveaway the other day - you still have chance to enter until Monday - just click here and leave a comment. But what really made me smile was that within half an hour of posting my giveaway, I received an email telling me I had won this...

Comping karma? Or the Comping Fairy? Whatever - it did make me smile a big old smile and it means I can carry on my zombie infatuation for a wee while longer.

Tonight we have been scoffing Malteaser cake for Phoebe's birthday, we've Children in Need on in the background and I'm doing this post and some online Christmas shopping on the sly. So a pretty relaxed evening all in all.

What's been rocking your world this week? Let us know and link up with Virginia :)

Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. Happy Birthday to your midlet and congrats on your win :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Phoebe (what a pretty girl)! It was my li'l darling's b'day yesterday! Sorry to hear you've done yourself some damage, what are you like? You sound pretty chilled so hold that thought and enjoy your weekend, xx

  3. Congrats on the win!
    Have a relaxing weekend.
    Sue xx
    p.s. loved the b'day card for Phoebe

  4. Happy birthday to Phoebe! Well done on the book win, definately Karma!! Didn't realise when you blogged about your cropidile hitting you that it was as bad as that...if it hurts when you prod it, DONT prod it!!!Hope it feels better soon x

  5. Hope you stop poking your bump soon, I would be right there with you in not going to hospital (especially after my trips to and from the eye clinic the other week) I hate the places.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, don't forget to listen to Alice tomorrow morning!

  6. Seriously - I hope you are okay!

    Happy Birthday Phoebe

  7. There's something addictive about 'prodding to see if it still hurts.' But don't, because it does! lol. Hope you are better today and that it really isn't serious.

  8. Happy birthday Phoebe and congrats on the win! :D

    Glad your bump is a little better, hopefully the peeps won't drag you to the doc. lol

  9. Happy Birthday to Phoebe & Ouch for the Cropadile!!

  10. A big Happy Birthday to Phoebe - hope she's enjoying double digits! Mine reached that in September and his sarcasm is definitely from his Mother - mind you the this Center parc weekend he managed to pass off an underwater sulk - I kid you not! Hope you've having a good week!



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