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What's Rocking My World Friday :)

...On Saturday again! I know, I know!

Here we go...

This week I'm loving the free, free, FREE but absolutely fantastic journalling class I've been doing. I'm just about to start week 2 but think the actual class is up to week 4. However on the (did I say FREE?) downloadable video's Tam, the class creator, says that the classes will most likely be kept up indefinitely so it's not to late to join up and take part.I find this so generous, the classes are so detailed and I'm definitely enjoying messing about with paint and FINALLY getting my journal pages started. Loving this class!

Next up - feeling Christmassy in a slightly panicked "aaaargh it can't be so near already" kind of way. I'm signed up to a couple of Secret Santa swaps with some crafty people. Fabulous and totally sneaky way of my getting round my stash ban I thought - AND stash shopping for other people is, I've found, equally if not more pleasurable than it is just doing it for myself. Have had a couple of bits arrive today and (after finishing drooling and stroking) I'm going to be wrapping those up later. Craig and I went actual *shudder* shopping center shopping during the week. And although we both said we probably wont do to much more of it - preferring the less chaotic and more unusual gifts you can find online... we did get a good chunk out of the way.

Now - I really need to crack on with making some pressies as I have so far made a grand total of... one! Eep! I wanted to try and make sure that everyone had a handmade gift this year whether made by me or something that I have bought handmade buy someone else - I really love getting handmade gifts myself . I have bought four so far and made the one so am on my way to my mission.

I may have to dig out my Nat & Dean CD later for when I start wrapping (Who's that laughing? Shaddup!)

What else do we have... oh yes, Craig as usual for just being himself and being supportive when lumbered with this emotional car wreck of a girlfriend that he has *g* I'm a tough cookie to live with, I know that myself and quite honestly I think he's mental to have stuck it out this long but there y'go. Obviously insane and that's why we rub along so well together.

My girls - we are having a crafty sesh this afternoon. And although this week we have had our moments - oh my word have we had our moments... One is well and truly into hormone combusting teenagerdom, one is a 3 year old railing against the world who can't understand why we don't acknowledge her supreme ruler status and one nearly 10 year old kinda stuck in the middle... who I can glimpse is about to step over into that hormonal teenage phase and I'm desperately holding onto her shirt tails to stop her going. ...But we still manage, just, to play together nicely for a couple of hours. Thank the heavens for this past time of ours eh?

Oh, oh and all the lovely comments received on my first bloggy book review earlier in the week - Thank you. I've really dived back into my books this year, I was using the "I don't have time" excuse for ages but now I'm making time and realising how I missed my old friends within those pages. Expect more! (Your own fault!)

What rocked your world this week? If you fancy playing along then come link up with Virginia so we can find you :)

Thanks you as always for stopping by!


  1. big hugs. Happy crafting .. Samantha wants to do some but I'm not up to it atm and Gary's off at football again.Not that he'd craft lol



  2. Girls who want to rule the world, eh? Gotta love them!

  3. I envy you with your busy family life - hope you are enjoying your crafty sesh with the girls - they sound great, hormones or not!

  4. shucks is it Saturday? darn i hoped it was Friday cos this is your eagerly awaited *=( by me) rocking post...

    I am making progress on the vid and the atc

  5. Love the list Carmen.
    Ah, teenagers, I remember those years so well - DS was about 9 when they started - they do eventually "grow out" of them and become human again.:)
    Happy crafting.
    Sue xx

  6. Great list this week. I am really enjoying Tams course too and cant believe how much effort she has put into it for a fee course, what a beautiful and giving person she is! x

  7. This way reveal how shamefully long it has been since I dropped by here, but I LOVE the new banner!!! And I'm jealous of your fee class!! :-)

  8. What a great list today! There's always going to be fireworks with 3 girls at such different ages - my friend has 3 girls of 14, 10 and 4, so I have seen something of what you're experiencing! Ugh to Christmas shopping, I HATE shopping centre shopping as much as you - queues, noise, heat, grrrrrr, it's no good I just can't face it. It might all have to be online this year. I totally agree with you on the handmade thing - can't beat it. Craig is, as I suspect he already knows, as lucky to have you as you are him - how great you found each other, eh? I'm just about to embark on week 3 of Tam's course - I'm so busy and it takes a chunk of time to watch the videos, but it's soooo worth it.

    Have a great week,


  9. Loving the list Carmen - this is me catching up on Rocking your World posts on a Sunday night - given myself an hour out of a very hectic weekend! Hope you are well



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