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30 Day Journal Challenge ~ Prompt 1

I've been seeing the 30 Day Journal Challenge popping up all over Blogland lately. It's already a good few days in but I thought I'd give it a go over the weekend. The first prompt was to do a full page design introducing yourself, including things that you like. This was mine:I found this much harder than I thought I would. I love doodling as a rule. No problems with it over scrapbook pages, in little corners of books... Fill a page? Blimey, this took me ages and as you can see there is still a fair old chunk of white space there. I may add to it as I think of more things. The three angels are my girls, the stars are because I just love the shape, I'm going to do a couple of skulls but my first attempts were disastrous.  Am undecided whether to continue with the whole challenge. I may dip in and out of it. I do want a journal about me - this will sound morbid but I truly don't mean it that way... I want it for my girls when I'm gone. Don't panic, nothing wrong with me. But when us sisters read some of my Mum's diaries after she passed away we found out so much more about her, about the woman as opposed to 'just' the Mum that we knew if that makes sense. I'd love my girls to have that insight into me.

If nothing else it finally got me started on this notebook my sister gave me a couple of Christmases ago - I've been to scared to use it in case I ruined it. This signature page is now the first page.I tell you what though, I already admired people who do zendoodling/zentangling but now, wow I'm really in awe. Check out Angie and Kay to see what I mean!

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Good afternoon WOYWWers. Nothing much interesting to show you on my desk today. Paperwork - boooooring!But oooh, what's this waiting for me when I've finished? This box started off life as a competition win. It arrived on my doorstep containing cereals and shortbread and biscuits and yummy yummies. Then it became Ruby's imaginary car/plane/cot/pram/bus... you name it. Two years later with my beady eye never leaving it - I noticed it had gone unplayed with for a month or two so it's reclaimed this week. Now it's home to my pitiful paint stash. (Need more!) But don't you think it needs to be made prettier? So do I! That's a project for these nice warm days outside methinks!

What's on your work desk this week? Want to play along? Then make sure and linky up with Jul!a Holtz forthwith and then we'll all be able to come have a rummage round your work space.

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GRRRRRRR!... Studio Challenge

Have you seen the challenge over on the Studio Challenges blog this week? :P

"Grrr! What gets right on your nerves? Tell us all about it with a spot of creative therapy! Get it off your chest... you'll feel much better for it

Well, what annoys me? I could go on for pages and pages and pages... drivers who don't indicate, drivers who park badly and with no thought for other drivers - in particular parking right on bay lines or even worse straddling 2 bays the greedy pigs, swearing - the hard stuff, parents smoking over prams... parents smoking over prams and swearing, pregnant women smoking... and drinking, spitting, anti-social behaviour, kids disrespecting their elders, old farts the elderly disrespecting kids, shop assistants offering zero customer service, my entire household re-fragrancing the air and making the house smell like a public toilet (AAAARGH!) drunks peeing down our alley way at stupid o'clock... drunks doing other stuff down our alley way at stupid o'clock, people not cleaning up after their dogs... I could go on... but this is what I settled on. This is one of the ones that really makes my blood BOIL because it's so LAZY!

LITTER! Pocket it, bag it or BIN IT! It's not bliddy hard!
Apologies for the washed out look. Choices were take the piccy in full sun glare or cave like darkness of the house. I went for full sun glare.

Hope this is acceptable for the challenge - I know it's not a scrapbook page but I couldn't resist. I bet you can't tell at all that I adore The Little Shop Of Horrors? I went quite subtle with that I thought.

Thank you as always for stopping by and a special thank you lovely people for all your wonderful words yesterday... they were so very much appreciated. Am so lucky to have people like you visit my little blog :)

Always On my Mind...

The bestest, battiest, uber creative and talented (but never would admit it), supportive, loving, wonderful, most bonkers Mum in the whole wide world. Heaven gained an Angel 3 years ago... I bet she's giving them Hell!

Miss you Mum x x x

Rocking Friday and Creativity Boot Camp 9 & 10

This is how behind on the prompts I am. Today is day 13 - the last day of Creativity Boot Camp. Here I am just uploading days 9 and 10.

Day 9 prompt: DrizzleThe theme of the ATC swap that I'm in this month was favourite colours. So that's what this is showing. I drizzled Glossy Accents (y'see what I did there?) and let the drips dry for some gloopy, drippy... dripness.

Day 10 prompt: Full BodiedOK, first journal page I've shared... first journal page I haven't binned. I drew a silhouette shape based on the starting pictures I took for my weight-loss. Used that as a mask and the rest all sort of did itself from there. Not written anything on it yet - the big mahoosive title kind of says a lot of what's in my mind. This is my stumbling block with journalling. I can't get over this mental block between the words in my head and the hand holding the pen.

Friday means it's time for Virginia's feel good reflection on the past week. Push aside the rubbish and focus on the good stuff... can only be a good thing can't it? Why not click the piccy and join in?This week the main thing that's Rocking My World is the letter received this morning. My youngest, has been given a place at afternoon nursery starting from September. We had it in our heads that she wouldn't be starting until next year. Ruby is so excited and can't understand why she can't go NOW! I'm a mixed bag of emotions. Really happy that she will get some time and independence to herself... and so will I... plus Craig and I will get a couple of snatched lunchtimes to spend time as a couple. But it also means my last baby, and she is going to be my last baby, is growing up and spreading her wings. In amidst the excitement and happy bubbles is a funny nervous sad feeling in the pit of my tummy. Isn't that odd!

Sorting things out. Both in my head and in life generally. Getting organised, well a sort of organised chaos. For the first time in a long time I'm starting to see some direction to things. The long term house sort out is still ongoing but ongoing in the right direction, the weight and health is starting to feel like I'm in control of it rather than vice versa... and the Creative Boot Camp has really opened my eyes in a lot of ways to a lot of things - not just crafty. I didn't expect that - thought it would 'just' be another online class. I'm really starting to get some focus going on and it's feels good. Scary good but definitely good.

So what's been good about your week? Thank you as always for stopping by :)


Apologies for the late posting today WOYWWers. Someone took the day off work today and decided to go fishing. That someone also decided to take my camera with them. MY camera that they supposedly bought ME for Christmas. I shouldn't moan because he will now be paying for his day off by working late into the night. It's just that it's WEDNESDAY! You don't go kidnapping the camera on Wednesday do you? No.

So here is my desk today. It was such a lovely day, I was outside. Try to contain your jealousy at my sad little table which is VERY shabby and not at all chic at the moment. And try not to gasp in awe at my highly cultivated weeds, taken me years to get them this big!It's a bit tidier than it was earlier, I was despairing of the camera ever coming home so had started to bring everything back in.

I've been painting lace today - as you do. The lace was cream, I wanted it black and red and sparkly purple. The weight holding the bits down is just that - a weight to stop them blowing away and smacking an unsuspecting passer-by in the moosh with a wet painty lacey splat. Might leave a nice pattern but don't think they would be to pleased - and I would be miffed at losing the lace.

The yellow thing is a piece of lace card stock (I forget the proper name?) I've used it over and over as a stencil/mask. It's getting some gorgeous colour-way effects on the other side of it now - I may have to actually use it as an embellishment soon and buy a new bit as a fresh stencil/mask. I've certainly had my money's worth out of that sheet.

If you fancy joining us for our weekly rummage through the desks of the world, make sure and head on over to Head Girl Julia's page and linky up so we can all find you.

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Creativity Boot Camp ~

I'm getting seriously behind trying to keep up with the prompts. I could say I chose the wrong medium for a daily prompt class but I'm not going to. I've really enjoyed getting back into my painting... So I'm going to start this week fresh from today and go back at the end to catch up with the prompts from last week at my own leisure. Alrighty? Alrighty.

I did manage to get the day 7 prompt done which was: Fly... Yes I went literal on it's posterior.And then, this is my finished sketch book from day 3 (Prompt: Multilayered.) I haven't stuck the giant button down yet. I'm undecided - I really like it and am tempted to make it into a brooch. What do you reckon?Right, sooner I get stuff done... ironing - eurgh! The sooner I can get my paints out.
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Rocking Friday & Creativity Boot Camp Day 4

Day Four: Word Prompt ~ Heavy Metal.
Didn't even have to think about this one. Well what else was I going to do? Don't pretend you're surprised.

I like to start off sketching in pen...Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in biro penAnd then I filled in with mLyra Watercolour Crayons. I'm quite chuffed actually, I know he's not perfect but it's the first proper "painting" I've done in years. A good start to my sketchbook and hopefully I'll be seeing improvements as I go through the book. I quite like him I must admit.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Watercolour crayons

Friday again already and that means one thing! What's Rocking Your World Friday. Doesn't seem possible that another week has flown by. What's been the highlights of my week this week?

Well the main one has been the Creativity Boot Camp. I must admit I still haven't done much (any) of the journalling side but that's not to say I have disregarded that bit of it completely. It has got me thinking and pondering about things. I've been talking with Craig and we've been having some really good discussions about all the issues raised. I've decided that even if I don't complete all the journalling exercises physically on paper, the reflection and talk it's brought about can only be a good thing.

I'm running two days behind on the word prompts at the moment but am I bothered? No, not a jot. I'm enjoying the process, and damn am I rusty with the paints but loving rediscovering them again, blowing off the old cobwebs. I will definitely keep up the daily half hour to an hour of 'me' time at the end of the day - even if it means propping myself up at the desk and getting the paints out at 11pm. I'll do it.

The girls asked me what I was doing yesterday and now they've decided to play along too. I'll see if I can get them to post their progress. Devon has decided on sketching as her medium - Phoebe is undecided - Ruby just wants to lob paint. And why not eh?

Cooler weather - oh yes I'm thankful for the cooler weather though it is a double edged sword. I hate the sun, the heat, getting hot and everything that you are supposed to love about Summer. I don't want a tan - I love the pale and interesting look but am cursed with having one of those complexions where I only have to blink at the sun and I'm brown. I love the cooler seasons of Spring and Autumn. Perfect weather and gorgeous colours. However the cooler temperament plays havoc with my back so although I am happier that it's not so hot - I have also been doing my old lady hobbling around this week. Craig wants me to go to the Doctor but honestly, what can he do? I know what it is, I know what causes it, I don't want to be taking painkillers all the time so it's a waste of an appointment really. But I am enjoying the cool breeze today even if it's come with torrential rain.

Slimming World - 10 weeks in and I am still loving it. I really feel like I am re-educating myself in the way I think about food. Before, it was everything in my life. No matter what the occasion - sadness, happiness, boredom, frustration, anger - food was always what helped, made me feel better, was part of celebrating. Now, it's still a major part of my life but for all the right reasons. It will never be just sustenance to me as I love it to much. I love preparing it, I love eating it, I love the social side of eating out... but now I'm making the right decisions. Get this - I am learning moderation! *gasp* I'm learning that I CAN have my cake and eat it too - just not the whole cake! A slice is just as nice. Silly really because it feels like I'm uncovering an internal switch that 'normal' people must have. You know that one that says 'hey, you're actually full you know, you can stop eating now'. Who knew that was there?

What's Rocking Your World this week? Be sure to drop by Virginia's and link up so we can all see :)

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Creativity Boot Camp Days 1,2 & 3

I joined up to the free two week Creativity Boot Camp the other day. First day was Sunday. (so still time to join in!) I'm really loving how much it's making me think and also to drag out my paints every day! I chose paints as my medium because I've wanted to use them more for ages, quite a few classes I'm looking at involve painting and basically - I just miss it. Years ago, growing up and in my teens I was never far away from my sketch book or my paints. On reflection (which this class has made me do) I know when I stopped drawing and painting, I know why I stopped... what I am now wondering is... now that certain things aren't in my life and haven't been for years. Why didn't I start again? Time to rectify that!

I must admit I found the first 3 days of the journalling very hard, only because I don't like putting stuff like that down on paper. Fear of being laughed at or being cheesy. I will get it done but it will take me a while and I wont be sharing it on my blog.

So on to the prompts. Day one was Ivory. Instantly I thought of elephants and then for some reason, Elmer. Then I thought, wouldn't Elmer look cool with an Alice makeover? Please excuse the picture, I've magnified the one from the post below which was a shot of my desk.I had almost finished Elmer - was going to bling him up a bit, moved a box of paint straight on top of him, didn't realise that until a couple of hours later... yup he is now welded to the underneath of that box. Hmmm. Don't worry there will be an Alice-ified Elmer II but if I don't start posting photos I'm going to get so far behind I just wont do it. He was cute though wasn't he? *sniff*

The day two prompt was Picnic now instantly the only thing that came into my head was apples crawling with cheeky chappie maggots. Why? I dunno - it's certainly not representative of the picnics we go on. However I ran short on time, was still doing Elmer and am trying to do this day by day so skipped straight to day three.

Day three prompt - Multilayered. NOW you're talking! I have a sketch book I treated myself to at Christmas. It's been sadly neglected but I hope it will be chocka in a few months now that I'm all inspired. The covers were made from white canvas. I decided all that white had to go and you can't get much more multi layered than this :PThis is five layers in, I have some more to go and some embellies to add but I have to wait for each layer to dry. I'm going to try, from here on in, to post daily with this class. The only thing is I'll be posting a day behind because I don't generally get 'me' time till the girls are asleep so wont be starting day four (prompt: Heavy Metal... take a wild guess!) till later this evening. Then I need the paint to dry, have some natural light to take photos blah blah blah! I wont bore you again with how dark my house is ! (It's a cave!)

I am really loving this class so far and am already slightly sad that it's only two weeks long. I will try and keep up the daily craft time after it's finished.

Thanks you as always for popping by :)

P.s: Just thought - that green and blue paint was applied with a plastic picnic knife. Day two sorted!


Good morning WOYWWers :)

Yes! I do not have a tidy desk today! Thanks to the Creativity Boot Camp which started on Sunday I am doing a wee bit of arting every day. I'm not managing to get a piece finished every day what with time (or lack of) and having chosen paint as my medium... I'm not getting things dried but am loving the process and dabbling in a little something every day. I'll do another post later with what I've done so far... it might have dried by then!!

This is my desk today... The felt pens are left over from the littlest monster having a play - the rest is me. I was playing with my watercolour crayons last night and today I've been going round the outlines with my pens.

Don't forget - if you want to have a play along with the weekly phenomenon that is WOYWW make sure to link up with Julia so we can all find you.

I had a lovely surprise the other day. Look at this gorgeous reversible bag that arrived in the post. LL Jan made and sent it just for lil ol' me!
Look at Devon, thinking just because she's modelled for me that she can sneak my bag away before I'll notice! Hyuh right!

I am constantly surprised by the loveliness and generosity of people I have met through Blogland. Or in this case the person I met through a person I met on Blogland... did that make sense??  I met LL Jan (the LL stands for Lunch Lady and she makes the best chilli ever!) through Julia at one of the 2 Scrap Ladies events and she has been a constant cheerleader in my weight loss and an all round fabulous person that I'm lucky to have met. I still can't believe she did this and I love it to pieces, it will definitely get loads of love and use. And no - Devon you ain't getting it! Thank you Jan - and thank you Julia for having the best friends!

Right, quick cup of tea, then some work, a pigeon release and then I'll be back for a desk hop. Shall we say, oooh, lunchtime? Get the kettle on!

Rocking My World Friday :)

At the time of starting to type it is still technically Friday. I've sat down so many times today to do this and now here I am at 10 to midnight actually here and thinking about what was good about my week. That's what I love about Virginia's Friday reflection. No matter what crappy things may be happening at the moment it makes you focus on the positives, I love her for making me do that.

What Rocked My world This Week?

I woke up.
Number one I'm stealing from you Virginia. I love that you are thankful for it every week - and so am I. I woke up this morning. Surrounded by people that love me and that I love back. We can put food on our table and clothes on our backs. We are all reasonably healthy people and we have a lot of fun together with not many pennies. We are rich in the ways that matter. And I don't care what anyone who is crying poverty at the moment says. If you have that - you have enough. I hate these news reports with people bemoaning their lot in the recession. Yet more often than not they are dripping in gold and living in show homes with massive tellies... Poor? Sell your stuff and get your priorities right more like! Sorry, mini rant!

Last week when Devon came home from school she presented me with this wall hanging. It was her first go at Batik in her textiles class. I love it - I think the cat looks like it's underwater or maybe staring into a fish tank :P
This was the card she made Craig for his birthday this week. I love that my girls are as crafty as their daft Mum!

Blasts from the Past
This post on Anne's blog reminded me of the Tree House I used to have when I was little. It set me off on a Google journey and I ended up on eBay with my finger hovering over the 'buy' button. I resisted - blimey but the stuff we had as children sells for a lot! The Palitoy tree house is one of those ones I can remember getting hours of fun out of. I loved it and can remember someone always falling down the lift shaft - the amount of times my Dad had to get his screwdriver out to launch a rescue mission! My favourite one was always the little girl. when I wasn't playing with the set she would sit on my desk while the rest was put away in the tree. I vaguely remember using the dog kennel as my 'secret' hiding place and feeling oh so smug at being able to hide my little treasures in there. I'm contemplating saving up and getting one as Ruby's main Christmas present this year. Of course Mummy would have to set it up and test it out - make sure all the parts were working... maybe store it on her shelves... what?? WHAT??

What's been Rocking Your World this week? Be sure to go and link up with Virginia if you take part :) Thanks as always for stopping by!

p.s - OK so now it is definitely Saturday morning! Ooops.