Silver Crow Project

Is It a Bird? Is It A Plane?

It's not one but two scrapbook pages! Only taken a year almost since the last one.

Gauche Alchemy have posted an amazing challenge to win one of their Mixed Media kits. The theme is Mixed Media Mamas - show what "mother" means to you.

My Mum has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. We are coming up to the anniversary of when we lost her next month, we've also had a couple of things happening at home that have made me think of her as well. Some ongoing stuff that I just so wish she was here for me talk to her about... but the main one being that my Uncle lost his battle with Cancer in the early hours of this morning. Same thing that took Mum - different part of the body - same horrible disease. I wanted a distraction today - being on my own at home I just didn't want to be sitting here thinking the thoughts I was thinking. So I printed off a few pictures of Mum and got to scrapping. It really did help too. The amount of memories that come crowding back when you craft like that.

This is the first page I did. It's Mum aged around 16, I always told her she reminded me of Bette Davis in this picture - I was never sure if she took it as a compliment but it was, I adore Bette Davis and think she was one of the stunner's of her time, those gorgeous eyes!

This second one I was playing around with the technique Lara showcased on the GA blog the other day. Such fun and very therapeutic in a funny kind of way. I love the texture of it when dry, a gorgeous result. I was going to have phrases going all around the photo of this one. The funny things Mum used to say - but I may have to save that for another time - I really love this as is and am thinking of framing it. It's actually very shimmery and glittery in real life - the top coat wash is some silver poster type paint, really catches the light.

Big hugs to all those that need one tonight. And extra squishy one for the bonkers Myz!
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Ruby in Lola Land

Over on the Copy+Paste blog they've been celebrating their 1st birthday all week. As part of the celebrations there have been challenges and giveaays galore, go check them out - I was a late gatecrasher and am still having fun taking part.

This challenge was to download Kirsty's fab printables and incorporate them into a project. Any project of any medium. As soon as I saw them I thought of Charlie & Lola.  Ruby's favourite dolls is her Lola so off I set to browse the net. I found the perfect image with Charlie, Lola and a sofa. There was even an empty seat on the sofa for Ruby - like they were just waiting for her to join the party.
This is what I came up with...

  • I printed off a picture of Ruby, cut her out and sat her on the sofa. 
  • The balloons and speech bubbles (which I also turned into balloons) the party hat and the presents were from the C+P printable sheets. 
  • I went round the printables and then Ruby in sparkly black pen to help her fit into Lola's cartoon world. 
  • I've then covered the whole thing in a couple of coats of Glossy Accents. 
I must admit to loving how this turned out. Next step to get a frame so she can have it in her bedroom. Yes she's seen it - yes I've had to put it up high because she just wants to cuddle it!

There is also a set of ice breaker questions to get the party started over at C+P so I thought I'd have a go at some of those too:
  1. Everyone knows that I love Alice Cooper.... but you'd never guess that I went to a Pavarotti concert at Leeds Castle. He rocked!
  2. I'm proud to admit that I like veggies and fruit... but my guilty pleasure is marmite & cheese toasties!
  3. I'm inspired by almost everything... and it surprises me when some people don't see the gorgeous simple things in life.
  4. I've got lots of books... but I've always wanted a library/study with floor to ceiling shelving in gorgeous dark wood. and a big open fire :)
  5. If I never fit into those blimming clothes... it will (not) be for lack of trying ;)
  6. I didn't stay on at school past 15... and now I very much regret it...
  7. It's not that I think I'm always right... but I'd really rather not lie to myself :P
  8. Doing the dishes with Craig... makes me happy
  9. Someone once told me that Santa doesn't exist... and then I got photographic evidence that he does.
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Mr Burton, I'm Ready For My Close Up :)

There is a great new challenge blog called The Burtonesque Dolls. The challenges will all be set up to compliment, incorporate or just generally shout about a love for all things Tim Burton.

"Our 2nd challenge is : Burton Chicks. Really simple; create a card, page layout, or project with a doll, heroine, or chick that you know would belong in a Tim Burton film! Make her crazy, fun, cute, wild, but most importantly make her suitable for a Burton film!"

I instantly thought of a couple of scrapbook pages I already had in my album.

I don't think it would be immodest of me to think that if anyone should star alongside Mr Depp and perhaps have a smooch scene or two it should be my Alice worshipping alter ego. Me, myself, I! Don't you agree? Not to much to ask really... are you listening Mr Burton?

No WOYWW desk for me today - it's still sparkly clean and shiny, shiny. I didn't want to inflict the horror 2 weeks running. I have been catching up on my comps today. Messiness shall resume shortly!

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Iddy Bitty Late But Still...

...Rocked My World!

Oopsie - how did I forget Whats Rocking My World Friday? Well I do know actually. I was days, DAYS getting round all the WOYWW desks and still didn't make them all and also one of my World Rockin' moments distracted me.

So without further dilly dally, what made me smile, laugh and just generally be happy last week?

Jace Everett

(I just love this video someone made on You Tube!)

The song above is probably now what he is most famous for - Bad Things, which was used in the True Blood opening credits. However, fabulous as that song is - it is not even the best song on his AMAZING Red Revelations album! My favourites by far are Red Revelations which, after searching, I cannot find a video of on the net! Grrr. Possession is just gorgeous too.

So why did Mr Everett rock my world this week? Craig took me to see him perform in Maidstone on Friday. And ROCK he did. I cannot tell you how utterly amazing he was - how someone can make the sounds he makes come out of a body is beyond me. His voice should seriously be x-rated. I would urge anyone if you get the chance to go see him, RUN to wherever he is. He has quite literally lept up on to Alice's pedestal and is up there sharing the dizzying heights of my adoration now. I don't know who I would choose if they were both performing the same day. I really don't.

The opening act was bonkers. It was a group called Ghost of a Dog. Anyone who can sing about an ASBO scoffing, hoody munching werewolf in the center of Cardiff is alright in my books.

Having a night out on a date with Craig also pretty much rocked, that hasn't happened in 3 years. We ended up double dating with my sister and her partner as they had got tickets too so we all sat together but it was just lovely getting some time as a couple. OK, Craig reckons if I choose another concert for the next date it will be another 3 years wait... he's an old fart in a young blokes body. He finds concerts to loud! We are such opposites I really don't know how we ended up falling for each other. But even he admitted it was lovely to spend time together that wasn't part of work or refereeing the girls.

Yay, am finding time to start again, not as much as I would like but getting there. Getting organised in all areas of my life is definitely starting to pay dividends.Not showing you any more yet as this is a gift for a friend. Am on the ATC making today.

Continued Weight Loss
It's still coming off, sometimes in nice big chunks (nice visual image there) and sometimes in little trickles (um... yeah... sorry another unwelcome visual!) but it IS coming off. My Slimming World chart has me hitting target in early August - I find that hard to believe but am going to be over the moon if it happens! I'm feeling the benefits all the time.

This Video

I swear I cannot watch this without laughing out loud every single time. My favourite funny of the year so far!

What made you smile this week? Be sure to drop by and let Virginia know too, the starter of all this feel good shiny happiness.

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Roll up, roll up. Welcome to Whoopidoo's House of Horrorrrrrr! *Said in creepy Vincent Price voice* Come bear witness to the horrendous spectacle. Recoil in fear and shock at the view that awaits you.

Crafters I beseech you - take a quick look and turn away, turn away now lest you expire instantly or turn to stone with the terror that is...

*dum dum DUMMMMM*


Closerrrr... Shudder some more at...

To see some less scary, much more messy desks go along, rattling your chains but resist scoffing any brains (umm, mixed horror genres there - ah well) to the Queen of Deskness herself Julia.

Sleep well my pretty children! MWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAARRRR!

Oh noooooooo...

I just finished the last book of the box set! What am I going to do now?? I have a whole bookshelf of yet to reads waiting for me but I NEED to know what happens next! *wrings hands* Who knew book 8 would end like that? (Giving nowt away for people not there yet!)

Will have to do a mercy dash to Tesco's tomorrow now, see if book 9 is in stock, curse their early closing on a bank holiday!


P.s I still love Bill and kinda feel sorry for him... and Quinn too.