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Drooltastic Films

I thought seeing as I can't show you what I am making at the moment because a certain blogger won't get a surprise when she opened her swap goodies otherwise... that I would show you the films I am drooling over at the moment instead.

Honestly nothing catches my attention for months and then, like buses, they all come along at once.

The Lovely Bones
I know for sure I'm seeing this one very soon. Loved the book - hope the film does it justice. It looks stunning.

As soon as this was advertised on the TV this week Devvie turned to my boggle eyed face and said "you want that film don't you Mum!" and I was all "uh hummedy hummeddy uh huh!" *dribble* I would LOVE to see this on the big screen. Just know I will adore it!

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter... 'nuff said!

The Wolfman
(Don't click if you don't like bone crunching noises)
Anthony Hopkins for Craig, werewolf for me... this film could have been made for us. We will hopefully be seeing this on our first date night in 3 years!! Looks gorgeous in a Gothic, creepy kind of way.

So what films are you looking forward to at the moment? If these are just this months offerings then 2010 is looking to be a veritable feast for the eyes.

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Nothing much to show today on my desk. Looks quite tidy if you ask me - it's insanely messy and life as we know it will end today if something isn't done soon... if you ask Craig.However if we turn around to the dining table behind me... be afraid, be very afraid. I'm going to make my first thing on the machine today! Practising is over, going to try and attempt something simple for the Alice in Wonderland swap. Ambulances on stand by please. Lucky the material has a lot of red in it eh?And now a little *toot, toot* Guess whose blog was blog of the day on the rather beautiful Alice Magazine yesterday? *Ahem* To say I was insanely proud was an understatement. Was I embarrassed that it was B.O.T.D when it's under re-construction like it is at the mo? Definitely. Still seriously chuffed today mind you.

Do you fancy showing us your desk and having a rummage through some more? Then come play by linking up with our fearless desk leader Julia right... here!

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WOYWW with Dinosaurs

I am late uploading for WOYWW I know. Been a day of running here there and everywhere but here I am with just under an hour of Wednesday left.

This is my desk as it was this afternoon - half way through a mass clear-up. I could not stand the pitiful looks and deep sighs coming from the table behind me a moment longer. So I decided to tidy up before a huuuuuge Alice in Wonderland craft sesh this weekend. He thinks he knows messy? Little does he know. Mwahahahar!
I haven't uploaded a scrapbook page in a while but when The Creative Type prompt went up earlier, taking inspiration from comic books, I instantly thought of the page I did of Phoebe a while back. Out of the blue she turned to me one day and asked "what dinosaurs were around when you were young Mum?" Talk about deflate a persons ego. And so this page was born. Thought I would be cheeky and enter it into the challenge.This is one of those recycled pages, cardboard, paint, pages from a book that Ruby had mutilated, the tree images are from a sugar packet, the dinosaur is from an old babygro, the stamping is bubble wrap smothered in paint and parts of it embossed. You know - a really fun, messy page.

Thanks for popping by and if you fancy seeing some more desks and having a rummage go visit our fearless leader Julia and link up so we can all find you :)

Five Little Duckies Went Swimming One Day...

...over the hills and far, far away.

Eagle eyed Julia spotted the Duck invasion on my desk on Wednesday. I was making one for someone who is becoming a very dear friend to me and just wanted to show her. I also added the 'believe' heart as this is what she needs to do in herself and realise that other people are not just being nice but do actually believe in her and her creations.Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DuckCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber Duck
I can only show you two of the other four duckies as I was getting close on time and sent two to their new home before I took a piccie. They were all heart themed Love Duckies. Two were for Debbie's charity crop in aid of the St Peters Hospice in her area and they were the two I didn't photo.

These two are for LissyLou who is doing a charity craft sale for the British Heart Foundation. Take a look if you think you can send something heart themed - her sale is on the 26th February so still plenty of time to post.Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DuckCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DucksI've never had five duckies all in progress at once. It was fun in a slightly stressful way... only because I was using different duckies than I usually use, they are a lot lighter and didn't take the paint so well. So there was me running out of time for Debbie's and having to apply 3 extra coats of paint than I normally would which meant 3 extra days of drying. Aargh! I prefer the weight of the other ducks I use but do like the shape of these ones. I'll have to see if I can make them a bit heavier somehow.

Mother Duck said QUACK, QUACK, QUACK and no little duckies came swimming back...

I hope they are all happy in their new homes *g*

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Alice in Wonderland Swap

Oooooh! And oooooh again! If you like swaps and Alice in Wonderland then head on over to Maggi's blog and sign up before Sunday 7th Feb. She is hosting an Alice themed international swap to celebrate the release of Tim Burton's new film. I'm playing!