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Merry Christmas

I'm dropping by to apologise for the lack of crafting and posting this past couple of weeks. It's been a busy time for many reasons here not least for the main one we are all bustling about over.

I hope you all know how much you've come to mean to me this year. I've made some wonderful new friends via this blog and yours. I'll never be able to convey how much you all mean to me and how you've helped me through a couple of tough times this year that for various reasons I haven't been able to publicly share. Thank you, all of you.

I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite Christmas songs - it may not be one you would expect from me but I love it. THIS is Christmas!


Merry Metal Christmas!

Good evening Bloggers :) I hope your festivities are coming along nicely and are not as panic laden as ours are becoming! I thought I would share an early pre-Christmas present I stumbled upon this evening that I thought some, if not all, of you might like :)

Simply click the image below to be taken to a link for a free download of the full album of Merry Metal Christmas :D Over 2 hours of music! Whoo! Enjoy!

The Day Cometh And The Man... He Did ROCK!

I wont bore you all, I've been flying high all day and think I am liable to get slapped if I gush any more. I will just say - the man is a living legend. He didn't stop... except when they beheaded him, hung him, stabbed him... you get the drift ;) He just gets better and better and better and BETTER! I love and adore him more than ever.

Pictures a plenty... no apologies.

He's behind you!!!
Yep, that's a grinder. And that is sparks. And she is doing that to herself!
Vengeance is MINE!Alas poor Yorick... *chortle*
Phoebes face when he stood up after being beheaded! Huh?? Magic!Alice teddies!!Thanks for bearing with me the past few days. I will now try and calm myself...

...until next time ;)

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow...

... it's only a day aWAAAAAAYYYY!

I can't settle today. No use me trying. No way, no how. So thought I would post some random Alice bits I've made in the past in homage to the  man I'm going to see tomorrow. I've probably posted some of them before but tough I says! Have I mentioned that I'm going to see him tomorrow? I am you know. I really am!
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour CrayonsWhoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour Crayons I made a set of three of these as a Christmas present for my sister one year, they turned out quite big and I ended up framing each one in an A4 frame. They were made with Lyra Aquacolour watercolour crayons. Love those things - so messy.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper ATC
This was the very first ATC I ever made. *blush* It went to a friend in a Secret Santa swap.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper ATC
Another ATC, made a year or so later. This one was made with watercolour crayons and some heat embossing.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Mixed MediaOne of my favourite things I've made. I've still not decided what it is yet. I had made it for a raffle and it ended up not going - that's the only time I've ever done that! Naughty, naughty. I did make something else to send - I'm not that bad.

I used a load of  distress inks, heat embossing, tons of watercolour crayons and the wings are rub-ons. This is what the ATC above was based on - bet you never would have guessed!

Have fun today, I am being forced to physically go Christmas shopping in an actual shopping center. Bah Humbug! I had done so well getting it all online so far!

Thank you as always for stopping by.

p.s Annie title in an Alice Cooper post? Are you impressed? I bet he would be :D


Yep in case you hadn't guessed the 'N' stands for What's NOT On Your Workdesk Wednesday. My desk is disgustingly clear of all crafting materials and just holds a cuppa and my Christmas list. Ruby and I are rocking it with Alice today as we do the Christmas shopping. She is now completely nekked after strutting round like Mick Jagger and stripping in time to Alice! I'm torn between being worried and being supremely proud!

Fear not crafting buddies, I'll be making my cracker for a Christmas Cracker swap later so I'll edit my post with a workdesk picture then.

In the meantime let me just say...

4 DAYS TO GOOOO! WHOOOOOO!I'll be popping by your desks later, I'll try and remember to turn the music down. If you want to play along and nosy at other peoples desks and creations in progress, make sure and link up with Julia so we can all find you too.


Tadaaaaa! No cracker I'm afraid. I've been sidetracked with wrapping parcels *mutter, mutter* Being a crafter, why don't I enjoy this more? Could it be the little helper trying to unwrap twice as fast as I'm wrapping while multitasking on my pc and trying to delete all my files? Just maybe :)