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Feed The Birds

Craig has finally come out with it. He doesn't know what I want a Bind It All for when I'm a scrapbooker and he isn't that keen on my artsy fartsy pages. I keep trying to explain that I'm a crafter not 'just' a scrapbooker but Craig, he loves his pigeon holes and labels. They do my nut in! He thinks I might be trying to stretch myself to thin with the wanting to learn to sew, knit and crochet as well as paper craft... and maybe, just maybe start drawing again. Me... I think that when they didn't give us the choice of Home Ec. at school they took away a whole other path I might have gone down. I want to correct that mistake now... maybe eventually go back to college and do a textiles or art course. I say it's like Craig only keeping one breed of bird or going after one type of fish when he's on one of his expo's. I think he sort of sees where I'm coming from... I think...

Anyway, I asked him what one of my pages did he love then and he said (surprisingly) my early ones, before I had any pretty paper. In fact his favourite was the 2nd page I ever did.This was possibly the quickest page I've done, and I got the quote wrong. I had no patterned paper and only one Sakura pen. But Craig loves it and I must admit I do too. He says it's all about the day not the patterned paper behind it.

So it's got me thinking. I'm going to try and do some pages this week that are about the photos, go back to where I started and see what happens. I'm never happy with my pages lately - maybe it's because I've been drawn in by the papers and forgotten it's actually supposed to be about the photos. The papers are supposed to enhance not take over... for me anyway. We'll see.

As for the rest of it and the stretching myself to thin - I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Movies, Munchies & Memories

Craig's pulled an all day fishing expo today, so us girlies decided to have a DVD sesh. They borrowed Mall Cop from their Grandad and earlier in the week the collectors edition of Labyrinth accidentally fell into my shopping basket. Well I have worn out my two video copies and at £3.99 it would have been criminal not to. It would!

So we've been pigging out on popcorn and jaffa cakes and in the interval between films we had chip butties too. I can hear my diet sobbing in the corner as I type.

I was surprised how much I laughed at Mall Cop and I was so pleased at how much the girls enjoyed Labyrinth. I haven't been able to brainwash them with it since our video player packed up but now I have it on DVD it's a different story. Plus I had to ogle the Goblin King (David Bowie) in the name of research for my 80's Fantasy Swap, had to be done. Totally selfless.
The film also made me wonder if it's wrong that I still have the same crush that I had when I was my daughters age?
I was only around 12 or 13 when I first saw the film one Christmas. I can vividly remember lounging on my Mum & Dad's bed watching it on the portable with my sister, stunned into silence the pair of us. The smells of Mums baking wafting up the stairs... utter bliss. And there he was, my first crush, I fell BAD! I still think he's scrumptious! I dunno - I think I must just have a thing for men in make-up and tight trousers!

And Sarah's shirt. What can I say? For years I have coveted that shirt, every time the romantic look comes back in I'm down the shops scouring for one remotely similar but have yet to find one that matches it. I still love and adore it.
The Princess Bride also has the same nostalgic effect and both films hold joint favourite position at the top in my all time favourite films list. But I have to say I didn't have a crush on The Dread Pirate Roberts. What about you? is there that one film that can instantly take you back to being a child? Do you still hold a candle to a crush from way back when?

Have fun with whatever you are up to today - thanks for stopping by  :)

Carmen Miranda ATC - Ay Carumba!

These ATC's are for a swap over on the Fiskarettes blog, the theme was fruit. The first thing that jumped to mind was Carmen Miranda... well she is my namesake after all. No, honestly, she is. My parents really thought they were comedians!

Have you ever started something and it's not gone right so done more to make it better and still not liked it so done more and more getting ever more desperate each time? That's these ATC's for me. I'm almost embarrassed to send them off but am already so late in sending. I really loved them when I went to bed last night but when I got up this morning I was just: Aaaargh! 

This picture includes some mutilated butterflies and dragonflies (just for you Julia) which I made the 'fruit' with using the Cropadile.

Fluorescent markers were used for the neon backgrounds. They looked amazing when wet but look patchy now they are dry. I hope the other girls in the swap aren't to disappointed. What would you do? Would you send them?

I'm hoping by the time one of them comes home with the other ATC's I will be back to loving it again...

Ay Carumba! Indeed.


Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday once again. Doesn't it come around quickly? We are on the coffee table today - please try to ignore the cleverly patched up with gaffer tape carpet if you will. Someone sucked half the carpet up with the hoover I wont say who but will say I'm banned from using the hoover any-more. Ho hum!
So, apart from a small child, we have 9 ATC's for the Fiskarettes Fruity ATC swap. Hoping to get them finished today and sent tomorrow. I'm cheerfully butchering some foam butterflies and dragonflies to produce fruit... as you do. Ruby is busy rescuing butterflies and dragonflies and sticking them to a photo of herself and also all over her body, it's very fetching. I keep meaning to upload these piccies. Look what I spotted in Hastings at the weekend.
I just had to snap it - I can well imagine a certain someone pootling around in this car :D I hope you like it Paige ;)

Edited to add: On another note - I think I am going to have to password my pc. I've lost yesterdays blog post - that's twice this has happened I think it might be where a certain little person is allowed to play on the keys of my keyboard, I know she uninstalled stuff for me before... I really can't be bothered to retype it all again (it was a bit of a waffler and not really a craft post) but I will just say thank you to everyone that holds giveaways/competitions, you're generosity and a little bit of luck in my direction has left my nearly depleted stash supplies looking more healthy than ever this month. I am now able to get a little luxury item (am erring towards a Bind It All) at Ally Pally instead of just replenishing my paper/cardstock and embellies. Thank you :)

Here is a fun little giveaway I found yesterday. A splash proof copy of Kathy Lettes new book that you can read in the bath.

Rightyho - back to it and then I can have a wander round your workdesks with a cuppa or three later. Thanks for stopping by :)

The Things I Say

This is a page I finished late last night and I'm happy with it. Actually I love it. I even left a bit of spare space in the top corner - do you see? I'm itching to add more to it but don't want to do overkill. I'm terrible for that - "ooh a bit of space, cover, glue, slap on some more and then a bit more just to be sure." I don't know when to stop so have taken to consulting Craig who is honest to the point that you want to punch him But I do, I like this one even with the space.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - The Things I Say - Toddler Scrapbook Page - WordleRuby is saying more and more lately, something new everyday so I wanted to get it down and the wordle cloud seemed perfect as opposed to just doing a list.

Materials used:

  • Bazzill Cardstock
  • A wordle cloud
  • Sassafras papers, stickers and alphas
  • The deer is cut from a piece of fabric from a Kenner Road kit
  • Leonardo Da Vinci bookmark - bit random but I thought it looked 'motherly' it's probably something completely opposite.
  • Oh and not forgetting the Cropadile - for the holes all round the wordle cloud and the mask underneath it all. That's another thing that once you start, it's hard to stop. My floor looked like it had been snowing ;)

Just off topic a bit now. Does anyone know a polite way to end a blog post? I always sit here for a few minutes wondering how to sign off. It feels rude to just list my materials and go as it's like being in conversation with someone and just walking away without saying goodbye - other people seem to have it so down pat and I'm not a natural conversationalist at all.
So yes - any ettiquette tips would be nice please :)

 Thank you, ciao for now!

Labyrinth Page

I thought I'd be having an evening playing with paper tonight. My printer was having none of it and I have spent the last few hours trying to get the blimming thing to work. It's possessed and keeps uninstalling itself! Grr!

So as no crafting has happened in a week or so I thought I would share an older page. The Labyrinth inspired one seemed appropriate considering the 80's Fantasy Film swap I've joined up to.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Labyrinth Scrapbook Page - DCWV Once Upon A Time
The journalling is from the film and reads:

"Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great...
You have no power over me!"

For one reason and another I find this really appropriate to my beautiful eldest. I'm so proud of her and how she has dealt with... is still dealing with some things in her life. She's had such a lot on her young shoulders but is turning into such a well adjusted, funny, caring, bright young lady.

I used:
  • DCWV Once Upon a Time patterned cardstock
  • Tea & coffee stained lace ribbon and paper
  • Black brads from my stash
  • A leather button
  • A piece of bracelet from my odds 'n' ends
  • Large 'Beautiful' rub-on from a past kit
Thank you as always for taking a peep :)