Silver Crow Project


Yes it's that time of the week again though for me it is What's On Your Workshelf rather than Workdesk Wednesday. I've not been very crafty at all this week, I can't believe we're halfway through already.

I had been working on a duckie as a giveaway but I ended up giving that one to Devvie's friend so that they could be Cupcake Duckie Twinnies.  So here we are working on Cupcake duckie #3 and this one has to be different again as theirs has to be unique and no-one else is allowed to join their duckie club! *sigh*

Hopefully I'll be finished today - 3 pink ducks - yeegads! I need to get working with some grunge! :D

The lovely Toni of Little Suitcase has given me this award.
Thank you Toni :) I love her blog, it's so beautiful and inspirational. I always wanted to learn to sew and crochet but now it's like I absolutely MUST do it or it will a crime well, something. But you know what I mean. I need to do it!

I have to list 7 things you might not know about me and then forward the award to 7 people.

1. I can't swim.
2. I think my house is haunted by a ghost called Ivy - she keeps blowing my light bulbs.
3. I think my youngest daughter can see my Mums spirit sometimes.
4. I used to have the hugest crush on David Bowie in the film Labyrinth.(and by used to - you know that means I still do!)
5. I wish I was more confident in many areas of my life.
6. I love vampire novels but blood on screen makes me squeamish.
7. My secret tv vice is Come Dine With Me *g*

I'm passing this on to:
All my blogger friends because I'm nosy and would love to see 7 unknown facts about you. (I don't care if it's cheating *g*)

Should you accept you have to:
Post the logo of the blog love token
Thank and link to the person who passed it on to them
List seven things about themselves
Pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved).


  1. I agree with Devon..a unique Duck club or bust! You're right - you must learn to sew and crochet - I'm sure it is a crime against supermumdom - I don't either, or knitting. Makes me just wanna poke the needles in inappropriate places!

  2. I am desperate to see your duck giveaway. Tell Devon to keep her friends away from the ducks!LOL

  3. Duck club sounds awesome.
    I love come dine with me also - what a fab show (lol)

    Take care

  4. Fab ducks. Come Dine With Me is a great programme. I even watch the repeats.

  5. The ducks looking sweet! even if it is pink ;) I'm so with you on secret fact number 4!!!

  6. I saw the biggest duck when out shopping that I bet you'd love to get your hands

    fun facts :0)

  7. Luvaduck! that's gorgeous, if I won I'd have to build Duckingham Palace in honour.


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