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Spidey WOYWW

Working on the dining room table again. I am also in the process of cheating on this project to get the blimming thing finished so just ssshhhhhh! Ok? I started this as a Christmas present for my sister last year. I told her on Christmas day "you've another pressie to come, it's not quite finished but you'll have it in a day or two." 7 months later...

Well - do you know how hard it is to get decent Spidey images... when you are buying the comics off eBay and you have no idea if there are any decent images in the comic and you don't want to ask the seller if there are any decent images for you to hack up in case they totally freak at you defacing comics? Well do you? Breeeeaaathe. The last comic I was waiting on arrived today and I didn't realise, it's really old, like that sugary type paper and it's black & white. Well that's no good. I opened the jiffy and you probably heard my "NOOOOOOOO" from your house! So to fill in the last few spaces I've downloaded the images off the net. Just don't tell sis!

Not tidy through choice. Craig is very possessive of the dining table so if I work on there it literally has to be able to be lifted on and lifted off or he goes into a tidying tizzy. Can't wait for my desk.

Thanks for stopping by :)

p.s to see the finished bowl you can click here.


  1. How very tidy. And yes of course I understand your purchasing pains. No really, I do!

  2. Oh my goodness ... tis spotless!

  3. I am not allowed to take over the dining room table as well. Hubby is already fed up with me taking over half the living room. I am so not tidy! I can't wait to see what you have been making.

  4. so come on then!!!! what cha making with those spidey pictures :) or is it a secret??? ;)

  5. Your project sounds very interesting...I wont tell my son or he'd have a fit lol He had thousands of comics of all types but mainly X-men related and he treasured every last one ...until he had the twins. He has sold most of them now ... with 'help' from his partner!!! Although he believed you should read and enjoy them (some collectors dont)he would shudder at the thought of cutting them out. Maybe that is why he got so good at copying and colouring characters!
    I bet you cant wait for your desk.

  6. I thought I could hear the cry of noooooooo.....all the way here in Australia.
    Ben said "what was that?!" and I said "just Carmen opening up her jiffy".



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