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Duckie Winner

Sorry I'm a couple of days late. You wouldn't believe how tired I've been since we got back from Loch Ness. If I'm not snoozing in the chair then I'm off to bed at 10pm. Unheard of.  I guess it's all that driving but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I fell in love with Scotland all over again and will probably bore you with photos in some later posts. Unfortunately they are spread over 3 cameras where we were taking turns at chasing after a toddler who was, I'm sure, bellowing 'FREEEEEEDOM!' in her toddler babble.

It was so funny coming home in the car. Craig was answering my every question in a high pitched dreadfully scottish 'och nooooo' when all of a sudden from the back piped up, in proper full on scottish 'DUCK nooooo'. Teehee. Do you think maybe I'm brainwashing the poor child? The only thing she came came home with were a cuddly Nessie and a light up rubber duckie :P

Anyway - to the giveaway. I used one of those random generator things as there is no way I could choose just one person and am just way to pig sick of pink things to make one for everyone.

Drum roll please...

No. 7 Come on down! Greenpixey is the winner so if you can send me your home address I'll get Duckie in the post to you after the bank holiday :)

Talking of winners. I had some gorgeous prizes waiting for me when I got home. This Kenner Road kit I won on the Sassafras blog.
And this Stampin' Up Botanical Blooms set from Sarah of Dizzy's Crafts.

I haven't done anything creative really since Cupcake Duckie. Plus I have a set of ATC's to finish and the 80's Fantasy Swap I signed up to has kicked off so no excuses. Let the crafting COMMENCE!

... a little nap first though maybe ;)


  1. How lucky are you ...mind you I dont enter anything lol. I am VERY envious of your stamps ... I can see some yummy cards appearing on your blog in the near future.

  2. So does that mean that if i had entered the comp my duckie would have had a triplet sis (Aprils is one), I wuv my duckie :) I will start entering your comps mum (if any more are to come) and we will see what happens wont we :D You are very lucky Greenpixey :)

    Luvs ya Mum, Dev x

    P.S. You do realise those goodies are actually mine :P Just because they were addressed to you doesn't mean they are for you :P:D xxx

  3. Great wins Carmen! Shall expect to see a shed load of stuff in next couple of weeks!!!!!!! So glad you had a good time in Scotland, jet lag inevitable I think.
    Loving the little MDF items pictured in your blog....gonna take a proper look see..

  4. Oh bugger. I forgot to enter this one. I have been so busy since I got back and it was on my list of things to do and the list just went out the window.

    Well done on all your wins. It is so nice to come home to winnings.

    I didn't see Eastenders as we had to stop watching in. The girls at nine loved it, but it got a bit difficult to explain when Bianca's other half took a liking to her daughter, so we made an agreement to all stop watching it until they can understand it. Also the girls have just started lessons in Sex Education and I am struggling with all the questions during Eastenders!

  5. Congratulations Green Pixie!

  6. Yippee!! I'm soo excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
    Well done you self. Some nice things you won there =)

  7. Well done Green Pixie.
    I've still not got my ducks, I keep putting them on the shopping list but DH keeps ignoring them, he cant understand why I'd want to alter ducks!!!.

  8. Yay to Greenpixey!!!

    Have fun with your goodies Carmen. Happy happies. Joyce


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