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Altered My Little Ponies

...and you thought I was obsessed with just duckies. I thoroughly recommend you pay Mari Kasurinens website a visit. Neigh, (sorry) I beg you to. How totally jealous am I of this girls talent? Um... completely, totally, utterly!

I love her My Little Edward Scissorhands - He's my favourite by a mile - mainly because Mr Depp reminds me of a young Mr Cooper as does this pony strangely.
Whoopidooings - Mari Kasurinen - Altered My Little Pony - Edward Scissorhands
So gorgeous!


  1. WOW some of those ponies are really funky!!!!! will you email me your address please. I Have a little parcel of stash for you and your little ladies.

  2. Good Lord! What an amazing site - funky is a good word from LadyBug.
    You could do that.

  3. Sorry Carmen .... talented she may be ...but .... I find them a little spoooooky.

  4. Slightly scary but very talented! Have to agree with Angie

  5. I think I am finding this pony a little scary!

  6. He does have a bit of Johnny Depp about him ... still prefer your ducks though X


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