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Alice Cooper - Oranges and Lemons

Attention, attention. I have something to declare. Housework can be useful! Yes you heard me. Housework CAN be useful.

OK, not strictly housework but getting on your knees and poking about under the fridge with a pair of salad tongs... well that must surely class as housework. I was looking for an Alice thingie I had made last year, I had tried turning it into a magnet but every time the fridge door was slammed shut with the force of a woolly mammoth (kids!) it fell off. So my logical thinking after realising I hadn't seen it for a while was that it had slithered to safety under the fridge. Jackpot! So thought I'd share it with you before putting it away.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper Mixed Media It was made using:

  • DCWV Once Upon A Time paper scraps
  • Lyra Watercolour Crayons
  • A random chipboard frame that was in my stash
  • Loads of various coloured distress inks
  • Heat Embossing
  • Rub-on wings
  • Alice Cooper picture
  • Artsy Sealer

I'm going to put him safely in my journal now so I can slobber over... I mean... admire it for it's artistic qualities (*snigger*) at my leisure.

Completely different subject but sort of about fridges... I was putting some St Clements in the fridge earlier which of course prompted my warbling the song at the top of my voice, expecting the kids to join in. Can you believe they have NEVER HEARD of the Oranges and Lemons game? Never played it in the playground? To say I am stunned is an understatement. What do kids do in the playgrounds these days? Admittedly when I was little we would cut out all the bells bit... all the quicker to get to the chopping off of heads you know? But it was a brilliant game. Going to have to educate those girls I reckon... even Craig didn't know what I was going on about. My progressively louder and more desperate singing to jog his memory didn't help I don't think.

Ah well.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh that sort of housework - you made me panic for a moment! Ah, Craig isn't trained wnough yet...saying or singing louder and louder until they 'get it' has worked aroundhere for a while now. And no, they don't pretend just to shut me up. Great piece of art, you go slobber gal.

  2. Would they be allowed to play it nowadays ...chopping off heads? ...too violent lol Did they not ban those skipping games due to safty regulations ???? Bring back the days of Ba Ba Black sheep and black boards and the days when teachers were respected because you knew what would happen if you didn't. ..... sorry got carried away lol

  3. Well, you can't say that is a cute project! Superb though.

  4. We play oranges and lemons witht eh Rainbows and they love it! It does get a bit wearing after singing it through 15 times though. I end up hoarse!


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