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80's Fantasy Movie Craft Swap

Can I be any more excited about finding this swap today? Eh no! I'm quite literally bouncing in my chair as I type this! Go check it out!

Who's going to play? Me, me, me, me, me, ooh, ooh, MEEE!


  1. LOL call me crazy but I just get this feeling you are a bit excited!

  2. This is so you ....have fun fun fun .

  3. Totally get why you like this swap - your enthusiasm almost had me signing up and *blush* I've never seen any of the films mentioned!! Your enthusiasm will make you the perfect swap partner - others will be envious. Have fun!

  4. That is so spooky. I bought this film today for my kids!! It's one of my favorites and love it along with all the other films mentioned on the blog, I might join in on the swap :)
    Not sure what handmade craft item I can make with a fantasy theme thought, got to have a think about that one...
    Totally get your excitement :) thanks for sharing, you made my evening.

  5. Labyrinth, I bloody love that film! Fairy tales, Frank Oz... Bowie in tights! I had my first racey dream about him after seeing the film when I was 12! *AHEM* Sorry, too much sharing again. Where the hell is my self edit button?
    Did you have fun at the swap ya wee bargain hunter you?

  6. totally can't wait to see what you come up with!


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