Silver Crow Project

Altered My Little Ponies

...and you thought I was obsessed with just duckies. I thoroughly recommend you pay Mari Kasurinens website a visit. Neigh, (sorry) I beg you to. How totally jealous am I of this girls talent? Um... completely, totally, utterly!

I love her My Little Edward Scissorhands - He's my favourite by a mile - mainly because Mr Depp reminds me of a young Mr Cooper as does this pony strangely.
Whoopidooings - Mari Kasurinen - Altered My Little Pony - Edward Scissorhands
So gorgeous!

Duckie Winner

Sorry I'm a couple of days late. You wouldn't believe how tired I've been since we got back from Loch Ness. If I'm not snoozing in the chair then I'm off to bed at 10pm. Unheard of.  I guess it's all that driving but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I fell in love with Scotland all over again and will probably bore you with photos in some later posts. Unfortunately they are spread over 3 cameras where we were taking turns at chasing after a toddler who was, I'm sure, bellowing 'FREEEEEEDOM!' in her toddler babble.

It was so funny coming home in the car. Craig was answering my every question in a high pitched dreadfully scottish 'och nooooo' when all of a sudden from the back piped up, in proper full on scottish 'DUCK nooooo'. Teehee. Do you think maybe I'm brainwashing the poor child? The only thing she came came home with were a cuddly Nessie and a light up rubber duckie :P

Anyway - to the giveaway. I used one of those random generator things as there is no way I could choose just one person and am just way to pig sick of pink things to make one for everyone.

Drum roll please...

No. 7 Come on down! Greenpixey is the winner so if you can send me your home address I'll get Duckie in the post to you after the bank holiday :)

Talking of winners. I had some gorgeous prizes waiting for me when I got home. This Kenner Road kit I won on the Sassafras blog.
And this Stampin' Up Botanical Blooms set from Sarah of Dizzy's Crafts.

I haven't done anything creative really since Cupcake Duckie. Plus I have a set of ATC's to finish and the 80's Fantasy Swap I signed up to has kicked off so no excuses. Let the crafting COMMENCE!

... a little nap first though maybe ;)

Duckie Giveaway

Here she is finally, and the reason she took so long to get here? She was trekking through the Amazonian Jungle, otherwise known as my cultivated weed pot.
Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DuckCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DuckCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber DuckCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber Duck
Do you like her little charm? It was my first go with Shrinkie Plastic - it turned out to be quite a grunged up cupcake so am chuffed that she is not totally cutesy.

Cupcake Duckie is looking for a new home. If you would like her to come live with you all you have to do is sing along with Ernie to Rubber Duckie at least once and let me know you've done it in the comments box below - It's up to you if you change the words from Rubber Duckie to Cupcake Duckie... just make sure you rock that song!

I'll pick a winner next Wednesday or Thursday and I will post worldwide.

Have fun!

Alice Cooper - Oranges and Lemons

Attention, attention. I have something to declare. Housework can be useful! Yes you heard me. Housework CAN be useful.

OK, not strictly housework but getting on your knees and poking about under the fridge with a pair of salad tongs... well that must surely class as housework. I was looking for an Alice thingie I had made last year, I had tried turning it into a magnet but every time the fridge door was slammed shut with the force of a woolly mammoth (kids!) it fell off. So my logical thinking after realising I hadn't seen it for a while was that it had slithered to safety under the fridge. Jackpot! So thought I'd share it with you before putting it away.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper Mixed Media It was made using:

  • DCWV Once Upon A Time paper scraps
  • Lyra Watercolour Crayons
  • A random chipboard frame that was in my stash
  • Loads of various coloured distress inks
  • Heat Embossing
  • Rub-on wings
  • Alice Cooper picture
  • Artsy Sealer

I'm going to put him safely in my journal now so I can slobber over... I mean... admire it for it's artistic qualities (*snigger*) at my leisure.

Completely different subject but sort of about fridges... I was putting some St Clements in the fridge earlier which of course prompted my warbling the song at the top of my voice, expecting the kids to join in. Can you believe they have NEVER HEARD of the Oranges and Lemons game? Never played it in the playground? To say I am stunned is an understatement. What do kids do in the playgrounds these days? Admittedly when I was little we would cut out all the bells bit... all the quicker to get to the chopping off of heads you know? But it was a brilliant game. Going to have to educate those girls I reckon... even Craig didn't know what I was going on about. My progressively louder and more desperate singing to jog his memory didn't help I don't think.

Ah well.

Thanks for stopping by :)

80's Fantasy Movie Craft Swap

Can I be any more excited about finding this swap today? Eh no! I'm quite literally bouncing in my chair as I type this! Go check it out!

Who's going to play? Me, me, me, me, me, ooh, ooh, MEEE!


Yes it's that time of the week again though for me it is What's On Your Workshelf rather than Workdesk Wednesday. I've not been very crafty at all this week, I can't believe we're halfway through already.

I had been working on a duckie as a giveaway but I ended up giving that one to Devvie's friend so that they could be Cupcake Duckie Twinnies.  So here we are working on Cupcake duckie #3 and this one has to be different again as theirs has to be unique and no-one else is allowed to join their duckie club! *sigh*

Hopefully I'll be finished today - 3 pink ducks - yeegads! I need to get working with some grunge! :D

The lovely Toni of Little Suitcase has given me this award.
Thank you Toni :) I love her blog, it's so beautiful and inspirational. I always wanted to learn to sew and crochet but now it's like I absolutely MUST do it or it will a crime well, something. But you know what I mean. I need to do it!

I have to list 7 things you might not know about me and then forward the award to 7 people.

1. I can't swim.
2. I think my house is haunted by a ghost called Ivy - she keeps blowing my light bulbs.
3. I think my youngest daughter can see my Mums spirit sometimes.
4. I used to have the hugest crush on David Bowie in the film Labyrinth.(and by used to - you know that means I still do!)
5. I wish I was more confident in many areas of my life.
6. I love vampire novels but blood on screen makes me squeamish.
7. My secret tv vice is Come Dine With Me *g*

I'm passing this on to:
All my blogger friends because I'm nosy and would love to see 7 unknown facts about you. (I don't care if it's cheating *g*)

Should you accept you have to:
Post the logo of the blog love token
Thank and link to the person who passed it on to them
List seven things about themselves
Pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved).

Spiderman Bowl

My sister is a real Spiderman know-it-all. She can tell you all the different plot points that are just so wrong with the films and all the other Marvel Superhero films come to that... whether you want to hear them or not.

I saw this Etsy sellers wonderful creations and a light bulb went off in my head. 
I decided to try and create something similar for sis. Featuring ol' Spidey of course. I got a china bowl from Wilkinsons. Sorry for the angle of the picture - I had already done half the bowl and half the inside before I remembered to take one.

Then spent months were spent trawling eBay for Spiderman comics. This was the most frustrating part as each comic would only have a couple of decent images and sometimes they would be backing each other.

I used a pva/water mixture on the earlier pictures and the more recent ones I've been using Decoupatch Glue. I'm starting to really love that stuff. I went over the whole thing with about 3 layers of Artsy Sealer. I know I don't need to when I've used the Decoupatch but I prefer the finish of the Artsy sealer.

So here is the finished key/coin bowl. I hope she likes it, it's only 7 months late after all - I love it but can I be arsed to make a Wonder Woman one for me?... eh no!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged BowlWhoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged BowlWhoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged BowlWhoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged BowlWhoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged BowlWhoopidooings: Carmen Wing Spider-Man decoupaged Bowl
Thank you for stopping by :)

Spidey WOYWW

Working on the dining room table again. I am also in the process of cheating on this project to get the blimming thing finished so just ssshhhhhh! Ok? I started this as a Christmas present for my sister last year. I told her on Christmas day "you've another pressie to come, it's not quite finished but you'll have it in a day or two." 7 months later...

Well - do you know how hard it is to get decent Spidey images... when you are buying the comics off eBay and you have no idea if there are any decent images in the comic and you don't want to ask the seller if there are any decent images for you to hack up in case they totally freak at you defacing comics? Well do you? Breeeeaaathe. The last comic I was waiting on arrived today and I didn't realise, it's really old, like that sugary type paper and it's black & white. Well that's no good. I opened the jiffy and you probably heard my "NOOOOOOOO" from your house! So to fill in the last few spaces I've downloaded the images off the net. Just don't tell sis!

Not tidy through choice. Craig is very possessive of the dining table so if I work on there it literally has to be able to be lifted on and lifted off or he goes into a tidying tizzy. Can't wait for my desk.

Thanks for stopping by :)

p.s to see the finished bowl you can click here.

Clicker Clacker Tutorial

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the Clicker Clacker. A couple of people have asked for instructions. I hesitate to call this a tutorial as that would indicate that I know what I'm talking about! 

I apologise in advance for the pictures. I took them as I went along as a reference for myself for when I make the next one. It's very dark in my house and it was piddling down outside so had to take the pictures standing by my open back door, trying not to get wet. All very technical.

You need 8 blocks to start. These can be blocks made of paper, wood or whatever. I had some wooden blocks that I received in my UKS Secret Santa stocking. I've also accumulated some more in plastic this time from a charity shop bargain toy bucket. 50p for around 10 blocks so worth checking.
You need to hinge together 2 blocks so that you end up with 4 pairs. I attempted this with ribbon the first time, to make it pretty - very, VERY flimsy. So the next attempt was with scrap card. Like so:
Now you see how I've positioned them? Well this is how the set-up needs to be but the two middle horizontal pairs need to have the hinge on the back. I took the picture this way so I would remember which way the hinges went.

I hope that makes sense. Next you need to hinge the top of the first front block with the first middle block. and then the second middle block with the end block and then the same on the bottom as shown by the green lines here:
And that's it. You are all hinged. (Well, that's debatable with some of you! Ahahaha!) So have a little play to get the creases in the hinges nice and flexible.


I used double sided tape on the hinges and pictures. The girls have been playing with the clacker constantly and the sticky on the tape is coming away a bit so I would suggest using the tape while you are positioning but then something a bit stronger to finish it all off.

The hinges do show through the picture so maybe it wasn't such a good idea to use BRIGHT red card ;)

You need to allow a couple of millimetres between the bricks when hinging. Once the pictures are on it gets a bit snug.

When choosing your pictures either have a really large image that wont matter being segmented or if you have a group of people try and position each face on a block so they aren't obscured by a cut or hinge.

Thank you so much for your interest. Have fun playing - I'd love to know if you make one  :)

Clicker Clacker

I've always loved these toys. I used to have one and all my kids have had one at some point. I don't know the proper name for them which has made finding a tutorial on how to make them pretty hard. I know someone on UKS put up a tutorial a year or two ago because I remember commenting on it. But can I find it now? 

My name for these has always been clicker clackers. I finally took some pictures of Ruby's one when we went to Hastings last time (it lives in Nanna's toy box) and did a rough sketch on how it's put together. Last night I decided to have a bash at making one for my entry into the Fiskarettes comp. If, like me, you thought you had to use Fiskar stuff to be eligible to enter the comp ... well that isn't the case. Please check it out or we could be in danger of losing a great comp for good.

The theme is Summertime and when Phoebe realised what I was up to she claimed this one so it was pretty easy then to just find some summertime photos of her.
The blocks are hinged and fold this way and that way and up and down - forming a different picture each time. I hope these pictures give you some idea ;)

I'm going to go around the edges in gold paint and have learnt a few things for next time... don't put the pictures so close together on the joins and don't use red card for the hinges ;) But for my first attempt or a 'prototype' as Craig calls it, I'm pretty pleased. Showed my Dad earlier (ran out of photo paper so went round on the scrounge) and he seemed impressed, which for him is a compliment indeed. 

Edited to add: Hahaaaaa. Good old Photobucket. Here we go, there's no fancy music BUT we have moving images! Woohoo!

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I've cobbled together a tutorial of sorts for those that asked. Just click here :)