Silver Crow Project

Wildlife by Tesco

Isn't is amazing what you can get at Tescos these days? This was their carpark today.

There were literally hundreds of butterflies - though the white ones wouldn't stay still long enough to get a piccie.

Craig went fishing at 3am this morning. I'm saying nothing... but a certain Dizzee Rascal song springs to mind. These are the pictures he took at sunrise. Aren't they lovely?

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Dotty Divas Ad Challenge

Have you see the Dotty Divas Challenge yet? There is a very cool prize for the winner.
This is my interpretation of the advert they used:
I forgot how hard it is to take pictures of a scrapbook page. Especially when you have to do it in a windy backyard because your house is so dark ;)

I used:
  • Lace CS as a mask for the painted background. 
  • Coredinations to mat the photos 
  • Papermania bling corner thing 
  • Ribbon 
  •  Black 7Gypsies tape
To be honest I look at it one minute and think it's ok, I look at it another minute and I think it's missing something. I like the ribbon swirls. I love the photos matted on to the Coredination CS - first time I've used that. Love it. But not totally sure they go together. I think I definitely went over the top with the paint. *sigh*

Remember what I said the other day about discovering my style? Maybe I should loosen up about my scrapbooking and try to transfer my altering style to my pages. I don't get at all stressed when I am altering but am ripping my hair out when I am scrapping and there is not one page in my album I can say totally without a doubt "I'm happy with that."

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Bette Davis ATC

I've joined an ATC swap for a challenge over on the  cardmaking thread on MSE... though how our hobby could ever be classed as money saving is beyond me ;)
The only stipulation was that the ATC had to include noses. So this is my entry to be posted off to MSE user THE-WIFE tomorrow.
Bette Davis Angel Mixed Media ATC by Carmen Wing (

Her wings are rub-ons on acetate and are held on by her bow which is threaded through the back of the ATC (and her shoulderblades) and knotted through the wing bases. The background is tons of inking and rub-ons ;) I was quite pleased how her shadow came out - this was done using the cut out waste from the photo as a stencil and inking over it in a couple of different shades.

I must admit anything I make with Bette Davis or Alice Cooper on, I'm sad to see leave and this is another.  I definitely feel like I'm finding 'my' style anyway.
Below is my ATC received from THE-WIFE - I love her interpretation of 'noses' and that old advert.

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Copy+Paste PostSecret Challenge

Here we go. My secret for the Copy+Paste Postsecret challenge - I hate, nay, DETEST talking on the telephone. I have been known to answer the phone, have someone ask for me and for me to tell them I'm not in, can I take a message? Just so that I don't have to talk.  I don't own a mobly although I am being badgered on all sides to change that. I may have to cave at that one for emergencies but it is with huge reluctance.

And do you know what else I hate? Being in the middle of a conversation with someone and for them to be sat there texting someone else. How rude! In my opinion the only good thing about telephones is that the landline lets me have access to the internet which I would find it very hard to live without.

Joyce, if you read this, I'd love to see your no longer white duckie. I keep a knockin' on your blog but it wont let me in. So if you could send me a linkie to your duck, if you didn't mind showing... I'd love to see.

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I did these pictures a few years ago as a Christmas present for my sister. I saved copies for myself and then thought I had lost them when I had to reformat my 'puter. We found them again yesterday in, of all places, Windows Messenger - who knows my thinking in saving them there but am chuffed to have a copy of them again.  I'm posting here so I've got a copy saved away from the hard drive... if that makes sense. 

They aren't the best art in the world but they hold a lot of meaning and memories for me - not least because I did them at a night class with my Mum. We had a ball there - what a laugh. We were dubbed the naughty kids!
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour Crayons
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour Crayons
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour Crayons
If you are interested - I used Lyra Aquacolour watercolour crayons - I absolutely love them and this was me first discovering them at the class - I wore out the black crayon, literally to a nub. Nobody else liked them and so I was left to hog them all to myself. I think the teacher may have regretted leaving me with them!

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Cupcake Duckie

She's here...  And she's very pink! Devvie says she loves her and that's the main thing. Blimey but she almost makes my teeth ache she is so pink.
Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber Duck
Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber Duck
She was another duckie to give me grief. I did a layer of cupcake napkins using Decopatch glue to layer on the shredded cupcake pictures. However it dried almost see-through so where Duckie was so brightly coloured underneath you could barely see the cupcakes. I painted over this layer with pink So Soft fabric paint and left her to dry and then tried again which was a much better result. I don't like the texture of the Decopatch when it is dry so went over it all with sealer to leave a glossy finish. Then just added blinginess for her eyes and a purple bow to try and tone the pink down a bit - didn't really work did it?