What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 463

Good Morning from Sunny Kent. (Hopefully sunny, I'm pre-writing this post on Tuesday. Think Positive. Spring is here. Spring is here.)

This is a little cheat as this is actually my work space from Monday but it's where I will also be today. Not at home - no, I have brought you along to my university in Canterbury. This is the animation room. I had just been given a quick demo on how to use Dragon Frame - an animation software. I had missed the proper workshops as I work odd hours due to having to leave early sometimes to pick my kiddos up from school. Flaming nuisance, but hey - the school seems to take a dim view of my just leaving them there. (Jokes, jokes... Kind of.)

So at this point I'd been left to my own devices to just play and get a feel for it. The images are just cut from an art magazine and it's stop motion fun.
Whoopidooings Blog: Learning stop motion animation with Dragon Frame
Whoopidooings Blog: Learning stop motion animation with Dragon Frame

A couple of the animations are below, hopefully they will play. They're very basic but as a complete technophobe when it comes to all the arty digital programs, I'm chuffed to bits and...  *whisper* may actually like Dragon Frame and stop motion. Ssshhh. I have whinged my socks off about Animation taking me away from Illustration. So it's a bit annoying that I like this bit - maybe because it's so hands on and not all done on a computer... even though I'm using a computer... does that make sense?

So today, Tuesday, I am working on a concept for a longer 10 second animation and tomorrow, (today now) back in the animation room to hopefully put it together.

We have six 10 second animations to do using various techniques... Which has been freaking me out a bit but I am marginally less freaked out now that I have done this. I also did a 3D workshop on Monday afternoon where we animated cardboard boxes moving around, the idea being to give inanimate objects a personality and character. It was such a good workshop, really helpful. My workshop buddy and I went all Magic Roundabout. Showing both our ages.

I hope you all have a good week ahead. Pop over to Julia at Stamping Ground to see more more creative work spaces taking part in WOYWW. 

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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 462

Hello everyone. Not a very creative desk to show you this week. I'm back at the dinner table - trying to bring my uni sketchbook up to date with all my animation research. I love the research, do loads - not so much the writing it all down. That's what trips my marks up so far - apparently the tutors can't see inside my head. Who knew?

In the background you might be able to see my tin of Neocolour II crayons and tiny sketchbook - that's from last night. Much more fun! Doodling around with the 100 Day Project - if you are on the computer you might be able to see what I was up to in my instagram bar - over there. >>>> If not and you are interested, I'm thinking of doing weekly blog posts... if I remember. Are any of you doing the 100 Day Project? Let me know and I'll come find you and see what you are up to.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday WOYWW
The Bear says hello :)
For everyone last week that said they would like to see the outcome of Little Miss's first lino print - this is it. She was so pleased with it,  I told her she should be - it came out so well. (I may have been a teeny bit miffed too - my first one was nowhere near that good!) She's already given one to her Dad to hang in his shop and framed the Kraft one for her sisters 21st birthday. Which she signed, dated and told her she can sell for millions when she's a famous printer. The modesty is strong in this one.
Whoopidooings Blog: Lino printing using the XCut XPress as printing press
First print - Ghost print - Kraft cardstock
She then found my stash of lino tiles and proceeded to experiment with them too. I didn't think she was ever coming out of there - am so pleased to have finally found something that's caught her interest... that isn't a gadget! She said she is definitely a printer.
Whoopidooings Blog: Lino printing using the XCut XPress as printing press

I'm off to link up with Julia at Stamping Ground - follow me over to find more creative work spaces to explore.

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Silver Crow Project - The Watercolour

Hope you don't mind more images from last summers pre-uni Uni Summer project.  (That's a mouthful!) I am planning to continue the project when I have more time this summer so thought it was a good idea to try and post all the images so far and have them all in one place - see how I progress and have hopefully improved.

In case you don't know or are a new reader - Silver Crow is actually a silver jackdaw that flies around my local area. I've followed her around like a fan girl since my daughter first spotted her as a young baby bird pecking about when we were house hunting... back in 2011 I believe. I am obsessed with her and she is definitely considered one of my inspirations, my muse.  I believe in signs and totally convinced everyone we needed to rent this house off the back of seeing her. 

This one was mainly watercolour but with some gouache, acrylic paint, biro and Neo-colour II crayons thrown in as well. I used a gorgeous picture from Paint My Photo by Alex Lee Johnson as initial reference and then had her start transforming into Silver Crow.
Whoopidooings Blog: Carmen Wing - Watercolour mixed media fantasy portrait - The Silver Crow Project - Progress images
I will be coming back to this one to try again, experiment some more - I haven't played with watercolours since this as the tutors have had us mainly on print, collage and Photoshop. There just hasn't been the time to do any in 'my' time. I really miss paint and am hoping we get more into it in the second year - though having said that have loved all the new print techniques I've tried too. 
Whoopidooings Blog: Carmen Wing - Watercolour mixed media fantasy portrait - The Silver Crow Project
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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 461

Hello again. I'm a little bit late and technically it's Thursday but here we go for WOYWW. Today Little Miss wanted to play with the XCut Xpress. I cut her a piece of pizza base foam to fit and told her to use a pencil to carve an image into it, which she did and then we went out to the garage (what I call my workshop when I remember not to call it the garage) and she rollered out some acrylic paint and set to...
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Mini mono printing - XCut XPress
She was a bit disappointed with her print not coming out to clear but liked the process, she also took a mono print off of the left over paint. I've said that tomorrow we can dig out the gelli plate for a play. 
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Mini mono printing - XCut XPress
In the meantime we found some lino, she drew out her design again and, after my initial little safety pep talk (solely from personal self injury experience) she set to carving her very first lino tile all by herself. We are going to put it through the XCut Xpress again tomorrow. She's very excited.
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Mini lino printing
 Chocolate, music and print. Yep, she's definitely mine!

So that's my work space today - been taken over by a little apprentice. I'm now going to pop over to Julia at Stamping Ground to link up - follow me over. There will be many more creative work spaces to have a little peep and rifle through.

To everyone who was so lovely last week and asking to see my direct animation when it's done. I definitely will show it. They are all due for hand in on the 9th of May and I'm assuming (hoping) they will tell us how to view them before then. 

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Intro to Illustration & Animation - Unit 1 - Part 2 (Or Vincent the Skull)

For part 2 of the You Are Here brief we had to give a half PekaKucha style presentation on a proposal for an A1 final publication. No - I had no idea what a PekaKucha was either but the thought of doing a presentation sent shivers down my spine. I hate talking in front of people. A PekaKucha is a presentation done in 20 slides at 20 seconds each. (20x20) It keeps the presentation condensed and more interesting for the viewer. So ours was 10 slides long.

I decided to continue on with the theme I had been working on before of researching environmentally friendly ways to say goodbye to our dead.  I also wanted to move into textiles as I have wanted to experiment in that for a long time. My tutor snuck me into the textiles department, apparently they are very territorial - I didn't even know it was there - it's in a little hidden away secret area. I had a snoop and I was able to quiz the tutor in there, coming out with lots of ideas. We've had talks about how books or publications needn't necessarily be in the form of a physical book and to think outside the box. We had seen an exhibition that was described as a book or publication but the huge 'pages' were hung in such a way that you could walk through with them either side or on the walls - more an installation.

Making Vincent

We were to stay within the A1 parameters which includes any add ons. In other words... maths! Ugh!
I decided I wanted to use natural fabrics and thought hessian was a good representation of earth. Starting off with a piece of hessian... which I very technically measured by laying on top of an A1 piece of card and cutting around it...
Whoopidoo Blog: Carmen Wing -  Making of Vincent the skull - Textile Hanging
Using cling film I covered a resin skull I'd bought especially for this project, it's apparently life sized, and then laid the hessian on top. The cling film was just to protect it for the next bit. I mixed up a concoction of PVA and water and liberally slathered the mixture all over it. Much massaging, folding and whispering of loving words ensued. (And some crazy "He's ALIVE!" manic laughter) Very therapeutic, strangely. Admire with awe the peg/knife/string chaos that arose from trying to stop it pinging everywhere...
Whoopidoo Blog: Carmen Wing - Making of Vincent the skull - Textile Hanging
Vincent then languished in my airing cupboard for around 24 hours to dry out fully. (I'd just watched Loving Vincent - hence the name. Brilliant film. I cried.) At this point he has been removed from the skull and the hessian is rigid, there is nothing behind him...
Whoopidoo Blog: Carmen Wing -  Making of Vincent the skull - Textile Hanging
After carefully cutting around the shape of Vincent, I had to work out how much hessian the skull had used. Then cut a piece of natural muslin which fit within the measurements. This wasn't quick. Maths and I still don't get on. The design on the muslin is mono-printed hand drawn plant and leaf patterns - I was going for a really organic feel and wanted all the fabric to be natural. Hence the twig and string to hang it. I stole the twig from Mr Bear's little twig forest in the garden. Sssh, don't tell him. Whenever we go out for a walk he comes home with a new stick to 'plant'. 

To finish off Vincent was attached with a few stitches to hold him to the hanging...
Whoopidoo Blog: Carmen Wing - Vincent the skull - Textile Hanging
I was really pleased with this one - I wanted to convey a natural feeling of earth and nature and death and how skulls crop up again and again in all the research I've done. 

I have been researching death (obviously) but the way we treat our dead, reclaiming cemeteries, how other cultures deal with their dead, environmental and space saving ways we could look at doing it in the future - how culture, religion, history affects it etc. Whether we are dealing with just a vessel or something more... I find it all fascinating and definitely something I want to come back to in the future.

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