ICAD 1- 6

I know - two posts in two days! What goes on? Maths is finished that's what! Oh yeah - I'm back peoples. (Internet, dodgy pc allowing and not having to retake maths hopefully!)

I am behind on ICAD but I am determined to finish this year with 62 cards. So I am playing catch up at the moment. I'm also playing along with Summer of Colour and have been set a Summer project for the course I'm starting in September so I'll incorporate it all. She says optimistically.

So here we go - my first six index cards. (The cover card is blogged here.)

Yeah... sorry. Exams were coming up. Wanted to still take part...
Whoopidooings: ICAD 2015 - Index card a Day - Maths - Triangles
Coloured pencils
Whoopidooings: ICAD 2015 - Index card a Day - Raven - Grunge mixed media - Iron Off Resist
No. 2
Using the same iron off technique as the cover card.
Dylusions spray ink
Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks
Alcohol ink
Posca Pens
Clear ink pad & embossing powder 
Whoopidooings: ICAD 2015 - Index card a Day - Raven - Grunge mixed media - Iron Off Resist
Bonus extra print when I ironed off the embossing.
Whoopidooings: ICAD 2015 - Index Card a Day - Maths
What can I say? I think it helped...
Acrylic paint
Zombieeeee. Yeah!
No maths! Yeah, yeah!
Lyra Aquarelle pencils
Uniball pens
The Lyra Aquarelle pencils are from a set that belonged to my Mum and I have been hoarding them for years, to scared to use them. So I am pleased on so many levels with my little zombie. Mum would be happy, I think, to know I was finally using them... Maybe not so much for drawing cute zombies ;)
Whoopidooings: ICAD 2015 - Index Card a Day -
Short on time, stressed out on maths. Needed an injection of colour. This was a quickie,
Derwent Inktense pencils through a stencil
Posca pen
Neocolour ii Crayons
Pentel Oil Pastels
Derwent Graphix pen
Posca pens
Still plenty of time to join in with ICAD if you fancy it. All you need is a stack of index cards and your own imagination. Any medium goes. Anything - it really is a good way to practice without fear of messing up a sketchbook, try out new techniques, de-stress with a doodle or splash about with some paint. I love it!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Oh I'm so glad you posted these all together - they're fab! I hadn't seen #5 - there are so many ICADs going through on the FB page that it's too easy to miss some. It's so pretty! Did you brush water or spray? Did you add water while the stencil was still in place? Answers on an index card please ;)


    1. :P

      I started off brushing through the stencil. Got way to impatient for that faff and ended up removing the stencil and just brushing round in a circular motion. Cleaning the brush for each colour. Giving up all pretence of going for a nice crisp, clean look. Just isn't in me. *g*

  2. Hurray for the maths being over! These are wonderful. I can't wait to see more..

  3. Great start to your ICADS, there is NO way I could keep up with this one, so good luck... and thanks for alerting me to the SOC week 2 - how lucky is that, I have linked one up! Delighted the Maths is over!

  4. Oh Carmen they are all amazing!

  5. Great job on all. Very nice job. I don't even know what Icad is. Tee her. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the info about the followers, etc. I appreciate it and will follow up on it. Have a great day.


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