WOYWW - On Thursday.

Blame the internet. These pictures were taken yesterday. Plonked myself down at the PC, which had been working all day... no internet. *Insert swear words and fist shakes*

Sooo, what's on my workdesk today? (Yesterday - but still there today!) Can't even get in the door of the shedio - Well, I can. If I squeeze in, balance on one foot and lean over the bike. But there's no room on the desk to do anything anyway - so... Tidy up is in order. I think a de-clutter sesh may be imminent too.

Whoopidoooings: WOYWW, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
Whoopidoooings: WOYWW, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
Inside isn't much better. Craig is in despair. He cannot wait till I move my desk upstairs and away from his tidy eyes.
Whoopidoooings: WOYWW, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
For the extra curious amongst you - I was window shopping on Amazon. I saw mention of  Holbein coloured pencils on another bloggers page. I love her work and am now drooling over the pencils. 
Anyone have them? Are they good?

This is the book on my desk. I've had it years but not read it in ages. I pulled it off the shelf to give me some ideas for a wood sprite I wanted to put in my tunnel book. (Swap I'm in.) Can't put it down now, am loving it - it's like getting a new book all over again.
Whoopidoooings: WOYWW, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Brian Froud - Good Faeries Bad Faeries
Good Faeries Bad Faeries - Brian Froud
So what's in your work space today? Why not follow me over to Julia's  and link up so we can all have a snoop.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. *joins in the fist shaking!*
    Sigh, it doesn't even look that messy to me! Craig wouldn't like it here.

  2. well, if the space upstairs is bigger maybe that will give the illusion of tidiness and help keep the peace at home?

    honestly, I don't really notice your piles much because, the color of the back wall always grabs my attention and I have to pry my eyes away and read the words to go "get" the other things in the photos :)

  3. Hope you get your upstairs desk sorted soon.. poor Craig would have apoplexy here... I should my workmates some of my pics today and they couldn't believe it.. are threatening to come and de-clutter sooner rather than later! As non crafters, that's not a good option. I didn't think the shedio looked that bad either, although admittedly the bike is in the way, lol!! Have a great week - thanks for stopping by. Helen 7

    1. Whenever Craig gets a bit to *hyperventilate into a brown paper bag* I show him your space Helen - works every time :D

  4. A lovely mix of bits and pieces to enjoy on that desk...

  5. Ooh lovely work going on here. Not tried those pencils or even heard of them!
    Love your latest piece on your Instagram but not sure what the ICAD (?) is and also wondered if you were going to blog how you did the image as its lovely, especially the transferred bonus print-simply gorgeous

    1. I will definitely do a blog post Kyla. (Poopy internet and sloooow PC allowing) ICAD linky is here: http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2015-index Come plaaaaay!


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