WOYWW - What's On My Workdesk, Wednesday...

Sing with me... "What a difference a week makes..." Thank you all for your lovely encouraging words last week. My shedio desk has gone from this...
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. WOYWW?
To this...
Whoopidooings: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. WOYWW?
Sorry about the angle - you may need to tilt your head. Took it while balancing on one foot and leaning backwards over my daughters bike. And yes, my mind is a lot less cluttered this week too. Things are looking a lot clearer in many ways!

And just to prove I made use of my now reachable supplies, here's the birthday card I made my daughter. She's bonkers about Minions and Superman at the moment.
Carmen Wing - Superman Minion Birthday Card - Fineliner and Sharpie pens
Fineliner & Sharpie Pens
I used this fab Minion piece by Radenkomvis on Deviant Art as reference.
Happy Birthday Pheebs :)

And now, to link up with Julia at Stamping Ground. If you'd like to see more desks, floors, counters, and work spaces in action - follow me over!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. YAY clean desk I love that piece on your cutting mat. FAb birthday card. Now if you'd like to pop up north you can do mine :D Anita #35

    1. Anita you made me laugh - that piece on my cutting mat IS another smaller cutting mat :D I am always holding it up saying it's a piece of art in itself. My girls laugh at me - now I can show them your comment :D

    2. They will laugh no more!!! :D

  2. Happy WOYWW. It is a great feeling to sit down at a tidy desk. Loving the card. Ali x #42

  3. Ha your card is amazing!! best picture of a minion i've seen :-D

  4. Brilliant card!

    Ooh, no, though...if you've tidied that probably means I should get going and tidy too..

  5. Woohoo, you cleared like a maniac! The Shedio is looking good, bet you have space to breathe now :-). Am loving that Minions Card, they make me laugh too. I knitted a Minions hat recently, I so enjoyed doing that!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  6. That is so cool and love the Super-minion :-)

    Karon #49
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  7. Yay you tidied and decluttered shedio (and mind) - fab stuff!

  8. The shed looks brilliant, Carmen - well done on getting it sorted so well. The card is lovely - my daughter (32!) is made about minions, too, and I'm hoping to get a toy knitted in time for Christmas, but I'm fast running out of time. Have a lovely week, Chris # 8

  9. Great clear shedio! glad you're feeling less cluttered too.... Pheebs' card is gorgeous! Helen 4

  10. I love your messy desk before the cleanup! Somehow it looks so organic! Super cute birthday card! Have a great week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

  11. I'm sitting down for while for the first time today having just got home from my day with the twinnie munchkins.....so what better to do than catch up with as many blogs as I can? :-)
    I'm seriously impressed with your decluttered space. :-)
    Annie x # 19

  12. Wow! now that is different, so tidy, now it's time to make a mess again, come on girl you can do it Lol!
    Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

  13. Wow, you really do tidy up well! Love the piece you're working on...no wonder you feel your mind is less cluttered, you're chucking it all on paper! As for feeling cold girly - it's your new size and shape, you have to get used to dressing an extra layer now!

  14. Good job on clearing your table. Ready for new crafting! I love your card!
    Gabriele 26

  15. Hi Carmen,
    Holy moly - what a transformation! Congrats for finding a place for everything. It looks like it's all at the ready and easy to reach too.

    The card for your daughter is cute - did you draw him?

    I knew it would be through the weekend before I was able to visit desks. Better late than never!

    Happy belated WOYWW

  16. hi.... thanks quite a transformation...... arre you sureyoudidnt just push it on the floor?
    love suuper minion ..... im crazy about thhem too (56 going on 7 some might say)
    have a good rest of the week
    janet @15

  17. Wow, you really did give it a good tidy up, and I totally agree... when I get rid of a load of stuff I feel like someone has taken a load off my shoulders... and the more you declutter, the easier it gets! LOL
    Yes, you can see a Donna doll on my wall... she is gorgeous, isn't she?


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