Rocking My World Friday

Good morning, good morning, good morning. And it is a good morning - the sun is shining here and it looks a proper autumnal day outside. So what better way to start the day than to sit here with my cuppa and think about what made me smile over the past week?

It's been a very lucky week. I won a prize over on the Weird Scissors blog and that arrived this week. It was this rather stunning kilt pin loaded with charms. It came beautifully wrapped in this little cobweb bedecked box...
And this is what greeted me inside. Isn't it beautiful? My picture just can't capture the amount of charms on there.. skulls, skeletons, stars, a voodoo doll, a bird skull, scissors, fangs, a cauldron, a stoppered bottle full of sparkles, gems, keys... I just love it so much! Thank you Jaz.
And then, the other day I won the Cowling & Wilcox giveaway on their Facebook page. They are sending me an assortment of 10 Promarkers of my choice (I asked them to pick me out a selection of greys and skin tones) and a goody bag. Lucky week or what?

This week saw us start back to Maths after the half term. Not kidding you - I think I am going to be lucky if I scrape the C I need - I just don't get it. I understand it a tiny bit while I'm there but in the time it takes to get home... I think I leave the information in the classroom! But I am enjoying going and I am learning stuff. We got our exam dates for next year and everyone at home is being so supportive. One of our neighbours, Ruby's friends Nan, has even brought round one of the grandkids Maths dictionary books to borrow and is saving me brain teasers from her newspaper. So much support from everyone - it's been lovely.

I only put half a lb on this week. That is very good news. I really stuck to plan while we were away in Hastings and then kind of lost the plot when we got home... so half a lb was such a happy sight on those scales. Having a great week thus far - on plan and really yum meals. Am loving Pinterest for finding new recipes and am going to try out a new one each week. We had a taster day at group this week and one of the ladies made a chocolate drizzled black forest roulade. Oh. My. Word. Making that at Christmas - could quite happily have fought everyone else off with my fork and ate the whole thing. Actually, we were saying - you could cut it almost in half , eat that half and still remain on plan. Gotta love Slimming World!

I seem to have forgotten my word for the year (Organisation) so this weekend I am trying to get back on track. I am well ahead of myself (for once) with My Secret Santa's - have wrapped most of the gifts and just need to make the handmade part of those. Going to make a start on trying to get a couple of gifts handmade for people that have asked for them in my family and friends circle too. I've also got a big sketchbook sorted to try and get my portfolio properly under way rather than just talking/thinking about it. I'm also trying to set aside an hour a day for Maths homework - that bit's easier said than done. So this is a grateful for next week. Hopefully I'll be telling you how much I've managed to get done.

This is a picture Craig captured on his phone this morning. He gets up at stupid o'clock and he caught this gorgeous early morning rainbow.It shows up much better on his phone than it does on my screen but after how cold and miserable and dark it seemed to stay all day yesterday - I thought this was just beautiful.

Some other things that made me smile this week:
  • An ATC arrived from a swap I was in, just beautiful. Blog post to follow.
  • Putting the heating on for the first time, taking the chill off.
  • New (to me) children's cartoon I discovered today. No kids in the room and there's me sat entranced... loved the bit that this clip doesn't actually show, where they go under water. Such beautiful papery animation...

  • Cheesy Christmas films on TV.
  • Heavily reduced Quorn products on the discount counter.
  • Autumnal colours.
  • Our hot water bottle and the knitted blanket Craig's Mum made us a couple of years ago. Snuggly!
  • Sat here typing with a cuddly Bear on my lap.
And that'll do me for this week. I'm popping over to Virginia's to link up. Why don't you join us?
Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?


  1. Loving you blog LO. especially the multi coloured straps down the side! It looks like a mineral under a microscope :-) Is it a Blogger LO?
    You're doing so well at SW, keep up the good work! Are there lots of SW recipes on Pinterest then?
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

    1. Thank you LLJ - you are a very clever lady. My background is actually a sliver of meteorite and is from this fabulous free site:

      Pinterest is a gold mine of SW recipes :P

  2. Always such a joy to read, look like you've had a fab week, that win on the Weird Scissors is awesome I love it! I love the rainbow shot and love how supportive everyone has been with your maths, you'll get there have faith in yourself we do!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  3. love your blog win! the rainbow is fabulous - I was doing moon shots this morning as I was out early. keep at the maths, you can do it!!

  4. Fantastic win congratulations. You've certainly been busy. Lovely photo of the rainbow we've had wet and windy weather here up North - think winter has arrived. have a lovely weekend. Anita

  5. Keep going at that maths..would it be corny to say there'll be gold at the end of that rainbow?!

    I love the kilt pin

  6. Lucky lucky you! That kilt pin is gorgeous and the Promarkers will be fab! You must have been a very good girl recently to be so lucky :)

    Rainbows are so beautiful, I always look for them when there's rain and sunshine.



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