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Happy RYWF on Saturday! This is going to be a quickie and hopefully one of my positives will be that my internet stays on long enough for me to post. It's very sporadic at the moment and very slow when it actually decides it might work.

Not many pictures this week but still a few things that brightened my week. I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit. It's so nice, especially after I had such a Bah Humbug year last year - really just felt a bit down and couldn't get in the mood. I don't know what the kids think is worse - a Mum who isn't Christmassy at all or one that insists on having every Christmas film going on the telly in the background! Found one with The Hoff in the other day! I kid you not! Cheese-fests a plenty! Have been wrapping my Secret Santa gifts and trying, trying to get Craig to START the shopping for our family and friends. He is a firm believer in the last minute dash. I always used to start in January!

I did manage to sneak these books in under the radar - found them on Amazon and got 4 different ones in their Used & New section. 1p each - just had to pay postage. They are in gorgeous condition, look brand new. I got them for The Bear but showed Ruby as she has been doing Picasso and friends at school and she loved them too. They are board books of various artists, there are others in the collection and am going to get those too - these were the ones that appealed to me most to start with. The art comes with little lyrical texts describing the pictures to introduce kids to art. Just love them - I hadn't seen some of the Picasso art before. Can't wait to give them to  Bear.
Whoopidooings: Mini Masters Board Books
Talking of little Mister, he usually comes up to bed when we go up. But this past week he's been happy to go up to his cot an hour or two before we go up. This has meant much needed extra time to spend on my Maths revision and I can really feel the difference that extra bit of time has given me. So bonus one: Routine bedtime for Mister Bear. Bonus two: Couple of hours a night of grown up time. Yay! Hoping when my maths is all done and dusted I can keep reclaiming the time for art stuffs.

My bookshelf now has books on it! This is a big thing - I had to remove them all a while ago as Logey was just trashing them, they've been piled up on my tall shelves or beside my bed. Decided enough was enough this week, I've been trying to get organised and decided my bedroom was going to stop looking like a second hand bookshop. The Bear and I had a chat and he helped me put all my fiction books back on the shelf. He's promised to be nice to the books and not hurt them... so far he has kept to his word. It must be so tempting for a 2 year old to go into a ripping, tearing frenzy. Hence my art books still being up on my high shelves ;) It was like Christmas though - I was discovering books I had forgotten I had and lots I haven't read yet!

Some other bits that have made me smile:
  • Haircut and eyebrow taming. I'm no girly girl and that's about as far as it goes... but it does feel nice to get looked after in that way occasionally. 
  • Half hour in my shedio today - it's been to long.
  • Some pretty amazing views of the moon this week, the sky has been so clear. Pheebs called me in to have a look out of her window a few days ago - it was gorgeous.
  • Autumnal colours everywhere.
  • Craig, the girls and my squidgy Bear. Always.
  • Hot water bottle on my ice block feet in bed.
  • Silver crow spotted rooting around for worms in our street with his friends. I must look so weird, slowing the car right down, lowering the window and saying "hello".
  • Craig wants me to say his new Norwich. Which is a canary. He is most pleased. He is in love.
    Whoopidooings - Craig's new Norwich Canary
  • Mincepie cookies from Poundland (Oh my word!) Our Thursday, after weigh-in treat!
That'll do me - thanks for stopping by today, how has your week been?
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  1. My week's been ok thanks, but your's reads really well! Love the hear about the Bear! Hope he continues to keep his promise not to trash your books.

  2. Carmen your week sounds fab, hope the bedtime routine continues much needed adult time is fab - not that we tend to get that any more as they get to an age when they expect to stay up later. I love love love the board books what a fabulous idea and glad you got them for a bargain too!

    Silver crow and orderly bedroom - ooh fab stuff and you all Christmassy - OK who are you and what have you done with Carmen - I remember you saying you were often bah humbuggish in the past so lovely that you are in the zone!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead

    Much Love


  3. No photo of Norwich?! How could you tease us like that :)

    1. Added a photo just for you Laura :)

    2. Gosh he is handsome - what an intense colour!
      I miss having a bird... it's a lot cleaner, no feather dust but no happy chirrups either.

  4. Love the books you certainly got a bargain there. It's one bit of Amazon I don't look at - that may have to change. Hope this week is just as wonderful for you. I love watching old black and white films at this time of the year and also the Christmas ones.

  5. Hehe..I'm glad you are in the mood for Christmas. i am too, though I've just been told to dial it down a bit because we are going to get too excited too early! In that case she won't want any of my mince pie cookies because I had been planning a trip to Poundland and now I know what to look for..

    Hope you have another good week Carmen

  6. Yay to Grown-Up time at last! My 2 'babies' go to bed long after me and Grant, long gone are the days of tucking them up in bed, they tuck us up instead!

    Wonderful little artist board books, a super introduction for The Bear.

    Pretty birdie :)



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