Rocking My World Friday...

Happy Friday all. Going to be a short one this week as it's kind of gone by in a blur.

I've had a tummy bug for most of last week,  it seems to be on the way out now. Still got a queasy tummy and cold symptoms but other than that - the rest of it is gone. So my biggest thankful is Craig. I am not the easiest person to live with when poorly. I'm not the easiest person to live with when not poorly! I don't want fuss, I just want to hibernate. I didn't make it in to my Maths class and was really worried about falling behind. Craig has taken over the school run and even took the bus into my class to pick up extra homework for me. My class is not local  (there wasn't enough uptake) so what would be a 20 minute car journey took him well over an hour each way. He thinks he saw most of Kent that day.

He would tell you that his positive was having the upper deck of a double decker all to himself. He loved that part - he sat at the front. He hasn't done that for years. I stole these pictures off his phone, he must have taken them as they were heading off the old bridge. I like the top picture where you can see the old and new bridge together.
We are off to another open day tomorrow, to look at Access/Foundation diploma courses. It all still seems a little surreal. I've been adding to my portfolio over the last couple of days. Nothing new but Devvie had printed me off some progress shots of things I've done this year. I'm struggling to get new stuff done while trying to stay on top of the Maths, I have to admit. But everyone here is so encouraging and they keep me going. I know I would regret it forever if I didn't try.

Other things I have loved this week:
  • Starting to get organised. The shedio still isn't done but that was due to poorliness. 
  • Sugary tea when not wanting anything else
  • 3lbs off this week. I'm now in my final weight bracket and heading towards that target!
  • Being asked if I was me. Apparently I look like a totally different person since the last time this person saw me. That's enough to make anyone smile.
  • Craig and my girls... and cuddles with the Bear.
  • The Sainsburys advert. They've won the Christmas advert wars for me. They were my favourite last year and looks like they will be again this year. As for people (newspapers) saying it's just to drag you in their stores. They are lucky if I shop there once a year - so ner.
See and read more on hyperallergic

And that'll do me for this week. How was your week? I'm popping over to Virginia's now to link up with Rocking My World Friday. Why don't you join us in looking for the positives in your week?
Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Fabulous list as always! Glad you are feeling a bit better. Love the idea of sitting on the top deck of a double decker for a jaunt - fab stuff! Well done on the weight loss too - you are doing awesome!

    Have a fab week hun

    Much love

  2. If I go further than the few stops to work I always try and sit in the front upstairs on the bus! Great views Craig got.. Well done on losing the pounds... and the maths. I saw the ad from the link put on FB as I've not seen any of them on tv yet - it's fabulous, well done them, and a big fat BOO to the cynics!

  3. Despite the tummy bug, you have found lots of good things to write about. I too love the Sainsburys Christmas advert, but I´m not too sure about the ceramics!
    What a kind husband you have, and lovely photos he took from the bus. I hope you can catch up with the college work.
    Kate x

  4. Good to hear that nasty bug is on it's way, it sounds yucky!

    Well done for the weight loss, the end is in sight and you can do it!

    Said it before and I'll say it again, that Craig of yours is a Top Husband <3


  5. Aw Carmen. I hope you feel a lot better this week and get to your class and become as we say round here a "mathmagician"

    I could definitely be friends with someone who enjoys taking pictures from the top of a bus :)

  6. Glad you're feeling better :-) I havent been on a double decker for donkeys years, they got rid of most of them around here years back!! :-P


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