Rocking My World Friday...

Well lookee here. I might be late but I'm posting - two weeks running! The reason for my lateness is that we had a couple of days in Hastings visiting Craig's Mum - we just got back yesterday. The weather was beautiful while we were away - people still walking around in shorts and t-shirts, in October! Bonkers!

Unfortunately we are all at various stages of catching a cold/fluey type bug. I'm lucky in that it's just starting now but poor old Craig had it while we were away. That didn't stop a certain Miss and her Nanna from heading out to a Halloween party. They didn't roll home till gone 10pm! Dirty stop outs! Nanna was a witch and her sidekick was a zombie witch! (That's my girl!) Sounds like they had so much fun.
Whoopidooings: Halloweeny Rocking My World Friday
This little Bear didn't want to be left out of the picture taking shenanigans. He was so tired, bless him.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
While we were there, we were visited every morning by this little robin. Craig's Mum says he is a frequent visitor - he certainly wasn't shy. Very appreciative of her window feeder by the looks of things.  
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
One of the days we popped into town. Devvie and I went into New Look and I decided to try some clothes on. I had no idea what size I was, I've said I'm not buying new clothes till I get to my target weight. So I'm still wearing my size 18 jeans with a belt and size 20 tops... which are quite baggy now... I am now a size 16 top and a loose size 14 bottom. Never been a 14 in my life. Ever. I'm not sure if my glee comes across - I know I was quite restrained. (The poor changing room girls must have wondered what was going on!)
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
Little Bears legs make me chuckle in this :P
Only about a stone to go till target now. Hoping to get there before Christmas.

Some other things that have made me smile this week:
  • The Bear not having chicken pox. We thought he did for a couple of days there.
  • Being read to by Ruby while I'm having a long soak in the bath.
  • Tea. Lots of.
  • McDonalds coffee and a shortbread biscuit. Yum.
  • Christmas shopping for my Secret Santa's.
  • Tidying my indoor shelves - can reach my books now! Next stop for decluttering, my shedio!
  • Quorn 'chicken' nuggets. Just discovered them this week and love them. I can eat the whole bag if I wanted to and still be on plan. I haven't... but I could.
  • Crunching through big piles of fallen leaves.
And now - my little Bear has fallen asleep. Little Miss has gone to the cinema with her friend and the older two are back to school today. Which means Maths homework time for me. I'll pop over to Virginia's to link up. Why not pop over yourself and have a think about what made your week good?
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  1. hahah i LOVE how happy you look!! And well done you! You are amazing as I always tell you ;-)

  2. I LOVE the animated piccie :) his little legs :) and your happy happy face!

  3. Oh Carmen that's a fab post and I'm loving the moving animated piccie - fab stuff!

  4. Fantastic Carmen - love those legs - yours and little Bear's!! go you - so chuffed for you. Hope you get rid of the colds and things soon - weather is a bit different today!

  5. Way to go I'm still trying to lose the inches and I'm not buying any clothes until I'm in a size 12 at least. I'm still wearing my size 16s with a belt. I can get into 14's yay. Hope you're enjoying (said loosely) the maths. I'm not sure I could do it now. I don't know how I got an O' Level in maths (hehehe can you tell how old I am? )

  6. Hey nice job on the 14's! I've really got to get my act together, the scale is going the wrong way and I already have 40 lbs to lose, ARGH! You look marvelous!

  7. I still love those photos of you in the changing room, such a happy pic :)

    I hope everyone has recovered now from the cold/flu bugs.



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