Art With A Heart ATC Swap - Halloween/Autumn

I recently took part in an ATC swap hosted by Anita Mistry via the Art With A Heart page on Facebook. The theme was Halloween & Autumn. I don't know what happened to my usual grunginess when I sat down to do my ATC. This witchy woman is what happened...
Carmen Wing - Witch ATC/ACEO Mixed Media
Neocolour ii crayons
Coloured pencils
Fineliner pen
Posca paint pen
She was much more pastel-y in real life. I know - pastel? Me? But I liked her, so off she toddled to the swap.

This is the one I received in return. It's by Ottilia Cormas and is just so beautiful and so sums up Autumn for me.
Whoopidooings: ATC Swap - Autumnal ATC/ACEO by Ottilia Cormas
It's also so unusual in that it looks like she did it on two sides of plastic so the colours kind of float. Just wonderful.

Whoopidooings: ATC Swap - Autumnal ATC/ACEO by Ottilia Cormas
You can see all the entries for the swap here. They are hosting another swap in January which I'll definitely be taking part in. All the entries get exhibited and there is a £2.00 fee for taking part - which covers the postage and packing for your return ATC.  If you fancy taking part - be sure to 'like' the Art With a Heart page for updates.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. I think both are fabulous - the leaves on the autumn one you received are so fantastic, but your own, pastel witch is stunning! Thankyou for such kind words on the latest Poppies blog, lol!

  2. Wow, what a super swap - both ATCs are so different to each other and both wonderful! As always with these things I wish I could see them up close.

    I may very well be tempted to join in with the next swap..... thanks for the details.


  3. So pleased you liked your card - it is painted in oils on the back and then the top -reverse oil on glass is how the technique is described - ( -this was on acrylic. The £2 is to cover the postage and packaging :) Anita

    1. Oh and I really wanted to keep your ATC it's lovely :)

    2. Thanks Anita :D I've added the bit about postage into my post x

  4. Oh fun fun fun as always :-) I love yours! Its very you but with a twist!!


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