Rocking My World Friday...

Blimey, it's a long time since I've done one of these. I went through a period thinking maybe people didn't want me keep putting personal posts up - maybe you just wanted to see the book reviews and arty crafty shenanigans... Surprisingly, I started getting messages hinting that maybe these posts I thought I was foisting on you - well, some of you at least quite liked them. And missed them. And what the heck - it's my blog and I like counting my positives. It has changed my whole outlook on life after all. So they're back. Here's a wee recap of  the past few months.

I'm still doing Slimming World - I don't have a recent photo of me but I do have my little graph. So far I'm up to 3 stone 2lbs loss since May 1st. The benefits on my back have been huuuuge! I still have bad days - this week has been pretty bad - but that's the cold, damp weather. It's been nowhere near as bad as it would have been this time last year. I love doing Slimming World too - not just for the health benefits but for the support and friendliness of group too.
Rocking My World Friday

These two. They are getting on really well. Really well. It's eerie. It happened so suddenly too - the trying to murder each other or send us all crazy with their bickering... just seemed to stop over night. I'm not sure I trust it. Maybe they were abducted by aliens, maybe they are plotting something. Either way, we are enjoying it while it lasts.
Rocking My World Friday
And when did they grow up? Who gave them permission to do that?
This one turned 7 - she is finding her feet a bit I think. No longer the baby. Testing boundaries. She makes me laugh with her one liners.
Rocking My World Friday

This one turns 2 tomorrow.. Where did that two years go? As cheeky as his big sister, also testing boundaries. It's a battle of wills at times with these two. But they're so funny and so cute and when we all realise who is Boss... (probably them!) Things will settle down. Hopefully.
Rocking My World Friday

The three biggest monsters are all doing so well at school. All I hear is how helpful, polite and hard-working they are. We attended an awards ceremony the other day for Devvie - she won an award for excellence in English. I couldn't be a more proud Mum.
Rocking My World Friday

As for myself, well I must have passed the pre-course test. They phoned me the same day and I started GCSE Maths. Not going to lie, I don't understand most of it. But am surprising myself at how much I'm enjoying it. Not just the Maths but physically going. As many of you know I don't tend to embrace social situations and I have been proud of the way I am over coming that this year. 

With the help of my girls being like little personal tutors when home and an amazing friend putting up with me asking to explain things in an idiots guide kind of way... I might just get that C I need to apply for uni!
Rocking My World Friday
Talking of uni - I went for an open day on Sunday. I was sick with nerves, especially being surrounded by fresh faced teenagers. But the course looks amazing. The uni looks amazing. The students and tutors that I spoke to were, yes, AMAZING. I'm glad I went, I got all my questions answered and it gives me renewed determination to apply for 2016.

There's another open day next month, at the place I want to do my years Access or Foundation course next year. So - next step, aim to get there.

Craig - his support has been amazing. Not just in coming with me to the open day and supporting my decision to try this... but in every way. He's been fantastic.

So that's the big things, here's a few little 'uns that just made me smile:

  • Waking up to find Pheebs has made my Slimming World weetabix muffins on a Saturday morning.
  • Pheebs general obsession with the Great British Bake Off.
  • The new Doctor Who
  • New boots - blokes biker-looking ones that are sufficiently girly enough to make me happy.
  • The WW girls (you know who you are) 
  • Walking Dead fest. Finally watched season 4 over a couple of days. (Box set! Yay! No spoilers for the new season please)
  • Secret Santa swaps starting.
  • Building my art portfolio. Stressful, scary (that it's not good enough) but enjoying it.
  • Pinterest.
  • Amazon window shopping. Wish list shuffling. (Every day I'm shuffling.)
  • Tea.
  • Wetherspoons veggie curry.
  • Cuddles with my babies.
  • Craig's Mum.
  • My Dad.
  • Friends and family that have come at little notice when I've needed them (Again, you know who you are. Big love.)
And that'll do for a little catch up wont it? More regular posting from now on I promise. I'm popping over to Virginia at Celtic House to link up.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Carmen, it is so lovely to find another name there before me at Celtic House this week. Welcome back, and what a lovely positive post. I have several friends in UK who have all done amazingly well with Slimming World. You should be really proud of what you have achieved.
    I wish you all things positive with the maths. I used to be a maths teacher long ago, and I know how scary it is when you don´t ´get it´, but stick with it and I´m sure you´ll do fine. My son´s partner did the access course to get back into education, and she has just graduated as an occupational therapist. It was a lot of slog, but worth it in the end. I can also identify with the fighting siblings who suddenly become friends. Long may it last! You have a lovely supportive family. Hugs Kate x

  2. I have really missed your Rocking posts, but had assumed you were just too busy - it certainly reads like you have your hands full... TWO? TWO? how can that be... I know I said that last year at one.. lol! Well done on the Maths, and attending the open day - hope you get on the course as I am sure you will love it - and your art IS good enough!! I know loads of people who're doing the Slimming World diet and loving it and doing really well, so glad you're sticking at it - a little lapse here and there won't hurt - so glad it's helping your back, too.

  3. What can I say? Worth the wait! There's so much here for the rest of us to cheer you about and to feel inspired about too. It's a win/win :) And, yes, I think your family look so lovely too

  4. Ah Carmen - I was grinning from ear to ear when I spotted this this morning and Kate said it was lovely to have someone else on the link list - definitely a positive! Loving all your happies at the moment, love you are pushing your own boundaries, love the girls getting along and the youngest two boundary pushing and yes I agree with Helen - 2 - 2 - how did that happen! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  5. Carmen, you are literally amazing! I admire what you do and how you do it :-) Ok soppiness over haha! Your gals and guy are just so cute and lovely!! Almost makes me want to think about my own...I said ALMOST haha!! I love these posts and I deffo want to see more!!

  6. Awe, I LOVE hearing about what's going on! And your babies!! TOooooo cute. Happy Birthday to your little one and congratulations on your weight success! That's AMAZING - you must be working so hard to have done so well! Good luck with Uni and WITH MATH! Ugh ;0 xoxo


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