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Behind The Curtain... Again!

Well, hello strangers. Long time, no see.

I know I have already done one of these, but a couple of people have asked me again and it was quite close to having done mine so I said no. Then a while passed and Claire asked. And things change, so I said yes. You know Claire, right? She of magical paper sculptural wizardry? No? Go check out her blog, dig through. She is huhmazing!

This is that never ending blog hop and here's a little bit about what I'm up to right now...

1. What am I working on now? 

I've just finished a top secret, hush hush, something something that I hope to be able to share in the next few days. I have to wait for it to reach it's new home first. It's of the 3D variety rather than a painting... but shush, I've said to much already!

I am also trying to build my art portfolio - apparently you kinda need one to apply for uni ;) I'm using this book to help me.  I have no clue if what I am doing is what they want - I just hope it gives a flavour of what I do... and is, of course, good enough! (Those nails I grew? Non-existent again!) There is an open day this month so I'm popping along to see what they say.
200 Projects to Get You into Art School by Valerie Colston
I'm also working on a Halloween junk (junque) journal for a UKScrappers swap. We make the pages up loose, send them to our host, they get shuffled up, swapped about with everyone else's and bound into the covers we've made before being sent back to us. Sounds cool doesn't it?

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre? 

I don't have a genre. I at least now know what I want to be doing, finally - I want to tell stories -  I think it's called narrative art? Is that a genre? That's what I want to be. A narrative artist. People to look at my stuff and see a tale or two - whether it's the one I intended or the one that comes to them. I think I'm on my way... I hope I am.

3. Why do I create what I do? 

Still the same reason - because I have to. My head gets to full of weirdness otherwise. Cam is not a happy bunny when she doesn't create.

4. How does my creative process work? 

Really, trying to scratch and scrabble a half hour here, 10 minutes there. Do something with the little time I have in this mad house. I am doing my Maths GCSE at the moment, started last week. I am hoping that gets me into a routine of allocating myself time that I can carry on after the course ends. Already I am doing way more than the 2.5 hours a week minimum they require of study. Way. More. At least double that. So when I finish I am making damn sure that time goes to my art.

As for inspiration, it's everywhere - in the swirls of the carpet - in the ever changing colours of nature... in The Walking Dead.  It's just getting myself into the habit of translating ideas into sketchbooks and beyond. And finding time.

The final part of this hop is to share some of the people who inspire me. A quick thing to do would be to say check out the "Places I  Lurk" on my sidebar. I lurk there for a reason. I am going to pick out a couple of people though - because that's the name of the game, to keep the hop going so that there is this ever growing circle of fabulousness.

Nicole of Made by Nicole, now -  she's already taken part in the hop and her post is here. I have loved Nicole's work and style for years but in particular her 3D assemblages. Check out my favourites here and here. She's amazeballs! I'm going to have a crack at something in her style for my portfolio. 

Sian, From High in the Sky. Sian is a natural born story teller and if she doesn't publish a book someday it would be a crime. She just happens to illustrate her tales with beautiful scrapbook pages too.

Then there's Helen of Stamping by H, I don't know where she finds the time in the day but she is another prolific mixed media artist. I love her journal pages and tags, so much texture. So very sharing of her techniques too. I might also be slightly jealous of her arty stash! She has a photography blog too which is here - I love to virtually walk around the beautiful places she visits!

So that's me up to date. Thanks for stopping by - it's always appreciated. I wont leave it so long next time, I've missed my second home ;)


  1. oh, bless you to bits!! I hope your Maths is going ok, and you get your portfolio built up! You can do it, you are GREAT!! . xx

  2. Thanks for taking part (especially at such short notice). What a fab post and some seriously awesome links that I'm now off to explore fully. x

  3. Oh fab write up again Carmen and different like you said!

  4. Always love to read what you're up to my friend :-) Because you're always up to something interesting!! x

  5. Carmen, it's so good to see you again :) I've been missing reading what you've been up to and your Rocking posts especially. Maybe you'll do one soon? please? And thank you very much. You're too kind...

  6. Awe, it all sounds so exciting - and busy! Good luck on that new math class and on preparing your art portfolio - I would love to be able to flip through that one! xoxo


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