Zombie Bear Girl - Reworked

...Well, a little bit anyway. The original writing was annoying me and I love moons with faces so... The original writing is gone and the moon with the face is there instead. 
Whoopidoo...ings: Zombie Bear Girl - mixed media on Ikea mirror frame.
How have you been this Summer? I've missed my blog - there has been a lot of thinking if not a lot of arting being done over here. I'm publicly putting it out there that I'd love to take my art further than a hobby. I'd ideally love to do an illustration or fine art uni course but am by no means ready for that yet. I have to get my maths grades up a bit first - that took me by surprise! I know I'm rubbish at maths but didn't realise I'd need to be OK at it for an art course!

Then - much as I'd love to jump straight into uni (if they'd have me) a lot of online sources recommend college or a foundation/access course first... which will put me near 40 before I get to the uni stage. Honestly - just typing here and having done all the research gives me feardy cat butterflies but if I don't do it now I never will. I feel like I'm finally finding my way back to the path that I wobbled off in my late teens. And it's scary as Hell but in a good, purposeful kind of way.

So - I need to build a portfolio (no clue at all where to start) and I need to be working on my skills every day. And - perhaps scariest of all - I'm hoping to sign up for a GSCE maths class. It's like a foreign language to me - I really don't get it!

So - that's what I've been pondering while unable to blog or get out to my shedio this Summer - roll on the kids going back tomorrow ;) How have you been?

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. It's a good job I love you lots because people calling maths "math" (unless they are American and therefore have an excuse) is one of my biggest pet hates :D Good luck with your path to Uni, if I can help in any way with the mathS bit then let me know :)

    1. It's only because I thought that was it's proper term - what do I know. I thought it was mathS but see math everywhere. So am actually chuffed that I was right :P And will edit ;) Actually - with my chavcent it's more like maffs.

  2. :-D yeeeeeees!!! I am with you 100% of the way!! I'm not great at maths myself but it can be done and you will do it!!

  3. Good on you! I did Maths after I left school as I got a "U" at school due to a maths teacher who sat me and another girl in the corner of the room and told us to read magazines as we'd never be any good at it!!! Best thing I ever did. I had a lovely lecturer who within three weeks had me understanding fractions, percentages, algebra and all because he knew a way to get to me! I got my qualification and went onto do a MBA which involved statistics and accounting! So if a "write off" like me can understand it, then you'll find it a breeze! Also life begins at 40 dontcha know!! ;) xxx

  4. Lol who knew Carmen... but you can do this.. not great at it myself either... but am sure you will do great... and would be awesome to take a fine art class... and life does begin at 40!!! Go for it!! BTW I love how this turned out... perfect..xx

  5. WONDERFUL news! That's so exciting. Sometimes even the decision will put us at ease - so we know where to point our arrow ;)
    YOU will rock this! Even Math. Although I totally agree with you - math and I do NOT get along (we're creatives, after all!) BUT homeschooling Kendra this year taught me that I know more than I think - and that after literally failing my college math, I can totally teach (some) of it now. You got this! xoxo

  6. I meant to look at this yesterday but something distracted me (dinner I think!!) - can't see why you need Maths for an Art course, but hey, maybe it's to work out your commissions when you sell stuff! Good luck - make it happen! LOVE the face in the moon, a great re-working! xx

  7. Oh Carmen you'll be fine with the maths course and don't stress about age when it comes to studying - life long learning is the way sweetie!

  8. Needing maths to do an art course seems totally nuts to me! 40 is nothing to be embarking on the uni stage of your arting, and with the foundation course under your belt you will feel totally prepared and ready to fly.

    Good luck, brave girl, I'm so proud of you.


  9. SO excited to read this! I love that you are taking these steps, believing in yourself and going for it.

    Big huge (((HUGS))))

    Go, Carmen!

  10. Am so impressed by you Carmen... I think you might find the maths easier than you think, I knew someone at school who couldn't pass her English "O" level... took it 3 or 4 times. As an adult she stormed it with an A*!! You now know why you are doing it and if you don't understand something, you will have the courage to ask for help and with maths sometimes all it needs is for someone to explain it in a different way and then the penny will drop, and if it doesn't, get them to explain it again and again and again until it does drop and I promise you, you will get it!! I did maths A level and didn't get it but had some extra tuition, lots of practice (funny how that crops up everywhere!!) and eventually I "got it!!" Good for you, excited for you and your ambitions, they aren't dreams any more..... you can make them happen!!

  11. Hi Carmen. That's fantastic news! The hardest part is taking the plunge to follow your heart, and you've done it. Well done you!
    As a fellow mature student - Art Foundation at 42, graduated at 46 - all you need Carmen is the fire in your belly and a strong portfolio - both of which you have! You will have a ball! Maths GCSE though? I'm surprised. Having gone through the system I was never asked to do it. It's just not relevant tbh! However, I do wish I had it. It will be handy if you decide to finish off with a PGCE. Good luck! You know where to find me if you need to pick my brains…! Txx

  12. Awe, thank you my friend!! xoxo

  13. Hi Carmen, thankyou so much for joining me over on my new spanky blog! I'm grateful mainly as its brought me here, to catch up with everything you've been upto! WOWWW! You go girl! Its so exciting to see what you have been up to, the gorgeous art, the book reviews, the steps towards an art course. Yess! I'm sending HUGE cheers from the sidelines :)xx

  14. Hi Carmen! You left a delightful comment on my blog, Collagitation, several years ago. I've been pinning some of my art to my Pinterest board (another way to get it on view!!) when I came across your comment on my Haunted House piece, and so I decided to see what you are up to. You are a busy artist, good for you!! I am in the throes of putting up a shop on Zazzle, a print-on-demand site, and also an Etsy shop. Because I believe art is like children: at some point, they better get out there and start earning a living!

    So I am delighted to read my recent thoughts echoing on your blog. Getting a supplemental income stream going is the first step to independence, eh? In my case, the first step to early retirement!!!!

    May I suggest you investigate online marketing? Your Zombie Bear Girl and her siblings on mirror frames, would be a smash on Etsy! Also printed on postcards and greeting cards (and lots of other items) on Zazzle. Be sure to look at Zazzle's Artsprojekt page, which is geared towards visual artists.

    Good luck to you! I will check back again to say hello!

    Diane Keane


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