Zombie Bear Girl

Good Afternoon, Evening... or Morning. It's a very dull, rainy afternoon here so I thought a little zombie bear girl might make for a cheerful post.

This was from Micki Wilde's class on Soul Food. She did a lovely little rabbit girl on a wooden canvas and encouraged us to do what we want, use what we have etc, etc. So I decided to use an Ikea mirror - I have a little stash of them that I've been meaning to pretty up for ages!

My rabbit girl also kind of evolved into a little zombie bear girl - I have to admit to loving her just a teeny bit... 
Whoopidoo...ings: Zombie Bear Girl - mixed media on Ikea mirror frame.
I's gonna eatcha!

Whoopidoo...ings: Zombie Bear Girl - mixed media on Ikea mirror frame.

Please excuse my carpy lollocky camera skills - the writing isn't blurry in real life. Must of been the sheer terror she induced, made my hands wobble ;)
Whoopidoo...ings: Zombie Bear Girl - mixed media on Ikea mirror frame.
Liquitex & Kaiser Colour Acrylic Paint
Derwent Watercolour pencils
Posca Pens
Water soluble Graphite pencil
Neocolour ii Crayons

She is lurking in my shop as I type - I'm slowly filling it up.
 Thanks for stopping by today and taking a peep :) 


  1. Oh wow.how.gorgeous ♡ wish I could.maje things that. Awesome . fabulous. Just fabulous ♤♡

  2. She is awesome!! I love it, even though she is a zombie she is pretty cute!!

  3. Love love love her and her little skellie <3


  4. She's great, what a good way to use the class inspiration, of course a Zombie bear girl would have a skeleton doll, brilliant.
    I like the photo of you in the mirror taking a photo.

  5. Did you hear me squeal??? I am in love with her - just brilliant xxx

  6. AHhhh, I like her much more than a teeny bit ;) She's brilliant! And I love the little skeleton doll, what a cool touch! Thank you too for your sweet comment, xoxo

  7. Carmen, she is spectacular! Not only is she beautiful but she has that special twinkle in her eye and it really shows how much you must have enjoyed working on her.


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