Summer of Color - Week Four

Better late than never, eh? We all knew my uber organisation from last week would never last - though I have cleaned and de-cluttered the shedio this week. That's my excuse.

Last weeks colours for The Summer of Color were Pink and Apple Green with a smudge, splash or pop of Dark Green.

What was your first thought with these colours? You know you want to say it. Yep - The Incredible Hulk in pink troos. That's what you were going to get. Did I get time? Did I heck.

So this morning (on the morning the next colour combo is announced) I'm frantically splashing paint. I decided I wanted to try doing a face with my non-dominant (left) hand. I'm really enjoying this at the moment. This is how she started out, nice and loose... 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Watercolour Portrait #SummerofColorFour
Watercolour Paints
The more I looked, the more I kept thinking zombie. Then I had to go out and do a bit of work stuff and, as my mind wandered, I kept thinking about skulls. Like you do. So when I came back, she ended up like this...
Carmen Wing - Watercolour, Neocolour ii & Fineliner #Skull #SummerofColorFour
#17 of 40Portraits (Skulls count!)
Watercolour Paints
Neocolour ii crayons
Uniball pens
I'm pretty chuffed with her on one hand - she's my first left handed skull. She's not how I pictured her in my head - that's always annoying. 

Next I did another Wonky Cat - also done with my non-dominant hand. I always love Wonky, no matter how he turns out - he's just makes me smile.
Carmen Wing - Twinkling H2o's, Necolour ii's & Fineliners. Wonky Cat Quote
Neocolour ii Crayons
Twinkling H2o's
Fineliner pens
If you'd like to see what over a hundred other people did with this colour combo, click here. So much variety not just of subject but medium too. You wont be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. until I saw the number, I thought you'd gone and one this week's prompt already! But how fabulous is that skull, (and Wonky Cat) - I can't believe you can draw/paint that well left handed. It is wonderful.

  2. left handed? You can draw left handed? My left hand is practically useless. Honestly I'm so right hand handed. I'm very impressed!

  3. I'm loving your zombie lady - and you did her with your non-dominant hand?! Fab. Wonky Cat is fun too, and again done with your left hand. I could go off you, you know!


  4. I love your lady....she was cool before the skull but even cooler after!! You're so creative...damn you :-P as for wonky cat...well anything catty is a win with me but he's so much fun!!

  5. this week was difficult for me because I don't like pink at all and I really ended up going saturated and vibrant for the pink!! Thanks for visiting my SOC piece. Vickie

  6. wow, your zombie-lady looks awesome. Amazing you did this with your non-dominant hand ! And that cat is so cute :-)

  7. Another one I missed out on - she is amazing and a little bit scary! Wonky cat is fun in these colours too. :)

  8. I missed commenting on your SOC week four creations, Carmen. I don't know how!!! Anyway, I absolutely love your amazing zombie creation. She is so cool and creative. And wonky cat is amazing, too! Thanks for sharing your talents!!!!

  9. OMG I love her! Amazing work and you know I'm already a fan of wonky cat!


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