Rocking My World Friday...

Well look at me only posting a day late. Kids are on summer holidays now which means I'm already losing all track of what day it is - I actually thought it was Sunday.

It's that time of the week when we look back over the past seven days and think about what made us smile. What? You don't do that? Whyever not you crazy fool!

So, we were treated to another pretty cool sunset on Friday night, I think it was. So pretty...
Whoopidooings - Rocking My World Friday

We've been to a couple of car boot fairs over the past two days. My bargain was this framed Klimt print. Craig looked at me a bit strangely when I picked it up. I'm always after nice frames I can re-spray to house the bits of art I'm collecting. This one, the owners had painted thickly in emulsion and it was all over the glass. But it was the print which had caught my eye. I love Klimt. When we got home I took it apart to clean up - the glass cleaned up really easily and I sanded the emulsion down a bit. I am probably going to repaint it either black or gold. But the print is a really thick glossy one from a gallery. I was so chuffed. £2 it cost me!
Whoopidooings - Rocking My World Friday

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Derwent's Facebook page. Actually it was an offshoot to the giveaway they were doing - an extra prize draw if you shared their link to the actual giveaway. And I won one! It came today - a really nice sketching wallet.  Pleased as punch - the girls are always 'borrowing' my drawing pencils and then they disappear into the vortex of the unknown - probably along with all the socks and biro's we lose too. These are going to be strictly mine!
Whoopidooings - Rocking My World Friday

I'm going to be the good and loving Mum now and say how happy I am that the girls are off school. For the long, long, loooong, long summer holidays...


Other things that have made me smile this week:
  • Finishing the painting I was working on and the lovely response it's had both here and on Facebook.
  • Feeling like I am getting the hang of Facebook. Finally. 
  • Knowing that one of my Wonky Cats was found on the Swindon Free Art Friday launch and sounds like he went to a great home.
  • My sister and her partner popping in for a catch up and chat. 
  • Planet of the Apes - the newish film, not the 70's ones. I've never really fancied it but it was on the telly this week. We all sat and watched it together. Ended up really enjoying it. Devvie went to see the new one at the cinema last night so I shall be interested to know what she thought of that.
  • Virtual window shopping on Amazon. Craig doesn't understand it. But I spend ages window shopping the books and art supplies, adding to my basket or wishlists. (Yes, wishlists, plural.) Pretending I have all the money in the world to stash shop. Then I close down my tablet and go to sleep. He thinks I'm bonkers. Maybe it is.
  • Walking the dogs.
  • Talking with Craig - proper good chats, while walking the dogs.
  • Thunderstorms.
And that will do me. Fancy taking a look back on the things that made you smile this week? Why not drop by Virginia's and link up.

Thanks for stopping by today - how was your week?


  1. A good week, although would I be right in thinking that the first few days of the holidays have not been totally peace and harmony? (grin) I enjoy thunderstorms too, if I'm safely inside watching!

  2. That's a fab week Carmen loving your prize, the fact that Wonky Cat went to a good home and you already know I love the Klimt print! Now crackling this end of the woods is definitely not scraps, crackling is the crispy bit you get off the back of the pork joint on a Sunday or the bags of pork crackling you get in supermarkets and pubs! However, agree much fun is had with free stuff - particularly if it's a bag of scraps!

  3. You always make me smile Carmen :-)

  4. A lovely list of happiness! The sky is beautiful. There's not enough clouds to get a decent one here now, not until the autumn, but if you have read some of my earlier psots you will know I can't see a sunset and not get the camera out! I love the Klimt print. that was a really good find. Enjoy the holiday with the young ones. Kate x

  5. Ooo nice score on the print! Love klimt!

  6. Nah, it's not mad. I like to just look and not buy. I do it with clothes and stuff too. When I was a teenager I used to buy fancy fashion magazines and get laughed at by the rest of the family for having "ideas above my station", but I didn't even actually want to buy the clothes I was happy just to look at the pictures

    Hope this week is a good one too!

  7. Also meant to say..I've been reading back and facebook? I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it

  8. Love your positive week and loving your junk finds lately! I do lots of virtual shopping and the things that keep re-appearing are the things that I ask for as gifts or treat myself to :D So no you're definitely not alone. x


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