Double Rocking My World Friday

I forgot to post last week even though I had been drafting a post! Tch! So this is a two weeker.

What's made me smile then? Well...

  • Firstly I am absolutely loving Summer of Colour. We are in week four now so only two more weeks to go and I'll miss it. It's flown past - so far I have managed to do a face each week and also some wonky cats!

Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Summer of Colour
  • I am slowly getting organised after a manic couple of weeks - getting back to doing some arting every day. Loving it.
  • And.
  • AND...
  • ...
  • ...
  • After much nagging from Craig and Devvie - I've opened my shop. It's a bit bare and minimal at the moment but it's a start and it's something else I can cross off my to-do list for this year. I aim to fill it now. Eep!

  • An unexpected pressie from a naughty friend. At just the right time too. And so me. Thank you x x
  • The equally unexpected offer of an old canvas and a couple of frames to repurpose from another friend. Love that she thought of me. The canvas is huuuuge - bigger I think than even the family canvas. Now there is a challenge!
  • Slimming World - I am now half a pesky lb away from a 2 stone loss since the 1st of May. Love going to group, love the support. Love how I'm feeling health wise lately. 
  • A certain little Miss lost her first tooth at 6 years and 9 months. She has been wanting it to happen for so long - all her friends have been talking about theirs for ages. She's one chuffed bunny to have the tooth fairy visit - never mind daft old Mum saying she should be proud that her teeth want to stay in her mouth! *Much rolling of eyes*
    Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Tooth Fairy
  • I went to Devvie's art presentation evening last night where they showed 3 different age groups body of work. There were prizes for each year - only two for her year and she came second. I was so proud - she was very embarrassed to go and have to shake the mayors hand and accept her prize, probably be in the paper too *evil snigger* She hates having her photo taken. She still says it must have been a pity vote *More rolling of eyes* I said I very much doubted that they would go to all that trouble - wish she would believe how good she is.
  • Talking of little artists - I'm loving watching Pheebs discover YouTube tutorials (only been telling her it's a wealth of information for years!) She is powering through them - love seeing what she is doing.
  • Tesco cherries. £1 a punnet - I think I have single handedly ate two punnets. They are so yum and tasty!
  • Walking. I am rediscovering my love of walking. For to long I've done it because I have to, because petrol cost to much... But it left me alone with my thoughts to much. I'm starting to remember what I loved about it pre-car and pre-losing people. It's coming back. That love.
  • Catching up with my friend Caroline, totally child free. Cuppa and natter without censorship. Loved it!
  • Craig taking all the kids and a neighbours grandchild to a local fun day, telling me to stay home and enjoy a painting sesh. Man, I love him!
And that'll do me :) Fancy taking a positive reflection on your week? Way more fun than moaning about the bad bits. Come with me over to Virginia's for the low down and the link up - you wont regret it.

Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?


  1. I've been enjoying the SOC too - just done this weeks (ner ner ner, as you beat me last week!) AND thank you for one of your wonky cats. I hope your shop goes well, good for you, for getting there! And a blog makeover, too I see... the header's different.

  2. Oo lots oflovely. Goodness ruby is growing up..well d8ne with shop.your art is gorgeous ♥

  3. And well.done to devvie and pheebs.lovely ♥

  4. Oh Carmen I love love love your post so many happy positive moments made me smile off to look at your shop now and before I go two stone wow wow wow

  5. I enjoyed reading your Rocking post, Carmen. Well done to Devvie - 2nd place is so NOT a pity vote! I'm happy for you that you are learning to enjoy walking again <3


  6. What a brilliant name for a shop! very best of luck with it

    I'm loving all the good news in this post too ..prizes and slimming and teeth going the right way. Rock on.

  7. Fab post and soooo glad you opened up that shop!! Well done on the weight loss, I'm trying to get back on track but well you know........! Congratulations to the girls as well. xxx

  8. Gosh . . . a 2-weeker . . . lots of positivity . . . thank you for sharing. I'm a newbie Rockette!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. Ah well done Devon! What a little star :-) I don't think there are many people who believe their work is as good as it is....(I'm looking at you here Carmen ;-)), I certainly don't! I'm so pleased that you have a lot of happiness going on right now! x


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