Summer of Color - Week Two

Oh crikey. The week three colours are announced today and here I am bringing up the rear with week two. The colours for last week were Coral & Teal with a smudge, splash or pop of White.

I used a picture from Paint My Photo as reference. (This one by Ruth Archer.) Again my finished piece looks nothing like the photo - it was of a beautiful mask but I made her a person. (Well, secretly she is a vampire stalking her prey at a New Orleans masquerade ball.)
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Masked Menace #SummerofcolorFour
Neocolur ii crayons
Twinkling H2o's
Posca pens
I was last minute rushing and so I want to come back and try my hand at this one again - I'm not totally happy with her. We had some issues she and I. But we were getting there. Still - it's all practise. You can't see from my picture here but she's all shimmery where I went mad with the Twinkling H2o's that a lovely friend has loaned me. Also - the paper has buckled. Going to have to bite the bullet and start practising on my good watercolour paper aren't I.

I'd like to say I'll post earlier this coming week but I know we have another manic one. I can but try. I try not to check out any of the other participants till I'm finished so that I'm not influenced. So I'm going to have a mad trawl through today and catch up with everyone. If you'd like to see what everyone else did with the colours you can check out the list here.

Claiming mine as number 15 of my 40Portraits.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Wow, Carmen - this practicing lark is working, your mask girl is amazing! What size paper are you working on?

    Well done for joining in though time is short, I hope you manage this week's too.


  2. Oh she's totally gorgeous and love the little character analysis to :)

  3. oooh she's a-looooovely!!!

    if your paints aren't likely to reactivate too easily, I always find that ironing the back of the page with a steam iron unbuckles it fairly well

    alternative is to wet and stretch it first, which works a treat, but I can never be bothered, too much like hard work :)

  4. She is beautiful!! Nice job with that color prompt :D

    I probably won't have time to do week 2 until next week, so don't feel bad.. lol

  5. She's gorgeous...have just seen today's colours - they're fab...

  6. Oh My ! I can see You are truly an artist with lots of talent.Your painting is gorgeous.I want to look into the group or site You mentioned,I too love to paint but I'm not an artist for sure.Thank You for dropping by My blog with a comment. Denise

  7. Oh she is gorgeous, I love love love the shading you've managed on her - utterly gorgeous Carmen!

  8. Ah Carmen, this is lovely!! Its always worth the wait to see your stuff :-)

  9. Wow, I love this painting! The mask is gorgeous and I like her expression.

  10. Absolutely stunning and so dramatic. Love the way you have painted the feathers round the mask.

  11. Wow this is amazing - BJ

  12. Love your masked gal. Awesome use of the colors.

  13. This is fab, Carmen! ...I hope you and your masked vampire manage to become friends ;)

  14. Wow...your masked girl is amazing! love the lil feathers and all the gorgeous details :) x

  15. She's beautiful - and very spooky - those eyes are mesmerising! :o) ps enjoy the watercolour paper

  16. Not sure how I missed this beauty! I love masks, and I love this painting! Great use of our SOC for the week.


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