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Stay at Home CJ - Mermaid Tales

The CollaborArt "Stay At Home CJ" is a project where  all the participants made just one background and come up with a theme for that background. We then sent our background  to our host, Sarah. She photocopied them and then we all got a full set of backgrounds (and our originals) back to work on. We all work on the same background each month - to the theme set by the backgrounds creator.

March was the turn of Sami who set the theme as Mermaid Tales. I loved Sami's lovely blue background and thought I could see a tail sweeping up the middle there...
I'm loving illustrative styles at the moment. So I wanted to go for a story book look, like it could have fallen out of an actual 'Mermaid Tale' kind of thing...
Sami's background
Neocolour ii's
Posca Pens
Very simple again this month, but I'm learning that I don't have to tip my whole stash onto a page to love it. This CJ has been really good for me to work through ideas and experiment because I know I'm keeping the pages - they aren't going on to someone else. It takes the pressure off and I'm really loving just experimenting.

If you'd like to see everyone elses take on the mermaid theme, click here. Again, all so different and yet using the same theme and same background. Thanks Sami for the lovely background to start with.

And thank you for stopping by today :)


  1. She is absolutely adorable! awesome job!

  2. It is a beautiful take on the theme Carmen- love it!

  3. You are so right about not having to throw eveything we own on to our pages Carmen. Love your mermaid!!

  4. Fantastic - I'm loving that background and she is gorgeous! x

  5. I love the idea of your little mermaid having an octopus doll to cuddle - or perhaps it is her pet. No her bum doesn't look big in that tail, she's just gorgeous, especially with that lovely swish of tail fins at the other end.
    Lovely piece of imagination and drawing, and just right for that background.

  6. I just love this whole idea - going to check out what the others did now - and am LOVING your wee mermaid! xoxo

  7. I really love this idea, and your mermaid is stunning. Simply stunning. I love her.


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