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Rocking My World Friday...

It's been a couple of weeks since I blogged my Rocking Friday but I'm still counting those things that make me smile every day. I think Virginia has me doing it without even thinking now - that's got to be one of the best gifts that has come out of knowing her! I'm still doing the 100 Happy Days photos on Facebook which also helps me keep track of those positives. Here are just a few from the past couple of weeks...
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
17 - Finding one of my favourite childhood programmes being repeated on Challenge. Knightmare - obsessed with that show I was ;)
18 - After a week of non-creativity (annoyingly after being ultra-inspired at Comicon) managing to get a chunk of time in the shedio.
19 - Having a moan at my internet monitor (Craig) about not keeping my internet time under control. (Yeah - I have zero willpower) Means he has gone power mad but also that I had time to have 'structured' internet time and crack through a class.
20 - Asking and finding out that my favourite entry to the Twitter Art Exhibit hadn't sold. I dibbed into my birthday money and it will be coming to live with me when the exhibit ends. It reminds me so much of my Little Bear. 

There is still time to buy a mini masterpiece from the Twitter Exhibit and 100% of the proceeds go to the excellent cause. More info and the art that's left is here
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
21Wondering why the Bear was so quiet - only to find him engrossed in a book.
22 - 5 teeny caterpillars came to live with us. Pheebs got a butterfly aquarium a couple Christmases ago and she only just got round to ordering the caterpillars.Think she's got some helpers - don't you? 
23 - Carol, a friend and huge supporter sent me a picture of two canvasses I have done for her. Lovely to see them together.
24 - A tired out Bear, pooped after a day at Nanny's. She had him running round the park, down the slide - up and down the alleyways on a little bike... no wonder he was tired!

Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
25 - Even though I told the girls I don't really go in for these 'special days' they still spoilt me with chocolate and art stuffs on Mothers Day. They know to well that I wont turn down chocolate and arty stuffs ;)
26 - Finding a book from my childhood thanks to I didn't know the title/author/illustrator or anything. Just remembered the gorgeous illustrations. Well chuffed!
Ruby and her pink Eiffel Tower for her Capital Cities homework. Job of chief cutter upperer was a nightmare but she was so happy and proud. Yep - it was the only pink, spotty Eiffel Tower on display!
28 - Proud mama Pheebs and her babies. How they had grown already!
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
29 - Mince & veggies a plenty in our lunch of leftovers from the previous night. It was the first time ever that the Bear had asked for a second bowl! That's appreciation for home cooking!
29.2 - I snuck in a second picture for this day. Ruby won the Easter bonnet competition for her class. Not bad considering she didn't decide to tell me she wanted to enter till the night before. Covered in so much glitter glue it looked like the glitter fairy had sneezed on it!
30 - After helping Devvie format her lappy (without discs!!) and the Bear being over tired and grumpy all night... the glass of whiskey and ginger that Craig gave me was very much appreciated. And didn't last long!
31 - Becoming reacquainted with the Family Canvas.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
32 - Ruby's apple tree that she grew from a pip has come back to life. It looked like a dead twig all winter!
33 - The Family Canvas is finished! Hurruh! Proud Little Miss wanted a photo with it before we hung it above the fireplace.
34 - Rediscovering a photo in my archives of the Vans I won and painted with fabric paints. Cooper chewed them up when he was a pup - I miss my Vans!
35 - The Bear was a monster all day this day. But he loves Mr Tedward who has magic calming powers! Yay for Mr Tedward!
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - #100HappyDays
36 - Stumbling downstairs to be presented with a cheesy herb omelette and builders strength sweet tea. All made by Pheebs. A lovely, unexpected and very tasty treat.
37 - My first baby turned 17! How can that be? This is her with the card I made her. Of course a birthday also means chocolate cake and a Chinese! Nom!
38 - We have cocoons! Shortly after this picture, proud Mum Pheebs transferred them to their netted aquarium. We watch and wait - this has been so much fun to witness part of the miracle of nature!
Other things that have made me smile...

  • Getting out into my shedio today and giving it a good Spring clean, sweep out, wash down, sort my paints and brushes out and give it a general tidy up. Just in time for Devvie to get out there and use it  ;)
  • Crossing things off my to-do list this week. You know, the one hanging up in my shedio. That felt GOOD!
  • Getting caught up on my blog reading.
  • Getting more organised with my time in general after majorly falling off the wagon. Am remembering my word for the year and getting back on track.
  • Less internet and TV has equalled more art time. I'm loving it. Someone told me last week that to do what they wanted to do they had to cut out other things completely to get it done. It's true. That's stuck with me this week. I aim to cut out more to do what I love.
That'll do me. I'll try and post more regularly for shorter posts. I'm smiling just typing all this so will have to remember to post on time! To join in, follow me over to Virginia's for the link up and low down on what it's all about. You wont regret it, I promise you!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Oh my goodness, so many happies from the last few weeks! It has to be said, you have a very adorable family (and I'm sure you agree with me from the bottom of your whisky glass, haha!).

    ps I LOVE that you are Carol from Walking Dead, I got Rick!

  2. what a great week, all round - and loving all the photos!! Just got back from Ally Pally a short while ago, absolutely exhausted - and bags more goodies! oops...

  3. Oh my!! I LOVE this! LOVE all the pictures - especially the tired out one with Nana - and happy, happy babies all around. LOVE that twitter piece too - finger's crossed that you get it for your birthday :)))) OH! And a family canvas?! I totally have to check that out, thank you, xoxo

  4. Ah hun that's a fabulous Rocking post and the addition of the photos makes a big difference, I really need to photograph my happies more!

    Thank you for joining in, we've been thin on the ground recently, but I would continue to do it regardless its my weekly therapy as it were, keeps the balance of life!

  5. Your life sounds full of joy... am sure it is exactly what Virginia intended for her happies!! As for internet time I so agree... and with that in mind I think I might go and tidy my art room... who knows what I might find beneath the mound covering the whole bed!!

  6. I really appreciate the time you must have spent putting together all these photos because they really have put a smile on my face. You have a gift for this kind of a post :) Loving the pink Eiffel Tower

  7. So many positives! :) Life is definitely sweet at the moment. I've cut things out like TV to create more me time for doing things I love and as a result I find I actually get more done! xxx

  8. So much goodness. I really love these posts. I am going to try and find a butterfly aquarium here. I think this is something Victoria (and me!) would love. A most excellent present.


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