Birthday Card - Cheeky Smile

This is the card I made for Devon's 17th (*sob*) birthday. I found this image online and used it as a reference.
Image source
I cracked open my new fineliners and had great fun playing with those, my Neocolour ii's and coloured uniball pens. I changed her to a little blondie to represent a younger Devvie.

As usual my rubbish photography skills aren't helping me here.
Whoopidooings:Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Cheesy Grin
Natural Light
Whoopidooings:Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Cheesy Grin
 Here's she is on the day... :) 
Whoopidooings - Cheeky Smile
My Baby
 I'm also counting this as number 11 of my 40 Portraits
Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. She looks amazing and so does your card!

  2. You really are very clever, Carmen - I'm sure Devon (many happy returns Devon!) will treasure this card for ever.


  3. That card really is amazing Carmen!

  4. A Very Happy Birthday to her! and very best wishes for all her plans for the next few years :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if that card ends up proudly pinned to the wall of a student room somewhere

  5. The natural light photo is good, but I find the same problem with scanned pictures - the scanner seems to wash out or change the colours. As for the cartoon, it's expert, it's fun, and no wonder she loves it. When she's 92 she will be showing it to her great grandchildren!

  6. Fantastic card - I hope she had a fabulous day x

  7. I love that illustration. You did a great job. What kind of markers do you have?

    1. Thanks Natasha :) On this one I used Neocolour ii crayons, coloured uniball pens and a fineliner to outline it all :) I do have Copics but have never got the hang of them.


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