Rocking My World Friday... Actually on a Friday!

Well lookee here - I'm only posting on a Friday! Calm yourselves. Calm yourselves.  

This might be a short post as I had a massive catch up during the week so it's only been a few days - but there have still been some positives in those few days. Some of which can be illustrated with more of my 100 Happy Days photos...

Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
13. Receiving a little print in the post of a sketchbook page I had admired so much on Lynne Hoppe's blog
14. A wonderful parents evening with Superstar Ruby
15. I've seen these pencils being used in the Soul Food class but Amazon wanted over £12 here in the UK (For TWO pencils!!) Have been watching them on my wishlist and they dropped to £3.60ish the other day. And now they're here. Huzzah! Whether that was a mistake or not as they have shot back up to over £10 again now...
16. The Twitter Art Exhibit launched in Orlando last night. There have been lots of pictures posted online and I was chuffed to bits this morning to spot my crow being displayed. (Over the shoulder of this lovely lady)
The Twitter Art Exhibit also posted this tweet this morning. Isn't that amazing? I'll definitely take part again next year - it's been such a fun experience.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Twitter Art Exhibit

Other things that have made me smile the last few days...

  • Managing to still serve up proper dinners for a few days when our oven went on the blink. (Not so happy with the £150 to fix it...)
  • Getting a phone call last night from a school teacher telling us how proud she is of Phoebe and how well she's done in a test.
  • Warmer weather means not having to put the heating on so much - hopefully save a few pennies there.
  • Logey Bear talking back to the crows and dogs we meet on our walk down to the school.
  • Cuddles
  • Care Bear chats with Ruby who has just discovered them and is amazed that Mummy watched them as a child! I still have my Funshine Bear ;) And Strawberry Shortcake chats too! Though I don't still have my doll with the strawberry smelling hair.
  • Getting some sort of order in my work areas. I'm procrastinating by writing this post - I should be doing my desk right now...
  • Finding two fineliner pens in my shedio that haven't been brutally savaged by Ruby's heavy hand. (Hiding them!)
  • Laughs and cuddles with Craig
  • Sunshine today after a rainy start.

  • And that's my lot - not bad for a few short days... popping over to Virginia's now to link up. Why not join me?
    Thanks for stopping by today :)


    1. wow, you packed a lot to be happy about since your mammoth catchup!! have a great weekend.

    2. What a lovely happy week. I missed out on the Care Bears, as I had five boys. They each had a much loved teddy,but not 'fruity-flavoured' one! I like my work area to be fairly ordered, so I feel your happiness there. Family times are always good, and hugs and cuddles are even better. Have another wonderful week this week. Kate x

    3. I'm too old to have experienced Care Bears; they came along in the 1980's didn't they? You are such a baby!

      I enjoyed looking at your happy pictures and reading about your happy
      moments :) :) :)


    4. HOW cool to see your crow there! What a great event - and such cool pictures! Yeah, and strawberry shortcake and care bears were in my wheel house too ;) xoxo

    5. So many happy things to focus on - long may it be so. Congrats on the crow, I remember the picture and loved it. I thought for a moment you had been to Orlando! What a nice teacher to ring with such a positive message about Phoebe.

    6. Oh. All caught up!! Took a small break in between comment central to paint a background for my creative intention for this year...or my word at least.

      Thanks for all the inspiration this morning. xx I was intrigued by those pencils when i saw them on your Facebook, now I am going to try and find them again...because I am desperate for pencils?! Lord help me i am an art supply addict.


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