Soul Food - Lesson 7 - The Birds with Zorana

Lesson 7 of Soul Food involved a whole lot of bodging and faking on my part. The technique taught by the lovely Zorana was a kind of patina effect using Golden fluid iridescent  bronze paint.  When she added water the paint separated into a deep bronze colour and a gorgeous green patina colour. I am still yet to purchase any Golden paints and the bronze I have certainly did not react magically to water the way the Golden branded one did in Zorana's lesson. I also didn't have a marks all pencil... so used a watercolour one. Hence - fake and make do.

We were encouraged to draw some quick simple bird shapes and wash over with this beautiful, beautiful wash. I think this is the first time I'd tried a Gesso resist too... well, a delicate one anyway. I've scraped tons of the stuff through a stencil for texture but this was very delicate. I do like the effect.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Quick Mixed Media birdies
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Quick Mixed Media birdies
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Quick Mixed Media birdies
All birdies:
Watercolour pencil
Acrylic & Watercolour paints
Posca Pen
Stencils & Stamps
I've faked my patina colours with bronze paint and green watercolour. I do like the effect but am definitely going to indulge in a bottle of Golden iridescent bronze at some point. Such a cool effect.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek today :)


  1. Carmen they are beautiful, well done on the faking element!

  2. Speechless :O OMG these rock and I wouldn't have known you'd faked the technique! Seriously, seriously impressed Mrs! xxx

  3. Great little birds and great pictures. You seem to develop in such a different direction each time you have another lesson on your Soul Food course. Must be good. I read so much about Golden Paints and how wonderful they are, so I googled them and regrettably saw their price, so buying several would cost a bomb, even though they might make a world of difference. But you seem to have produced interesting and lovely works of art by faking and making do - and it is definitely making the technique your own.

  4. Looks very cool. I may have to Google for the technique. I have some of their iridescent paint although not bronze. And i never use that paint.


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