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Rocking My World Friday...

Getting into the habit of doing this on a Monday rather than a Friday aren't I? I'm going with the notion that - as long as I take time to do it - it's all good! Welcome to the list of things that made me smile this week.

First up - my ultra high-tech security system. Nothing passes the eagle eyes of these two nosey buddies.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Ultra High Tech Security System
Half term means we all get to go and play... but who are the biggest kids here? Hmm? 
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
We took Ruby's friend too - no pictures of those two as they were gone in a blur of squeals and whoops!

Another budding artist. He so loves to draw. YES! *Punches air* Not sure Craig is so pleased - he's hoping to win the Bear over to fishing and such-like boyish endeavours. Not another messy arty type in the house. Teehee!
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday
What else? What else?

  • Half term! Yay - lovely seeing the girls, playing out in the sunshine.
  • The sunshine! Yes - they had decent weather to actually get out of the house and play or, now that they are getting older and a bit more independent, can go out with friends.
  • Having washing out on the washing line rather than draped over every radiator in the house.
  • Visiting Craig's Mum in Hastings. Always lovely. Driving home in daylight rather than darkness now that the days are getting longer.
  • Half term ended! *Double yay!* I get time to do my stuff and try to fix the disaster zone that the house has become.
  • A good old catch-up and chinwag with my friend, Cas. The two older monsters were away for the night so it was an uncensored catch up, without ears a flapping! Whoo!
  • Dairylea Spring Onion flavour cheese spread. My new addiction thanks to Craig's Mum. (It's on offer for £1 a tub at the mo in Morrisons)
  • Walking. 
  • Crocuses and daffs dotting the roadside.
  • Blogs, YouTube, Art books, classes and you lot! Keeping me super inspired. Wish there was more time in the day!
  • My shedio -  I might moan that I wish I had an indoor room to lock the door (from the inside) but I do love my little 5x6 cocoon.
That's my lot this week - come along with me to Virginia's while I link up. While you are there - why don't you play along with us? Focussing on the positives really does make the World of difference.
Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?


  1. Yay. Well Better.late than.never :-D oh your security.system is so.cute. had to think.of things to do.with little myz in house.think she enjoyed :-D

    1. That sprig.onion spread sound.tasty but you.can't get me away.from my Kerry.low low chili....oh no.... :-D

  2. Lol - love the security system! Seriously impressed that the "baby" can hold a pencil like that... I have kids in my craft class who can't hold a pencil well enough to even contemplate drawing! Get him started on the scissors next and you'll have a child genius on your hands! x

  3. Totally love your security system - they are so funny and so cute!! Looking forward to seeing what they spy on next! I agree about encouraging his drawing.

  4. Your security system = awesome!!

  5. I so LOVE this pic! Thanks so much for sharing this post. Suzanne xx

  6. I absolutely love them looking out the window together! I miss my kids being that little *sigh*

  7. Gorgeous list. Your security system...adorable!! And is there anything so adorable as an arty messy type child...apart from getting those children to tidy up their messes. Although they take after me in that respect as well I guess!!

  8. oh you list I had to smile. Oh love the first pix and then the wee guy into art.

    I am enjoying your blog.

    I added you .


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