Rocking My World Friday...

It's that time of the week when Virginia rallys us all to look back on the past 7 days and be thankful for all the positives that have happened. I haven't done it again for a couple of weeks and it's time I did. I feel myself slipping back into old habits - getting into the doldrums. Feeling sorry for myself. Naughty! I have much to be positive about! So - this is a look back over the past... however long it's been since I last did this.

So... firstly. New stash! Ooh! Helen is to blame for the stencil - I've spotted her putting it to good use recently and pestered her to tell me where she got it - I wont bother telling you as they are out of stock and won't be getting it back for the foreseeable. Mine was purchased from Crafty Charlie. Actually - just went to get a link and they are out of stock now too. Oops. Honestly though - it's the best quality stencil I have purchased to date. Love it. 

The pens - I've seen recommended on various blogs. Pilot Permaball pens. I couldn't find them singly very cheaply but Amazon UK was doing a deal with 'damaged' boxes. They are just a bit scuffed is all, pens inside are perfect, Have to say - the recommendations were right - I love them. And then. Happy sigh. A starter box of Sennelier oil pastels and a diddy box of their Iridescence oil pastels.  How long have I lusted after these? Let me count the ways... Well. A lot.
Whoopidooings: Rocking Your World Friday - New Stash
A combination of my Christmas pennies, a generous Craig and an unexpected survey payment allowed me to be in stash Heaven last week. Look at these scrummy colours...

Whoopidooings: New Sennelier Oil Pastels
Nom nom!
Sneaking out for extra thick milkshakes and a cake when the girls were at school. We aren't totally mean - we'd treated them to one at the weekend and were drooling over how lovely they looked. So after doing the big shop Craig treated the Bear and me. Yum. Try not to look at the state of me - I've been feeling peaky and my back's been playing up - so am hurting a wee bit here. Am not just a miserable mare. Didn't help that these were stealthily taken photos by Craig so that he could text "nya-nya-nya-nya-nya" pictures to Devvie. I was an unaware, oblivious accomplice! Honestly - he's a big kid! Didn't stop me enjoying that milkshake!
Whoopidooings: Rocking Your World Friday

Talking of my back - a new back support and some vitamin tablets plus a skip load of super strength paracetamol seems to have got me over the worst of my blip. I think I'm coming back to my normal aches and pains which is a welcome relief. So "yay" to that. I am trying my hardest to stay away from anything stronger for as long as possible.

Other things that are making me smile...
  • The Soul Food class. I'm loving that each lesson is so different and I've learnt a few things while rediscovering some old things too. Just having fun with it! Got a few bits to blog in the next few days :)
  • Craig, who took over the school run on my worst back days and made me lots of tea. He doesn't make tea as a rule. And a few G&T's too. Big love.
  • Chunky chickpea soup, vegetarian moussaka and sage & onion (fake) chicken slices. New yummy things we tried this week.
  • Reading some of the art books I got for Christmas
  • Winning a new book on Twitter
  • Someone telling me in an Amazon comment that a review I'd written had persuaded them to buy a book and they have to be very choosy with their pennies. Chuffed moment.
  • A few blogs I've been reading lately have either cheered me up with the subject matter or glorious art (or both)... and there has just been a bit of serendipitous reading. Love the Blogosphere.
  • Getting out with the kids, even if just to the local ball pit type place. 
  • Some glimpses of sun.
  • A roof over our heads and a warm dry house - our thoughts are with the people up and down the UK who have been suffering in this terrible Winter we're having.
  • Only a tiny leak in my shed - easily fixed when we get a bit of dry weather and only above the window so nothing was damaged. A miracle really considering the wind and rain battering it's had.
  • Speaking to my sister. All be it by Facebook - but we are both terrible at keeping in touch and her shift patterns mean we can sometimes go months without talking. It's been nice to chat a wee bit Mel. *hint, hint*
  • Craig pestering me to start scrapbooking again. Makes me laugh - how many other blokes would be like that? But I agree with him, we need to get the photos off the PC.
I think that will do me as a getting started again post - cheered me up already it has! If you feel like taking a feel good look back on your week then do stop by Virginia's and link up. We'd love to see you!
Whoopidooings: Rocking Your World Friday
Thank you for stopping by today - how have you been?


  1. What a fab week, stash, more stash and cake?? Not sure which part would be my favourite! Can't believe how grown up your baby is now - have I really been away that long? xxx

  2. Sorry, sorry, sorry.... but it is a fabulous stencil, yes? you may want to steer clear of yesterday's blog post for a while.... Love those sneaky pics Craig took...
    Your week sounds fine to me, hope you continue with Rocking, I love your posts! xx

  3. Oh that's a fab list, loving the new stash, glad the stu-stu-studio is OK apart from a minor repair, loving the photo of Logie Bear with the milkshake! Loving the other positives too, now have you got that scrapping started yet? I'm glad the post made a difference Carmen, I know you've said it in the past, I'll keep giving you a prod to remind you hopefully that way you'll keep the positive mindset! Hugs as always!

  4. Aww! Loving that piccy of your little one watching you have the milkshake, that's adorable.

    Fabby art materials too, can't wait to see what you make with those. You've made me covet that stencil too and its gone straight to my pinterest wanted list.

    Enjoy your week & hopefully when it's little ones naptime you could sneak in a little arty play time, Nicky {Creative Flourishes}

  5. I'm really sorry to hear about the aches and pains - your brill attitude and cheerful thinking has really lifted Monday morning for me here, so thank you.

    I love that little face in the milk shake photos!

  6. Ah, Logie's face in the left photo - 'Uh, share Mum!'
    Love it!

  7. Lovely new stash Carmen! Those iridescent pastels look lush and the pens!

  8. The stencil does look fab - I'll go and have a look at the others anyway. I am drooling over your new art supplies!

    The photo of Logan looking at you is precious, well done Craig!


    1. ps looks like those stencils are back in stock ;)

  9. Sorry to hear your back was playing up but i do love connecting in these posts. Those pastels are my very favourites. How are the metallic ones? I have been wondering about them.


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