Soul Food - Lesson 3 - Piece of Cake!

Lesson 3 of Soul Food saw Cathy Bluteau getting us to make cake... of the paper variety. Going to be honest, I was tempted to skip this lesson. I'm not really much of a cake person... unless I'm scoffing them. 

Come the weekend and Little Miss Monster woke up with a right cob on, none of us could do right for doing wrong - I decided she should come do the class with me. 

Am I glad we did it. We both had such fun layering up our cakes and she was so proud of hers, I varnished it for her and it's now on her wall. And afterwards - we had a totally different Little Miss Monster - chilled out in her own way - happily hula hooping and singing (badly) for the rest of the afternoon in the middle of the living room!

Ruby's cake...
Whoopidooings - Ruby's Mixed Media Cake
Scrapbook papers
Paper Napkins
Acrylic Paint & Spray
Mine - I did mine in my journal...
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Cake
Scrapbook papers,
Corrugated Cardboard, Braille paper
Collaged book pages,
Acrylic paint & Posca Pen
I'm glad I did the lesson now and love how our cakes turned out so differently. Mine still ended up grungy and I really like it.

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  1. Carmen, I love both your cakes, just shows that cake is good for you after all!!

  2. Oh Carmen they are both amazing I'm not surprised Ruby wanted it on her wall!

  3. Your Ruby has star quality indeed......her proportion is perfect and colours are superb! Nice effort Mum! , but the Cake Award goes to........RUBy!
    Happy Art Day had by All! xoxoDebi

  4. Hmmmmmm ….. how can I be tactful about this? Well, jump in with both boots, I find it very hard to say that one is better than the other. The Love cake layer and the butterflies in Ruby's make that very special, and her choice of colours so happy. Give her my congratulations and encouragement. Yours is a much more sophisticated cake, with intimations of secret, delicious ingredients in each dark and delicious layer. Love them both.

  5. Brilliant idea! I love how you included the little miss - and both pieces turned out great! AND I bet she loved doing it with you. Bravo to you both! xoxo

  6. Fabulous (low calorie) cakes! :)

  7. Cakes that don't cling to your hips...the best kinds. Also miracle joy makers. I need to remember to try this with my own little monster one day. Think she would love it.


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