Not Much Blogging...

... Because Blogger is playing me up again. My nav bar is missing from my view so am having to access my dashboard via editing already existing posts.  

Much as I love the ease of Blogger, this gets me thinking about moving virtual home again. The glitches seem to happen quite often and are so annoying. 

I'm still around, still reading your blogs, still loving arting (in particular the Soul Food class at the moment) Just getting wound up with Blogger. Grr!

If you have any recommendations about new Blog Homes or even how to resolve this issue - it would be much appreciated :)

Bear with! Bear with!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. sorry you're having blogger issues - touch wood quickly, but I haven't had any so hope you can sort yours soon.

  2. Sorry to hear this and I wish I had some useful advice. I don't..and the longer I keep blogging on Blogger the more I'm starting to get haunted by the thought that the whole thing could disappear if they felt like pulling the plug. A move might be a good idea

  3. oh Carmen, I have issues too, I hit delete at a what I thought looked like a messy picasa album I did not create....turned out that was the database for all my all images are gone and I have to re enter them by hand......they did not warn this would happen, but ofcourse still my doing....grrrr too ! I feel for you ! hang in there....wordpress maybe ?


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