Metal Bookmarks & Green Canaries

I love to share when I find beautiful, unusual presents made by talented people - I struck lucky at Christmas when I found two, new to me, sellers who I will definitely be shopping with again.

Folksy featured this seller, Mauve Magpie, on Facebook just before Christmas which is how I discovered her. I'm glad I went with my instincts because shortly after I hotfooted over to her shop, she had to stop taking Christmas orders because of the influx of adoring fans.

I went for a hand stamped aluminium bookmark which made me laugh... I thought it would make my sister laugh too. It did - and she didn't stop singing a certain song from the moment she opened it!
Whoopidooings: Aluminium hand stamped bookmark by Mauve Magpie on Folksy
My sisters had a purple ribbon, you can choose your ribbon colour and even tailor your text - but I forgot to take a picture so nabbed all images on this post from the Folksy shop.
Whoopidooings: Hand stamped bracelet by Mauve Magpie on Folksy

She also does the most beautiful necklaces and hand stamped bracelets. It's definitely a shop I will be bookmarking. If you like what you see - why not pop over to the Mauve Magpie Facebook page - there is a giveaway of a beautiful necklace filled with dandelion clock 'wishes' going on right now!

Next I discovered Shelley of Live Art, Breathe Art... and she literally does live and breathe art! This woman is so prolific, I wonder when she has time to come up for air! I loved her bird paintings. Craig has been pestering me to do him a painting of a realistic green canary for ages. I don't do realistic animals. Not yet at least. But I loved Shelley's birds. When I messaged her, saying what I was after, she came up with the goods and then some. So beautifully...
Whoopidooings: Green canary by Live Art, Breathe Art on Facebook
My favourite
Whoopidooings: Green canary by Live Art, Breathe Art on Facebook
Craig's favourite

 And here they are all framed up...
Whoopidooings: Green canary by Live Art, Breathe Art on Facebook
Craig told me I had finally (after nearly 12 years) finally got his Christmas present right! (I am known for my slightly obscure gifts when it comes to him.) He even wants to commission another painting off of her himself!  High praise indeed!

Shelley seems to be able to paint anything she turns her mind to, animals, plants, fantasy scenes... in watercolours, acrylics, spray paints... so, if you have something in mind - why not pop over and check her out, maybe drop her a message. Do it now - before she gets to well known... little secret - she is seriously affordable, surprisingly so.  Nab a Live Art, Breathe Art original while you can!

Thanks for stopping by today  :)


  1. Oh carmen they are fabulous gifts and so personal I'm not surprised they were so well received

  2. HAVE to check out those bookmarks...

  3. I'm back to say I just bought a "soft kitty" book mark to keep for TSO for a surprise present when she is doing her exams. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for pointing us in these wonderful sellers' direction - wonderful gifts. Those bird paintings are AMAZINGLY REALISTIC! Fancy being able to paint like that!!


  5. The!!! Now i have that on replay in my head. :)


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