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Crow - #TwitterArtExhibit

I've started trying to understand Twitter a bit more recently and in one of my tinkerings I spotted a few tweets flying around about The Twitter Art Exhibit. It looks an amazing fund raising scheme and has raised lots of money in previous years. Participants send in a postcard sized  original piece of art and they are exhibited and sold off for $35 a piece, 100% of the profits going to the chosen charity.

You need to have a Twitter account - well, it is called the Twitter Art Exhibit after all. I just really liked the sound of it - I've had crows flitting about in my mind for a while now (as most of you know) so that's what I did.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Crow in acrylics for the #TwitterArtExhibit
Winsor Newton & Liquitex acrylic paints
Liquitex Satin Varnish
Gelli Plate & masks (Hand cut crow)
He's winging his way to Orlando as I type. You still have time if you'd like to take part. You can find all the details if you follow this link - or alternatively click the picture below.
Whoopidooings: #TwitterArtExhibit founder, David Sandum
#TwitterArtExhibit founder, David Sandum

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  1. wow, not seen the tweets about this - not that I could do anything so good - love your crow! hope he has a safe flight...

  2. Wow! Carmen, your crow is terrific! I love how dramatically he commands the space on this; his shape is wonderful. I wish him a safe flight! I see from my right you are reading David Almond. Sorry to change the subject, but I think he's a terrific writer - I loved Skellig! Julie Ann xx

  3. THERE BE CROWS HERE!!! Aaaaaaaaaaawesome've out-done yourself, missus... Today, Twitter - tomorrow, the WORLD! Moowahaha!!! Hugs from Shroo:)

  4. A beautifully composed almost-silhouette with the subtle touches of colour. I like the way you have highlighted the area behind the crow with the sandy colour, and altogether there is a great feeling of movement and flight. That will make someone very happy.
    Wouldn't it be nice if someone did that in this country, but on blogs rather than twitter. Not you, not me, but someone with more time!

  5. WOW, that is SO cool! The event sounds so unique and I love that it's a postcard size they're after. AND your piece is sure to do well - I love the hand cut crow and the gelli plate touches :) xoxo

  6. What a great idea! I loved working on postcard size when we did the index card challenge last year. I'm sure your crow will be well received and how fab is it that they display them too - it will be like being part of an exhibition. x

  7. Oh my god. Love it. You clever thing!


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