What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Blimey it's been a while since I've played along.  But I do love a good snoop as much as the next person - here goes.

We're at my dining table today - it's raining and cold outside, so my shed is firmly locked up.
Here you can see my trusty tin of Lyra Aquacolour crayons, my pencil case and the only three Neocolour II crayons that I own. Love them, will be buying more. FYI - Jacksons sells them in singles ;)

The faces are part of a collaboration I'm part of with three other 29 Faces artists via the Facebook group. We each started a face and we pass it round until we get a completed face back. Here I am on step  3 with the blue dotted one and step 2 with the other.

I will try and get round as many of you WOYWWers as I can - internet connection permitting. (Don't ask!) I'll definitely return all visits if you leave me a link to follow in the comments... may just take me a few days.

Thanks for stopping by today :)

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  1. Yay, you're back!! Good to see you on the desks again! I love the idea of playing pass the picture - great and unexpected results abound no doubt. We used to play a monster game like that when the boys were smaller!
    Hope you and the tribe are all doing well :-)
    HUgs, LLJ 58 xx

  2. Just loving the ideq of collaborating on the faces Carmen, will be looking in to see how they turn out

    neocolours, I love them! I have been buying mine individually too, it will take me a while but Im slowly building up a wee collection of them

    Suzy x

  3. oooh. a collaboration. I like them :)

    gorgeous faces, and yet another Sandman connection, it's spooooky (you'll see......)

    1. I'm so intrigued Sarah! Am I channelling someone I wonder?

  4. How fabulous to see you play along again - I think the last time we saw your workdesk you were ON it yourself..! Love your faces, you're doing so well with them. Fingers crossed for the internet, it must be driving you scatty! Helen 7

  5. Good to see you joining in again this week Carmen. Love the faces your working on.
    A x # 41

  6. I always learn from you ISLAND GALS! Now I'm intrigued with those pencils ! Neocolours? Great job on the challenge! I love it as well, I have never participated in anything like that! I've met wonderful new friends and learning every day!! xoxoDebi

  7. Nice to see you again Carmen... and I am looking at the faces in awe... I will be waiting to see what the end projects look like as I can imagine something pretty weird and wonderful!! Annette #14

  8. Hi Carmen! Lovely to see you again; it's been ages! Hope you've been OK. I love those faces! What a great idea and how vivid and eye-catching those pages look. Have a great Wednesday! Julie Ann x x #43

  9. Wow Carmen they are gorgeous faces, can't wait to see what you get back!

  10. Ohmy... faces... I haven't drawn faces in ages (I'm not good at it so I should practice more!) What a lovely idea, to 'round robin' faces and build them that way. Looks great! Nice to see you part of the desk-hop so happy woyww (on Thursday) and a big hug from (rainy) Holland... Marit #88

  11. Interesting collaboration. I LOVE my Neocolor II's, in fact I had to stop myself using them because they were the ONLY medium I was using! I might just have to get them out again though........!


  12. What an interesting collaboration! Drawing or painting on a face with several people. Would like to see some finished products.

  13. Forgot to leave my number
    Gabriele 71

  14. What a great idea and fun! No way to know how the face will turn out in the end and I love the idea of so many participating! Great idea! Rasz #102

  15. Pass the picture...brilliant idea! Hugs. Pam#37

  16. wow, pass around the picture! Wonderful! I would love to see how it ends up! I wonder if we could pass around a card? Interesting!

    Hugs robin 99

  17. Thanks for stopping by Carmen. Love your work, the faces are beautiful and such a great idea to pass around. Can't wait to see what returns. Happy crafting and WOYWW. De De 109

  18. Interesting collaboration idea, and your faces are looking good. Those Lyra crayons look good, and I'm feeling very tempted because you get such great results with them.

  19. Passing around faces. Oh my gosh. I love that idea. Like exquisite corpse...is that the name? Love this idea. I should have stopped feeling guilty at been do far behind in blogs and just got off my behind to come look!! :D


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