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29 Faces - Face 8

I've had another quick play in Scribbler Too today. I'm falling behind with my 29 Faces and I really don't want to. I love playing with this program so while I'm taking longer with other faces I might intersperse with a few quickies like this.

Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Scribbler Too face - Naughty Private Eye?
I like to think this little lady is a Private Eye from days gone by. I get that vibe. She looks like she belongs in a smoky office with an old typewriter, one of those vintage cameras and a tightly belted mac. Don't you think? Maybe some seamed stockings too. Can't you just imagine it? 

I'm also linking up with Darcy's new challenge to produce a face a week. Why not pop over? Especially if you are doing 29 Faces anyway - nowt to lose!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. I am just loving all your faces Carmen. I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of your talent. An artist Im certainly not but I would like to learn to draw a wee bit.

    I could never manage a face a day but will pop over to Darcy's for a week look to see about this weekly thing as my mojo really needs a great big kick start

    Suzy xx

  2. Love, love love, love it...I think I'm in love...:)

  3. Maybe even a beret on her head? You get such great character into your faces

  4. Love it, very impressed with what you are doing with that scribbler. Would love to see you produce the same type of thing done by hand, maybe with coloured now theres an idea..

    1. I said the same thing when I first had a play on it Darcy :) It's such a cool effect.

  5. I'm just glad she's the Private Eye and not the dolly-bird secretary. Yours is a much better book with her as the detective. I hope she has a young dolly-boy for her secretary. He won't be filing his nails all the time, of course, but I suppose he will always be looking in his mirror and combing his hair!
    A good scribbler girl. I've done one to post next week. I've been working hard to get a few faces done in advance so that I could schedule them to get past this difficult week. (Colonoscopy tomorrow, yuk!) So, like you, I found Scribbler useful to help me do one quickly.
    Your girl has piercing, all-seeing eyes, and a determined chin. I like the fact that you have chosen a minimal amount to scribbling - I prefer not to have too much scribble. It's just being quick enough to pause the drawing.
    Well done.

  6. Oh yes, she's very glamorous - but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her. She keeps a small pistol tucked into the top of her stocking :/

    This is a very cool app and you've had lots of fun with it (said she, who hasn't a clue how it works!).


  7. Oh yes, she's great - bit like thingy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  8. Fantastic use of an awesome app!

  9. I want a scribblertoo app for android. Would stamping my feet work fo you think? I do get a private eye vibe from her!


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